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For more than a 100 years, Cadillac has maintained a positive image of selling luxury vehicles across the world. The former Cadillac Motor Car Division is now a division of General Motors and has always maintained a top spot in supplying luxury cars in the US. Other major markets of the brand include China and Canada.

Cadillac was formed from the remains of the Henry Ford, in August 22, 1902 by William Murphy, Lemuel Bowen and Henry M. Leland. This was after Ford had a dispute with investors of his company. Defying the liquidation process, the three founders took over the operations of Henry Ford and formed one of the leading luxury vehicles maker in the world.

From that point forward, Cadillac has scooped various awards and was in fact the first car in America to win the prestigious “Royal Automobile Club-Dewar Trophy”. This was after proving the inter-changeability of its parts in 1908

Among their numerous employees benefits they offer medical coverage for full time employees, a one week paid get-away. Moreover they have a dental Insurance, a pension Plan, vacation- paid time off and paid holidays.

How old do you should be to work at Cadillac?

Cadillac offers employments to candidates that are above 18 years old. In the event that you meet that age confine and have the fundamental qualifications you ought to fill in their online application form. The majority of their openings are consistently posted in the General Motors site which is highlighted below.

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