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Carl’s Jr. is a restaurant chain in the Southern United States. It has been in operation for 77 years and is known for the All-Natural Burger, a favorite among diet-conscious customers and health advocates.

The company was founded by Carl Karcher and his wife in 1941. The restaurant chain first started as a hotdog cart in LA, California. Four years later, it became known as Carl’s Drive-In Barbecue.

Aside from the All-Natural Burger, the restaurant also introduced hand-breaded chicken tenders and charbroiled turkey burgers. To date, the restaurant chain has branches in New Zealand, Australia, China, Denmark, Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia.

Even employees get the best from the restaurant. They receive incentives and extra remuneration during holidays. They also have paid vacations and sick leave. Employees are also given discounts on meals and drinks.

Working at the restaurant definitely pays the bills. The tasks are challenging, and this is meant to encourage the workers to give every job their best shot. You have the potential to earn a lot of money, especially when you are given a good shift.

How old do you have to be to work at Carl’s Jr?

The company accepts applicants who are at least 16 years old, preferably with prior job experience. Those without experience may be given positions such as dishwasher, busser, or server. The restaurant is open 24/7.

Carl’s Jr Careers

The company offers various positions for entry level and managerial jobs. Browse the job positions below for their specific qualifications and tasks. This will serve as your guide as you prepare your resume.

Crew Person

The crew person’s task is to provide quality experience to customers and prepare delicious and nutritious dishes according to Carl’s Jr.’s standards. He follows all guest service guidelines and works productively. He performs cleaning and food handling duties. The basic qualification is a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Shift Leaders

The shift leader manages time effectively and works under minimal supervision. He organizes promotional events and interviews applicants, if necessary. A shift leader also builds rapport with all types of customers. He maintains the highest standards in safety, sanitation, health, and quality control. He also trains crew members.

Restaurant Profitability Coach

The key responsibilities of the profitability coach are: meeting brand standards through regular operations assessment, achieving the overall satisfaction target (at least 75%), delivering sustained or improved restaurant sales, and coaching franchisees on growing profits and providing better customer service.

Training Specialist

The training specialist fully understands and implements training requirements and develops the curriculum to develop certain competencies among staff members. He identifies gaps in skills and seeks to fill them with appropriate training and certification programs. He also administers eLearning initiatives.

Corporate Asset Protection Manager

The APM should be able to handle multiple projects effectively and efficiently. He has the capacity to think independently and make sound decisions. He assists in the selection of solution providers for the company, and develops analytics to identify sales and losses. He also conducts trainings when necessary.

Claims Specialist II

The claims specialist’s job is to monitor the progress of claims and ensuring that sufficient information has been provided. He communicates with stakeholders and discusses with them, different claims strategies. He also evaluates claim settlements and statistical reports. Advanced knowledge of MS Office Suite is required.

Data Architect

The data architect creates and maintains architectural specifications for restaurant technology and corporate needs. He works closely with project managers, entrepreneurs, and business analysts. He designs and executes data architecture, and maintains consistent positive results. He should also have strong organizational skills.

Public Relations Specialist

The PR specialist is a game changer. He can proactively manage media opportunities for Carl’s Jr. He supports, implements, and improves the company’s communications programs and media efforts. He works with agency partners to create impressive and impactful campaigns. He also raises the public’s awareness of the company.

Digital Content Creator

The company needs a tech-savvy content creator who can deliver creative campaigns over social media. He produces compelling content and timely posts about the restaurant and its new menus. He should be familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat. He leverages social media and mobile marketing efforts.

Supply Chain Inventory Analyst

The responsibilities of the inventory analyst include identifying and reporting obsolete or surplus inventory. He makes sure that inventories are accurate. He also coordinates with vendors on product changes and promotions. He also assists Managers and Purchasing Agents in preparing contracts for vendors and distributors.

Carl’s Jr Application

You can browse job openings at the Careers section of the company website. From there, you will be led to a list of jobs. Click on the job that suits your skills and hit Apply.

Enter your name and email address to proceed to the application. Read the Privacy Agreement and then sign in at the site. The website has an online form that requires you to fill in your contact information, education background, and employment history.

The HR team will sort out applications online. Wait for an email notification from the team. The application process takes about 15 minutes. However, feedback from the HR team might vary depending on the location where you want to work.

Prepare a CV that highlights your strengths and the skills needed for the position you want. Keep your resume short, simple, and error-free. You may bring your resume during your walk-in application.

Upon assessment of your resume or online form, you will be asked to participate in a phone or face-to-face interview. Waiting may take a week or two, although the actual interviews take about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the gravity of the position you’re applying for.

Things to Know About Carl’s Jr

Employees in this company work with pride. They value the culture of hard work and learning new things every day. Employers always encourage their workers to suggest ideas; this partnership adds to the friendly atmosphere in the workplace.

Recently, the company launched an ad campaign that sought to distinguish itself from Hardee’s. CKE restaurants also re-launched their menu to give it an element of “crave-ability”.

The company provides a fast-paced and challenging environment for budding employees. Whether you want to stay in the company, or use it as a stepping stone for a better career, Carl’s Jr can develop in you the best work ethic.

The company has also gone “green”, not just with their All-Natural Burger and other healthy dishes, but their efforts to minimize carbon footprint. It has started to use the rainwater reuse system and solar reflective roofs.

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