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Boost Mobile is a wireless telecommunications company that offers prepaid wireless service to customers. It is known for providing affordable annual contracts to customers who want to pay for wireless services.

The company was founded in 2000 by Peter Adderton. The business began in Australia and New Zealand but soon gained ground and found customers in the United States as well.

Today, the company operates mainly in Australia and the United States. It currently employs about 2,000 people to run the business on a daily basis.

It boasts a competitive payment scheme. Employees receive a competitive benefits package as well, including dental, drug, and vision insurance, assistance in wellness and adoption, as well as retirement plans and tuition fee assistance.

Long-time employees cite the energetic atmosphere of the company as the main reason why they stayed. Furthermore, the company never runs out of opportunities for career advancement, another thing that has kept employees through the years.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Boost Mobile?

Applicants who wish to apply for a job need to be at least 18 years old to qualify for an entry level position. Experience will be an important factor in getting hired for a higher, managerial position.

Boost Mobile Careers

This is a customer service oriented company. Therefore, a lot of the jobs with vacant positions are entry level and have something to do with receiving and catering to customer queries and requests. Most of the jobs will require applicants to have a pleasing personality and an ability to multitask.

Retail Consultant: Retail consultants serve as the company’s “face,” directly interacting with customers on a daily basis. They are responsible for answering customer questions about the company’s products and services. They also provide quick solution to customer issues and concerns.

Store Host: Store hosts are the people who welcome customers and are the ones who ask them for what they need. They are responsible for finding out what the customer wants and bringing the customer to the right person in the branch that can help him or her with the issue.

Customer Service Representative: When it comes to dealing with customer questions regarding company policies and quality concerns, the customer service representatives handle those tasks. They also deal directly with customers which are why a pleasing personality and excellent multitasking skills are required for this kind of job.

Technical Support Representative: These representatives are the ones responsible for helping customers resolve technical issues with their devices and their purchased products. This job requires applicants to have strong technical skills as well as customer service skills. They should also be able to multitask seamlessly.

Sales Trainer: The sales trainer is the person responsible for training customer service representatives and retail consultants regarding the company’s goals and products. Sales trainers are also the ones responsible for overseeing the performance of sales representatives. They should have effective leadership and communication skills.

Brand Manager: The brand manager is the person responsible for ensuring that the products remain in touch with their targeted demographic. They ensure that the company’s products make an impact on the lives of the customers they wish to buy from them. Creativity is required from people who wish to apply for this job.

Inside Sales Representative: People who work as inside sales representatives are the ones who ensure a smooth sales process for customers by catering to their needs. They are responsible for creating ways for customers to be satisfied with the products that the company offers, which is why applicants need to be well spoken and friendly.

Software Engineer: Software engineers are responsible for ensuring that the company’s products function well. They also perform testing and implement developments on the company’s software. Those who wish to apply for this position need to have the necessary skills to perform well at this job.

Shift Manager: The shift manager makes sure that there are enough people working in a branch for the store to function properly. Shift managers need to have strong leadership skills since they will handle employee attendance and issues with absenteeism and tardiness.

General Manager: The general manager is the head of a Boost Mobile branch. He or she is responsible for communicating company policy to employees. He or she also oversees the performance and maintenance of the branch. Experience in management, apart from excellent leadership skills, is expected from applicants for this position.

Boost Mobile Application

Boost Mobile provides both an online platform and a physical platform for applicants. Those who want a job can either use the online portal or go directly to their nearest Boost Mobile branch to submit a resume.

There is an online application available. This is a much easier way to submit an application since the application is submitted and assessed right away by a hiring manager on the other end.

In answering the online application form, the form itself will take your personal information from one of your social media accounts. For other areas not automatically filled out, exercise the greatest caution in ensuring that accurate information is given.

When creating a resume, you should remember to highlight any experience you may have dealing with customers. Since the company is customer service oriented, it will help if you’d enumerate any customer service related experience you may have.

Once you’re interviewed by a hiring manager, it’s important that you highlight any customer service experience you’ve had. In addition, you should also dress appropriately for your interview and appear as personable as you can.

Facts About Boost Mobile

Workers have described Boost Mobile as an energetic place to be. It is a fun and friendly place for both workers and employees, which is an important reason why the business never runs out of patrons.

The business constantly tries to keep in touch with customer needs by inviting customers themselves to provide feedback through different outlets, ensuring that the business remains relatable and popular with the masses.

Today, the company is considered as one of the best mobile service providers in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. The company is continuing to expand, building branches and continuing its growth in more locations.

The company is known for hiring students as interns in order to help them get experience in the field of customer service and telecommunications. This is extremely helpful for students who ended up in the same industry after they graduated.

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