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Burke’s Outlet is a privately owned discount retailer run under the parent corporation Beall’s Inc. The corporation manages over five hundred retail locations. In Florida in 1915, Robert M. Beall Sr., founded the retailer with the intentions to run a dry goods store in which all items were sold for one dollar. Political turmoil and economic inflation led business strategies to shift and the one-dollar price point was raised to five within three years of opening. With time came bigger properties and larger inventory selections that would develop the brand.

As the company became established the founding family’s involvement grew. By 1970, three generations of Beall men were involved in the management of the business and by 2004, a fourth generation member joined as well. This importance on family ties runs strong throughout the core values of the corporation.

Burke’s Outlet continuously buys excess inventory from outside retailers that is then sold to customers at a reduced rate. Product selection varies from brand name apparel, shoes, and accessories to home furnishings and children’s toys. With prices discounted at up to 70% off department store rates, Burke’s offers their customers an opportunity to obtain familiar products that meet any budget.

Coinciding with their family values, the Beall Corporation focuses charitable outreach towards programs motivated in aiding the youth and promoting education. The management behind Burke’s has proudly proved college and criminal justice education scholarships as well as funding for the “Bealls and Whistles” foundation, helping school programs across the state of Florida.

Burkes Outlet Interview Questions

What makes you want to excel at your job to the best of your ability? There are a number of ways to show the interviewer how you would want to excel at your job. Listing things that make you happy and stating that you like setting personal goals both long term and short term to help you become better at your job and challenge yourself on the daily. Stating that getting positive recognition for things that may not necessarily part of the job is always nice, whether it be a pat on the back or employee of the month type of jobs.

What makes you believe you would succeed at this job? This question is a mix if why you think we should hire you and what could you bring to this company. Being confident with your answer is very important. Include your biggest strengths, past achievements and experience to give a strong and well rounded reply.

What do you think your past supervisor would say your strongest characteristic is? Another excellent opportunity to be able to speak of yourself through the thoughts of someone else, especially when it comes from someone that has been a supervisor and has watched your work ethic and how you work. Some good words to use would be a Leader, Creative, Patient, Friendly, Honest. Using words that can be related to many different sub categories would be most effective. Give reasons to why your past supervisor would say those things about you, don’t just list a bunch of adjectives describing yourself without any reasons providing evidence to this or reasoning.

Do your abilities line up better with this job or another more closely? Do not give any ammunition for the interviewer to go against you getting the position. You are there to get that job so make it evident that your abilities line up better with the job at hand. Give the reassurance that you are the perfect person for that position and all your abilities are perfect for that position.

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