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In 1980, two guys came up with the idea to open up a restaurant while they judged an amateur ice skating competition at Kent State University. 2 years later they opened the doors of a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio which would take the nation by a deafening thunder from the hooves of the great spirited animal lending its name to the restaurant.  Pick up a Buffalo Wild Wings application today!

Originally, the restaurant was named Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck due to their 2 most popular menu items; the wild wings and the beef on Weck. They abbreviated to bw-3 for short before dropping the Weck from the title and now is a household name which is affectionately dubbed as B-dubs by both patrons and workers. Learn how to apply for Buffalo Wild Wings online by clicking the applications link below.

With 1080 locations the company’s growth is continuing to expand thru the entire United States. Expansion into Canada, Mexico and the Philippines has shown to be lucratively profitable for a sports bar/restaurant which specializes in chicken wings and sauces. The philosophy behind the famous restaurant is to give the customers what they want. Join the Buffalo Wild Wings team; get a Buffalo Wild Wings application today.

Wings, Beer and Sports are what the customers want and that’s exactly what they get!  As history has proven, people everywhere want to get together, watch the games, have some delicious wings and wash it all down with some good cold beer! That’s what makes Buffalo Wild Wings so great; its customers! If you’re interested in becoming a team player, apply for any of the Buffalo Wild Wings jobs.

Buffalo Wild Wings Careers

Get in the game with the retail portion of Buffalo Wild Wings careers. The comradery of a winning team making sure the customers keep coming back time and time again. The positions are strategic to the end game result. They work their magic to bring the best food and fun right to the customer’s table. For a free application apply online and you could find yourself working within the hottest brand restaurant around.

Corporate careers are the driving force behind the winning retail team that makes up Buffalo Wild Wings.  They are equivalent to the managers and owners of a sports team. They call the shots introducing new flavors and drawing the public’s attention to the grand opening or expansion of the hottest team around. They do the daily dirty work of running the number one wing restaurant in the industry.

How old do you have to be to work at Buffalo Wild Wings? Applicants must be at least 16 years old or older to gain employment at this restaurant.  Printable application for Buffalo Wild Wings is not applicable due to their partnership with Snagajob.  Applications are accepted for Buffalo Wild Wings jobs online only.

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Benefits within the hottest brand restaurant running include but not limited to bragging rights, of course! Stock options, insurance options, competitive pay, team member discounts flexible scheduling and incentive contests to mention a few.

Hours of operation are from Mon – Thurs 11am to 1am, Fri – Sat 11am to 2am and Sundays 11am to 12 midnight. Come enjoy the same electric vibe that you get from a stadium full of fans, where friends gather to watch their favorite sports while enjoying wings and cold beer in a fun and fast paced environment. This is what makes Buffalo Wild Wings jobs different.

Job Description and Salaries

Guest Experience Captain – This position is the instigator to fun. They’re the ones who set the mood of the night ensuring that a great time will be had from start to finish. Keeping guests up to date on sports news, well timed samples of signature sauces, gets customers involved in games and activities, gauges customers interests, plans fundraisers, and introducing new foods and drinks. Average wage is $12.00/hour.

Bartender – This position knows all of the food and drink options while blending enthusiasm and attention to detail. This applicant needs to be engaging with customers, remembering names, asking questions such as “What brings them in today?” Or “Who do you think will take home the Stanley cup?” while responding with genuine suggestions. They pair up interesting drinks with great food. Average wage is $1,745/month plus tips.

Server – This position is the go-to person who hooks them up with the right sauce, and special seasonings making the ideal appetizer. Wrap it up with enthusiasm and honest interaction and get rewarded with sauce filled grins and endless praise for hot food, cold beer and the best sports night out. Average wage is $1,171/month plus tips.

Greeter – This position requires the skills of a cheerleader.  They make the first impression memorable, fun, energetic, interesting and interested in the customer. Greeting customers with friendly banter, enthusiasm and engaging questions. Give helpful hints to maximize the experience and on the sidelines to help if needed. Average wage is $8.50/hour.

Buffalo Wild Wings Interview Questions

Would you be able to handle the bar setting?  This question is an applicable one for such a business as the main concept is a sports bar and grill. If you despise being near alcohol or loud noise this is probably not going to be enjoyable for you and it will affect your attitude at work.  Jobs like this require standing for several hours and are fast paced environment.

What’s your favorite sport? This question is pertinent to the job. If you’re not into sports it’s hard to engage with customers less you plan on being a grill cook.  Sports play a large part in the various job descriptions for front end employees who engage with customers on a regular basis. Whether its golf or hockey, Nascar or NFL, college sports to city leagues, be honest and real.

Have you ever worked in a restaurant before? This question is a valid one especially for young teens who apply at Buffalo Wild Wings locations hoping to get hired on. The interviewer wants to know if you can handle the pace and pressure of dealing with various customers in a restaurant environment prior to allowing them on a busy floor.

Why do you want to work for Buffalo Wild Wings? What draws you to Buffalo Wild Wings? Is it the lure of a salary in a corporate setting, the expanding locations that provide employment to thousands? The fun relaxed atmosphere that Buffalo Wild Wings established from its first grand opening, the team experience of providing the best customer service and providing the greatest wings, coldest beer, and exciting sports events?

What do you know about BDubs? Knowing CNN referred to them as the number one wing chain in the US, providing customers with what they want, wings, beer, and sports is the key to a thriving business, that they are headquartered currently in Minneapolis, MN. These answers and more are available online with just a few clicks of the mouse; research Buffalo Wild Wings by giving examples such as those above.

Advice For Application Process

Imagine a career with job opportunities and responsibilities in your local area that gives new meaning to hiring interesting team players whose experiences are the key to the interview questions above.

Research the company prior to the interview; this cannot be stressed enough as to its importance. By going beyond the about us page you can gather valuable insight into the corporation such as what the annual sales where for 2014 or why the application form that is accepted is an online application over the traditional printable application forms.

Come dressed for success. This means business casual attire is acceptable. Do not come in with street clothes as this does not look anything close to professional. Hairstyles should be normal no time for purple or green hair, make sure you don’t have bad breath or any body odor. Make sure you’re clean shaven or trimmed. Do not chew gum, smoke or be under the influence of any substance.

Resumes should be professional, let them stand out by focusing on the experiences and solutions you contributed to during your work history. It should be clear and concise, 1 to 2 pages max and briefly describe accurately what you accomplished at previous jobs.  If not a lot of work history include any volunteer involvement, If not a strong student but was in sports include the sport which you played.

Practice interviewing with someone prior to the actual interview. Doing so will boost your self-confidence, allow you to realize if there is anything you are unaware of prior to embarrassing yourself in front of the interviewer and you become accustomed to questions that that although common tend to throw others for a loop such as tell me about yourself.
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