Cici’s Pizza Application & Careers

Cicis is a US buffet restaurant chain. The company offers pasta, salad, pizza, boneless chicken wings etc. Its headquarters is located in Irving, Texas. Cicis was formerly known as CiCi’s Pizza.

In 1985, Cicis was founded by Mike Cole and Joe Croce in Plano, Texas. The company began remodeling its chains in 2001 and with that, they grew from having 363 establishments to 500 in just 4 years.

Cicis won at the Techonomic 2014 Consumers Choice’s Award as the best kid friendly quick restaurant. It also earned a top mark from Men’s Health magazine in terms of giving healthy food choices to its consumers.

Employees from Cicis gets competitive pay rates and employee discounts. The company’s employees love working on the company as they also get paid vacation and a lifetime incentive of free family insurance.

Its employees love working in Cicis because it is a fast paced workplace. They also receive large discount rates that benefits them.

How old do you have to be to work at Cicis?

Job seekers who wish and aspire to be employed at Cicis will have to pass its minimum age requirement of at least 16 years old.

Cicis Careers

Cicis desires to provide customers the best possible dining experience. The company also aims to employ people who can be of help to achieve the company goal. Cicis offer fulfilling careers for employees working in their management and corporate department.

Shift Supervisor: A shift supervisor helps the manager when it comes to overseeing operations. They are tasked to make sure that the entire staff is doing their responsibilities by leading them. Shift supervisors must make sure to prepare the restaurant for operations and that everything is settled before they close for the day.

Cashier: A cashier operates the cash register and makes sure that they give the customers a convenient checkout experience. They are tasked with processing payments and getting the right numbers into the system. Aside from that, a cashier must be take care of the cash register contents and make sure to be quick to help the customers have a smooth transaction.

Pizza Cook: A pizza cook’s job is to prepare pizzas. They are tasked with needing to follow the right pizza recipes, make the right serving sizes and to properly groom themselves. Pizza cooks handle food which means they must have proper hygiene.

Waiter: A waiter works in the dining area to take and bring orders to the tables. Waiters are also tasked in greeting customers so it’s their responsibility to show a pleasant attitude in interacting with customers. They must also have a background knowledge about the restaurant and its menu so that they can provide information and suggestions for customers.

Delivery Driver: A delivery driver’s job is to bring ordered meals to the customer’s address. They have to be good drivers who practice road safety. Delivery drivers should obey traffic rules to prevent causing problems. They are also responsible for taking care of both their deliveries and the delivery vehicle.

Kitchen Helper: A kitchen helper gives assistance to cooks in preparing meals as well as the dishes. They have to make sure that ingredients are properly stored and distributed. They must have an extensive knowledge about the menu and kitchen equipment to work effectively.

Restaurant Manager: A restaurant manager oversees the daily operation of the restaurant. They make sure that the employees are doing their jobs by distributing the tasks. Restaurant managers check if the employees are following the company’s standards such as food serving sizes etc. They can also make decisions for the company which means they have to have leadership and decision making skills.

Dishwasher: A dishwasher maintains the cleanliness of the restaurant’s kitchenware. They clean dishes and make sure that the flatware, utensils and glassware are safe and clean to give the customers good dining experience.

Greeter: A greeter provides customer service to customers. They are to assist and give warm welcomes to the customers. From the customers’ arrival, the greeter should greet them, assist them to get to their tables, and give them everything they need while waiting the food to get served.

Busser: A busser is responsible for clearing the tables in a restaurant. They take dirty dishes from the dining area to the dishwasher. They use a bus or a cart that can carry all dishes. Bussers must be extra careful with fragile items to prevent accidents that will make the customers uncomfortable.

Cicis Application

Applicants who aspire to be employed at Cicis will have to submit a fully accomplished application.

If they can’t access the restaurant, they can pass their applications via an online application. Applicants just have to open the Cicis’ official website and go to the career section.

Applicants should carefully fill up the application form to avoid making errors. Also, they should take time to read the form first so they can understand well what they will have to do.

When writing a resume, applicants are discouraged from making it too long. The information that they write must be relevant to the job they are applying for.

In preparing for the interview process, applicants must review their personal information. Also, they should choose the appropriate outfit and arrive in time.

Facts about Cicis

Cicis focuses on employing well-trained employees and making the best food to give satisfaction to its customers. Cicis makes sure to provide an extraordinary workplace for employees, giving the best working experiences.

In 2018, the Cicis opened its second restaurant in Phoenix at 1818 W. Montebello Ave. The restaurant is open from 11am to 10pm, except during Fridays and Saturdays when they are open until 11pm.

The restaurant food chain is known for serving endless salad, pizza, pasta buffets and the new boneless chicken wings.  Their dishes are made from plenty, fresh and high quality ingredients.

Cicis supports the ‘Save the Family’ organization to show their gratitude to the community. The said organization aims to give less fortunate self proficiency by giving variety of programs.

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