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Located in great state of New York, animals from far and wide call the Bronx Zoo home, and it’s open to the public.  If you are looking to explore a wide range of unique animals in a fun setting, you can visit the zoo year round, with the exception of holidays recognized by the zoo), for a reasonable price.  There are also memberships available to those who would like to visit on a regular basis.

The zoo is affiliated with WCS, which is an animal conservation group that works to protect endangered and disappearing species worldwide.  They are always looking for new sponsors and supporters to join the cause and continue both research and protection efforts, and you can actually donate to their cause simply by visiting their website.

At the zoo, you will find a host of wonderful animals like baboons, giraffes, gorillas and more.  The zoo is broken out into multiple different exhibits that feel like you’re walking into the animal’s natural habitat.  Even though the weather can fluctuate dramatically through the seasons in New York, it doesn’t stop the animals who call the Bronx home from having fun entertaining and raising awareness.

School field trips are offered through the zoo to educate local children about the animals, and the important role they play in our ecosystem.  You can also dine on site at the restaurant or catch a 4-D movie.  There are plenty of activities to fill your day when you take a trip to the Bronx Zoo.

Bronx Zoo Interview Questions

How do you think and feel about working? Be short and sweet here. What is the best way to simply and concisely convey your dedication to quality, timely work? Go the route that lets your interviewer know you understand how you must work to meet and exceed expectations of employer.

In what skill or trait does your greatest strength lie? You’re allowed to expand into multiple responses. Try to answer with an idea that acts as an umbrella for a number of strengths, and after you’ve dubbed it “greatest” explain the finer points that make up that strength. Perhaps you’re a great worker, and that is because of your time management, ability to focus, adaptability etc.

Would you advise us to hire you? Why? Yes. Connect your previously mentioned assets to what you know of the company’s needs. Here you can evidence your ability to take care of the business that needs taking care of. Don’t make the mistake of bringing other potential hirees into your time to shine with comparisons.

Are there any questions you’d like to ask me? Be sure to have a few questions in mind and ready. Frame these questions toward your desire to be helpful to the company. You may want to know if you will be starting with an orientation or training, versus if you’ll be able to jump right in and start working quickly. You may also want to know more about what sort of work you’ll be able to start on.

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