Christmas Tree Shops Application & Careers

Contrary to what the name suggests, Christmas Tree Shops is not just about holiday trees and festive decorations.  It might have started out as just another holiday shop, but through the years it has evolved to so much more.

This one stop shopping experience makes it their mission to have a wide variety of anything and everything you might need.  Their products range from kitchen appliances and cleaning products to everything you might need for a day at the beach or a fishing trip.

Years back in the 1950s the Christmas Tree Gift Shops was a little seasonal shop in Cape Cod.  In the 1970s the Bilezikian couple bought it, and together with their sons they started the transformation to the popular business it is known as today.

Christmas Tree Shops branched out in many ways, incorporating many other companies to work towards the goal of offering the consumer anything and everything they want and need.

In 2012 the name of this once little company changed to Christmas Tree Shops and That! or in some instances and That! stores. To date more than 70 stores are active over 21 states.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Christmas Tree Shops ?

The minimum age to ensure a future at this company is 14 in accordance with child labor laws, but in some states rules may be stricter and a permit or letter from guardians may be required.  It is an ideal place to start and work your way up.

Christmas Tree Shops Careers

With all the different companies and products that are incorporated under the umbrella of this big company, there are plenty of jobs to choose from, varying from entry level to management or part time to permanent.

For full time employees it is very beneficial to work at this growing company.  Apart from discounts that are available for staff, they also have a very good health and dental plan.

Part time workers do not receive as much benefits, but in all honesty they do not offer the same commitment as full time employees.

Cashier: This position is ideally suited for a sparkling people person.  It may seem like an unimportant job, but it is one of the last avenues of contact that the customer will have with the shop.  Speed in transactions will be an advantage and a winning smile will clench the deal.

Customer Service Desk Associates: If you have an eye for detail this is the job for you.  Processing of refunds and exchanges; assisting with voids or change; handling of incoming calls and customer service requests, and occasionally help with cashier duties are part of everyday life.

Early Morning Stockers/ Overnight Stockers: This position requires flexible hours which makes it ideal for students.  A good knowledge of stock rotation and precision is advantageous.

Customer Service Associates (Sales floor): Good product knowledge is important for this position.  Luckily training will be provided and the only real requirement will be to have good interpersonal skills and always be friendly, no matter how difficult the customer may be.

Receivers: This job description entails the meeting and unpacking of trucks and stock that arrive on a daily basis.  This position requires manual lifting and packing, as well as good organizational skills.  Precision and attention to detail is also a requisite.

General Support Associates (Cart Retrieval/Maintenance): This is a good entry level position with opportunities for growth within the company.  A positive attitude is a necessity, and many repeat business return due to this job that is easily overlooked.

Skilled Maintenance Associate: Any job that is assigned to you by your supervisor is the job that needs to be done.  This job is a little bit of everything, from assisting in installation to maintenance and repair of equipment.

Shipping operator: A good knowledge of the operating of handling equipment like fork-lifts and cranes is essential.  Loading and unloading of stock as well as stacking of the inventory are required.  Manual packing and lifting is also a big part of this job and you have to be fiscally fit.

Department Supervisor: A department supervisor needs to oversee that everything runs smoothly in his/her section.  This involves stock control and rotation, ordering of stock, the neatness of the department and any customer queries or complaints.

Stocking/Backroom Supervisor: As with most retail positions this job requires flexible hours.  You will need to receive stock, do merchandising, control product flow and see that training of employees under you is up to standard.

People enjoy working at this company due to its sense of family and commitment.  Although the working hours are tough and customers can be difficult, the staff stands together as a unit, always willing to help one another.

It is a great starting block to enter the market from, and the skills needed to survive in a retail environment are beneficial in life as general.  In any workplace you always need to remember that work/life is what you make of it.

Christmas Tree Shops Application

It is relatively easy to apply for a job at The Christmas Tree Shops.  Anyone with internet access or personal contact at a relevant shop will know when and how positions are available.

A list of possible positions are posted on related sites, but as this is such a family orientated business you are also welcome to contact your local store and take your CV in personally.

When you are completing an online application I would advise you to take your time. As soon as you get nervous and in a hurry you will tend to make unnecessary mistakes.  Complete an application in a word document first, this will help you check for spelling mistakes.

Always make sure your resume is clear and easy to read.  Get to the point of what you want to say and do not clutter the facts.  It is very important to proof read your document to ensure any mistakes are eliminated and you seem like the best candidate for the job.

If your application is successful you will be asked to do an interview. The purpose of the interview is to ensure you get the job.  You need to convince the company you are the best candidate for the job.  The golden rule for a successful interview is to sell the product, which in this case are you.

Things To Know About Christmas Tree Shops

This company is best known for its wide variety of product and the total bargain prices you are able to buy them for.

This company is known as a fun loving company and they have a reputation of being a family orientated business.  To feel part of a family in your workplace is a principle that ensures you look after the business, just as they look after you.

Christmas Tree Shops and their partners work closely with many charities like GOOD 360, Healthy Women, Head Injury Association and Armed Forces & Military Appreciation to assist in under privileged families and instances where tragedy has struck.

The Christmas Tree Shops and associates are also doing its part in conserving our environment by implementing reusable shopping bags and recycling boxes and wrapping.  Environmental training is provided to staff and management and efforts are made to save power by using solar panels where possible.