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Carpet cleaning is such a useful business because it provides a service that is great for the home, and the health of its inhabitants. Having a clean carpet has many health benefits. It gets rid of allergens that can cause havoc to a person’s immune system, as well as other bacteria and mold found in the carpeting. Most of these companies will also provide upholstery cleaning for your furniture.

The great thing about a job in this industry is that most jobs do not require much experience or education level. This is great for anyone who is a first time job seeker. This is also great for people who did not go to college, so they can make an adequate living. There are many opportunities that you might find within this industry.

No matter what your talents are, there can be something for you here. If you are a master at customer service or sales or excellent with hands on work, you can find a position that you can be successful in. There is a need for people of all different skills in this industry, so start looking for a position here that you can really excel at.

Job Opportunities

Here are some employment opportunities that you can find within this industry:

Carpet Cleaning Technician: They are responsible for cleaning upholstery, tile and grout, and carpets. They need to be able to properly set up the van at the job site, in order to be properly prepared for doing the job. They should be able to safely move furniture to give a really thorough clean. A technician needs to apply all the appropriate chemicals for the job, and be sure to wipe down surfaces like baseboards and walls if necessary. The technician must be sure that the entire van is properly cleaned and organized after each job. They should double check to ensure that the technician had returned all necessary tools and keep track of them so nothing gets lost. The technician must be sure to keep a proper stock of inventory on their van so that the technician will always have items that they might need. They need abide by all company safety policies. They should have excellent knowledge of all products and services so that the technician can sell them to their customers. You will have to be able to do heavy lifting, up to around 50lbs. This is a very physically demanding job. There is no educational requirement for this position, but you do have to be 18 years of age or older. A technician can earn around $31,000 a year.

Customer Service Representative: A customer service representative will handle customers over the phone. They have to possess excellent interpersonal skills. They are expected to deal with customers that are unhappy, and must know how to come up with a reasonable solution to appease both parties. They need to have great knowledge of all products and services to assist customers. This includes knowing the prices to properly quote the prices to their potential clients. The representative will schedule clients for services. They also will make phone calls to remind a client of an upcoming appointment, and give any instructions that it is necessary that the customer should follow. A customer service representative will need to have the ability to communicate well and be kind to others. A high school diploma is usually the minimum requirement to obtain this type of employment. They might earn around $10 per hour.

Telemarketing: This position is the driving force of the business. A telemarketer makes calls to people in order to solicit their company’s services. They should have excellent knowledge of all products and services in order to sell the products and give as much information as possible. This information should be enticing enough for potential customers so that they agree to schedule services. A telemarketer needs to have an amazing ability for sales, and will need to meet sales quotas. They need to assist the customer service reps to ensure an overall positive experience for their clients. A high school diploma is preferred for this position. The telemarketer must have an incredible ability to sell and have great interpersonal skills. A telemarketer can earn around $25,000 a year.

Manager: A manager is responsible for running the daily operations of the company. The manager will hire and train any new employee in accordance with company policies. A manager will also be responsible for disciplining and firing employees as necessary. They are in charge of scheduling employees for their shifts. A manager should have the ability to fill in any position in case they are short staffed. The manager needs to have excellent leadership skills so that they can ensure that their staff follows all their company policies. A manager needs to have a high school diploma, but it is preferred that they have a college degree or experience in college. Most managers work their way up from entry level positions. A manager can earn around $45,000 a year.

Job Outlook

The job growth outlook in this field is around 11%. This is right on track with the national average across all industries. The reason for this is because of a high turnover rate. As a person gains valuable job experience here, they move onto other careers. Another reason is the increasing knowledge of the dangers that can lurk in those surfaces like bacteria, mold and other allergens. This means that people really want a thoroughly cleaned house.


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