Facts to Know About Buffalo Wild Wings

buffalo wild wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is a Minneapolis-based chain of restaurants that has exploded in population since its foundation in 1982.Today, it is one of the most the most respected brands in the casual dining industry with over 1000 locations and revenues of about $1 billion. This brief overview looks into interesting facts about Buffalo Wild Wings.

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Surprising Facts about Buffalo Wild Wings

Figure skating competition was the inspiration behind the restaurant. A renowned figure skater, Disbrow, came to Kent to judge an amateur figure skating competition and tried to find some good wings without success.

It was originally founded in Columbus, not Buffalo- Buffalo Wild Wings original location was at Ohio State University but was later replaced with massive and upgraded restaurants in other states.

B-Dubs spent 29 years trying to open an international restaurant- After the opening of Buffalo Wings, it took B-Dubs three decades to open a second restaurant in Canada.

Founders are dedicated to triple the number of locations- The management of the chains of restaurants revealed their huge goal at an investor event that they want to have 3000 restaurants worldwide.

Buffalo Wild Wings has provided other two restaurant concepts- The brand has a majority stake at R Taco and a minor stake at PizzaRev, which are both promising chains of restaurants.

It has the largest draft beer all over the country- Lat year the restaurant’s total sales comprised of 20% beer sales. This is the largest pour of draft beer in a restaurant in the U.S.

It has plans to invest in seven more restaurants- Sally Smith last year announced that the brand intends to invest in at least seven restaurants. It already has 200 prospective restaurants to choose from.

It is very aggressive in acquiring franchises- The Company has spent over $160 million in purchasing 41 franchised locations in Mexico, Hawaii, and Texas. This will give the restaurant a huge royalty revenue stream for fast expansion.

Unique Pricing Structure- As of April, the restaurants have employed a modified pricing arrangement that will reduce volatility in the future. The cost per pound of the wing is expected to go low hence affordable to all customers.