Brink’s Application & Careers


Brink’s is a company that provides secured logistical services located in Richmond, Virginia . The company provides services such as transportation of currency, precious metals, and valuable jewelry. It also deals with cash management on behalf of organizations.

Brink’s was formed in 1859 in Chicago by Perry brink. After his death in 1874, His son Arthur Brink became the company’s new CEO. Since then, the company has undergone a lot of transformation to what it is today . The current CEO Thomas Schievenbein has been in office since 2012.

The company currently trades on the NYSE. It company operates in more than 100 countries, with shares in other agencies in 41 countries. The company has 1,100 outlets and more than 12000 vehicles. It employs more than 60,000.

Brinks provides a safe and professional workplace. It provides a competitive salary, health cover and insurance cover for the employees. The company offers career advancement and bonuses and commissions.

How old do you have to be to work at Brinks’s company?

The company employs from different countries. The minimum age required to work for the company is 21 years. Individuals seeking carrer opportunities with the company must specify the country or state they want to work in.

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