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A Childtime Learning Center application is the first step to a fulfilling career. This company strives to help children develop their mind, a passion for learning, their own personality and a bright future. Therefore, the relationship between the teacher and their young pupils takes the spotlight as it will help shape young minds.

Within the various locations this company is located at you will find there are a number of services available. At the customer’s disposal are infants and toddle r programs, two and early two preschool programs, preschool programs, kindergarten prep programs, junior kindergarten programs and private kindergarten programs. Also available are before and after school programs, summer camps and enrichment programs.

This company has been nurturing and educating children for over 40 years, making it an expert within the industry. It was founded in 1967and now has more than 200 learning centers across the country, all of which support charities like Make a Wish, Kids Against Hunger, ASPCA, Movers for Moms and The Salvation Army, among others.

Childtime Learning Center careers influence children in a way that can only be seen as rewarding. This means a great growth oriented environment where you will feel like a part of a great team working towards one of the most precious goals you can think of. You will also have many opportunities for professional advancement and relocation.

Childtime Learning Center Careers

When searching how to apply for Childtime Learning Center online, you will find that the company offers School Staff Positions, which include Teacher, Assistant Teacher, Lead Teacher, Driver and Food Specialist. All of these will require a passion for children and their developments.

If you are looking for other Childtime Learning Center jobs online, you will find that there are also School Management and Corporate positions available. These will implie less time with the children but will be of equal importance in view of their education.

How old do you have to be to work at Childtime Learning Center? You must be at least 18 years old. Other hiring requirements include a love for children and helping them realize their potential, education within this area, organizational skills, dedication to the growth of young minds and a cheerful personality.

A competitive pay, paid job training, healthcare, retirement savings, tuition reimbursement and child care discounts are amongst the benefits that you may be qualified for with a career within this company.

To help with the search for the appropriate Childtime Learning Center careers it helps to know that the hours of operation are as follows. Monday to Friday, from 6:30am until 6:30pm, being closed on Saturdays and Sundays. When you apply online pay attention to the job description as the schedule should be specified along with the responsibilities of the position.

Childtime Learning Center Job Descriptions

Teachers – Duties will include ensuring daily care of every child, communicating with parents, maintaining a fun and interactive class environment, implementing company guidelines. Countless hugs can be expected from the children at your care. Requires previous experience in childcare and a degree in childhood education. Salary for this position will be around $9,39 per hour.

Teacher assistant – Teaching assistant job opportunities include tasks such, as creating a fun, creative and interactive learning experience, communicating with parents with the children’s success in vision, being compassionate and caring and maintaining the classroom clean and organized on a daily basis. The pay for this job is around $8,40 an hour.

Lead Teacher – This occupation implies and demands experience when leading a classroom and creating educational lesson plans, experience working in a childcare facility, impeccable references, hour flexibility, being passionate about growth and development and ongoing training. The salary for a position such as this should be around $10,64 per hour.

Center director – The duties that accompany this position include, but are not limited to, being accountable for the operation of the school, being responsible for ensuring a nurturing educational environment, recruiting, helping achieve profitability and making a difference on a daily basis. The salary for this position is around $38500 per year.

Childtime Learning Center Interview Questions

After being done with your Childtime Learning Center job application online it is crucial that you think about some questions and prepare for your interview.

How do you feel about children? Any of the Childtime Learning Center jobs will certainly mean being surrounded by children. The company is looking to know how you feel about it and if you can take it. Be honest and talk about your relationship with children in your family.

What are some of your strengths and weaknesses? Take this opportunity to emphasize your qualities and strengths. If you are having problem thinking about what you should say, use the feedback you have from your previous employers.

Have you ever encountered unruly behavior in a professional environment before? This type of behavior is bound to come up. Describe any situations you find are in accordance with this and talk about how you dealt with them

Can you name a difficult situation you’ve experienced in the past and how you were able to resolve the issue? Situational questions are crucial to know how you will react in the environment you will be working in. Describe situations, thoughts and actions in detail as well as the result.

Can you tell us about your previous work experiences? Most of the positions available will require some experience. Talk about what you feel is relevant and how it can help you in the jobs you have made your free application to.

Advice For Application Process

To apply for jobs at Childtime Learning Center you will be required to use the link at the bottom of the page. You will not be able to download application form as there is no printable application form. You may, however, go to your local branch of the company and ask if there are any positions available. Remember to take your resume with you and dress appropriately.

Your direct application will certainly make an impression so you must remember to speak clearly and honestly, show how invested you are in helping children grow and be presentable and well mannered. Always demonstrate how grateful you are as a Childtime Learning Center application could be the beginning of a great career.

As there is no printable application for Childtime Learning Center you will have to pay attention to all the details required on your online application. Check everything twice to make sure it is properly filled in and correctly spelled. Always confirm that the information given on your applications is complete and in accordance with your personal documentation.

Childtime Learning Center jobs are excellent employment options that demand your utmost dedication. Take this into consideration and ask yourself what it would take for you to hire someone for the position you are applying for. Knowing what to say, how to behave and showing interest in the job description will help you stand out.
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