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Capital One is a bank holding and credit card company based in Mclean, Virginia. It is touted as one of the largest commercial banks in the US.

The bank was founded by Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris on July 27, 1994. It used to be a fully independent, monoline bank, whose revenues came from only one product.

But throughout the years, the company has evolved into three major divisions and products, namely credit cards, consumer banking (loans and mortgage), and commercial banking.

As a workplace, the company offers wonderful perks and benefits such as life and disability insurance, stock purchase plan, trainings and certification reimbursement, and paid holidays.

Employees like working for Capital One because of the warm and friendly colleagues and supervisors. The workplace has an optimistic atmosphere that encourages everybody to work with ease and dedication.

How old do you have to be to work at Capital One

You must be at least 18 years old to work for this company. The working hours are Monday to Friday at 9:00 A.M. until 6 P.M. Employees are also required to work on Saturdays until 2 P.M.

Capital One Careers

Here are the top 10 jobs at Capital One. Check out the qualifications and key responsibilities of each position before you decide what to apply for.

Customer Service Representative

The company needs tech-savvy and compassionate applicants who can attend to the concerns of customers. The CSR is the front liner that represents the company and the brand, its products, and services. The CSR must be warm, friendly, enthusiastic, and patient. He answers calls and promotes banking products. He also explains procedures in setting up bank accounts.


The teller embodies and lives up to the company’s values and vision. He acts as the customer advocate, actively educating customers on the benefits of banking and banking channel options. He demonstrates warmth and friendliness to customers as soon as the latter enters the bank. He can process transactions in a quick and timely manner.

Learning Associate

The learning associate develops and designs needed courses for training. He researches and gathers data about support systems, and recommends various options that cater to clients’ needs. He can expertly explain learning management systems to clients as well. The applicant must have a military experience and Associate’s degree, and a Bachelor’s degree in Learning and Development.

Collections Representative

The responsibilities of the Collections Representative include managing inbound and outbound calls, doing account level researches, attending team meetings, familiarizing themselves with company policies and procedures, updating account data, and performing skip tracing techniques. The qualified applicant must have at least a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Senior Communications Associate

The communications associate has a powerful and impressive way with words. He is an excellent problem solver who can produce long content and interesting copy. He is articulate and well-prepared. Most of all, he understands multi-marketing and brand experience. The applicant must require minimum supervision.

Repo Associate

The repo associate works with vendors and ensures that collateral is retrieved. He also negotiates with customers regarding delayed or missed payments. He uses skip tracing tools to successfully locate customers, and utilizes queue management skills to navigate through accounts.

Corporate Banking Process Improvement Leader

The Process Management Leader is the one who supervises Corporate Banking, especially the middle market business. He is able to identify areas for improvement and evaluate process changes. He develops metrics for his area and manages a record of the bank’s progress. He also promotes the best working processes in Corporate Banking.

Finance Associate

The finance associate composes and presents credit approval memos, cash flow modeling, collateral analysis, and risk rating evaluation. He knows and identifies metrics and risks in transactions, and performs pricing analysis. He maintains financial models and meets client requests as soon as possible. He also researches capital markets.

Associate Corporate Compliance Tester

This job requires the applicant to manage testing schedules and ensure that all tasks are met within the given timeframe. The compliance tester analyzes data and diligently records all reports. He maintains the accuracy of such results and communicates them to Compliance Officers.

User Experience Researcher

The researcher focuses on people’s behavior when they buy financial products. The qualified candidate knows and understands research methods, and is able to utilize certain tools to analyze data. He creates experiential research designs and moderates user sessions. He also conducts empathy interviews.

Capital One Application

To apply for the job, go directly to the Careers section of Capital One’s official website. You will be asked to encode personal information. Upon sending the needed data, wait for the notification email from the team.

You can also email your resume to You can likewise visit the website for more career opportunities, or contact Capital One Recruiting. All applicants, regardless of race, gender, and nationality, are encouraged to send their resumes.

There is no application form available in PDF save for the entry boxes that will contain your personal information. The HR or Recruitment team will email applicants and ask for their resume for screening.

Include only relevant job experiences and skills in your resume. Be clear with your objectives. Write any trainings you have had in your previous jobs.

You will again be notified for an interview. The wait could take 2 weeks. The questions are clear and straightforward. They are often about your behavior and how qualified you are for the job.

Things to Know About Capital One

The company believes in creating a dynamic working environment. The employees value excellence and doing the right thing in their jobs. Employees are encouraged to be independent thinkers.

Capital One and have recently teamed up to reward clients with travel perks. With the use of Capital One Venture Cards, customers can earn points whenever they travel and purchase airfare tickets.

The company not only sponsors student-athletes, but it also helps build healthy communities. Supplier diversity is also one of the company’s guiding principles in doing business with clients.

As part of giving back to the community, the company commits itself to helping customers and its associates through the Corporate Social Responsibility Program. The company also strives to manage its impact on the environment.

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