Boomers Application & Careers

Boomers! Parks are synonymous around the country as a chain of family entertainment centers. These parks feature indoor activities, ranging from musical shows to arcades as well as several different outdoor activities, such as miniature golf, bumper boats and an assortment of rides. The key business area of Boomers! are hosted toward family and friends.

The name of Boomers! Parks is a trade name adoptive by a large chain, known as Palace Entertainment. In 2001, the Boomers! name became recognized. Palace Entertainment was founded through a blend from the Family Fun Center, Grand Prix Race-O-Rama, Camelot Parks, Boomers! and Palace Park in 1998, just a few years prior.

Apex Parks Group had purchased 10 Boomers! locations from Palace Entertainment in September of 2014. Apex Parks Group currently own 11 Boomers! Parks in total. There are 11 locations in California, which are all owned by the Apex Parks Group. The other 2 California locations are both owned by Palace Entertainment. Apex also owns the Boomers! in Boca Raton, Florida, as well as Houston, Texas and Medford, New York locations. The Texas park was the most newly branded in 2015 by Apex Parks Group, taking over one of the final Mountaisia Family Fun Centers.

Employees annually earn an average of $30,000. This equals to about $14 per hour. The sales manager position is one of the highest paying jobs of the park, earning about $38,000 per year. There are jobs that provide benefits but are above entry level. Depending on what the applicant is looking for will determine the annual income. Most individuals who apply, are looking for a lower level entry job to start with in order to possibly climb the ladder as the years go on.

Working at Boomers! can be very ideal. A typical day as a park employee would be full of smiles and laughter. Employees like working here because of the atmosphere. They learn to help customers and provide wonderful customer service. Seeing people enjoy themselves and relax is also a great benefit of the job.

How old do you have to be to work at Boomers! Parks?

Depending on the state applied in to work at Boomers! Parks, the age range varies. At the Boca Raton, Florida location, for example, one must be 16 years of age or older whereas when applying to the Vista, California destination, the age of applicants must be 18 or older. Now hiring many enthusiastic team members, filling out an application is simple.

Boomers! Parks Careers

Guest Services: must be friendly when greeting visitors as well as responsible. Work in the food and beverage areas. Stock items when they are low in the store. Options to become a cook, hostess or cashier are given.

Cook: the employees must acquire a food handlers card and must be 18 or over to apply as a cook. Delight the visitors with a smile and great food. Food must be cooked with diligence and at high pace. In the kitchen, communication is key.

Ride Operator: the ride attendant must follow the safety rules and regulations and correspond to all safety protocol when operating rides. Mentioning ride rules to visitors and providing assistance are needed. Enforcing the correct height and age requirements are all essential to a smooth ride for all.

Mini Attractions Operator: these attractions are spread out throughout the parks as well. Applicants may prefer to work with the bumpers boats, or go karts or even in the miniature golf section all build outdoors. The selection is up to the person applying. These fun job options seem to be endless and will fit whichever position is desired in the end.

Janitorial: will work under the leadership of the Maintenance manager. It is the job of the janitorial staff to keep the park clean. Sweeping up around the park, as well as cleaning spills and routine garbage changes are needed. The appearance of the park should be in great condition and kept up with. Bathrooms must stay clean at all times.

Game Tech: accountable for the repairing and maintaining video machines. The candidate will be in charge of working with game vendors in order to keep the games working and ordering the correct parts for said vendor. This position can be attained if 18 years or older.

Skill Games Operator: must provide excellent one on one guest services while also engaging with guests. In order to apply for this job, the team member must be at 16 years of age or older. A friendly yet outgoing personality is a must. These skills game operators also are expected to complete cash transactions.

Sales and Operations Coordinator: responsible for policy maintenance and also coordinate birthday parties. One must be able to enter information onto the computer efficiently, handle incoming phone calls as well as walk in inquiries. Working with group rate charges will also be priority.

General Manager: make sure all employee tasks are completed and done in the proper manner. The general managers provide leadership, direction and control for all aspects of the park attractions. Duties include the managing of all activities, events and programs associated with the park in accordance with company policies, operations, and moral business practices.

Operations Supervisor: work closely with your fellow team members and become an Operations Supervisor. Help manage the labor costs and complete daily opening and closing reports as required by the Park General manager. Also, work includes the knowledge of ATM logging within the business.

Maintenance Manager: this career is full time. Benefits will be provided. The individual applying will be held accountable for overseeing all operations of the Maintenance Department. Area of duties include training, scheduling of work and a strong knowledge of the maintenance field. This candidate must have 3 years experience.

Boomers! Parks Application

Both types of applications can be viewed and accepted by Boomers! Parks management as soon as possible. It can be printed, filled out and brought in. It can also be sent in via the internet to the park of interest.

When on the main website, an Employment tab will show up on the home screen. By clicking this tab and then the attachment link to download the application.

To fill out an application, answer honestly and be yourself. This job is high energy with a lot of customer interaction. Be sure to have great social skills. Also, be willing to guide in many situations and always be kind. When dealing with the public, a calm and approachable persona is needed.

The resume of the applicant must be up to date and valid. Goals are important as are past job references and their feedback. Make sure everything reads correct by proof-reading, making sure the resume being sent in is properly reviewed. Always have the correct form/forms of identification asked for.

During the interviewing process, make sure to show passion. The skills sets required must be met and a good sense of self is needed. Be prepared. Do research on the position sought after. This knowledge will strengthen the chances of being hired in showing a large amount of serious interest.

Things to Know About Boomers! Parks

For decades now, the theme park culture has revolved around the main audiences of family and friends. Boomers! Parks draw in visitors from all over the world.

At these parks, donations as well as fund-raising for children are amongst their most well known characteristics. The family demographic is the highest amongst the multiple locations spread across the United States.

On November 1, 1996, the wooden roller coaster, the Dania Beach Hurricane, opened at Boomers! in Florida. As of March 16, 2016, a little over 5 years since the ride had last operated, demolition crews started to tear down the Dania Beach Hurricane. 

Boomers! has pride in supporting their communities. They often take part in fundraising for charitable causes and events.