Bojangles’ Interview Questions

Bojangles is a job that’s perfect for students. Part-time and full-time positions are available, and they can work around your schedule. The common positions at Bojangles are Crew Members, Cashier, Cooks, Supervisor, and Shift Leader. The Top Interview Questions may not be the same for Tuesday’s interview at 3:00pm as they are for Friday’s at 4:00pm, but there are a few common questions asked.

Bojangles Interview Questions

These are a few examples of the type of questions asked in an interview.

Why do you want to work here? What reasons did you apply for the job? If you have always wanted to work at Bojangles, explain why. Show them your excitement for the position. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? This question is asked to see what goals you have set for yourself. They want to know if  striving towards something and have drive. 

What attributes would you bring to the team? They want to know how you would help the Bojangles team. How would they benefit from adding you to the group? 

Do you have experience working in the food industry? Food industry jobs are different than retail jobs. Experience isn’t necessary, but it’s good to have going to a fast paced restaurant like Bojangles.

What’s your availability? The interviewer would like to know how open you are. Are you only available at night? It’s easier for companies if they can bring in people that they can schedule any time. 

How would you deal with a difficult customer? One day, you will encounter a difficult customer and you won’t be able to prepare beforehand. The interviewer asks this question to see if you will be able to resolve the issue quickly and professionally. 

If your friends ask for free food, how do you react? This is another hypothetical question asked to get how you will deal with a particular situation. Would you be willing to tell your friend(s) no? 

Tell me about yourself. Just describe yourself. They’re interested in who you are as a person. Let them get to know you the best way you can.

Bojangles Interview Tips

Always come with a smile on your face. Bojangles is a customer service based job, and they will need to know that when they meet you. Speak clearly when answering questions, remain calm, and be confident. Most importantly, as cliché as it sounds, just be yourself.

You must be capable of selling yourself as a person. If you feel you would be the greatest employee, express that it that day. Explain what you can bring to the job and what you can take from it.  You should try to have a follow up question to ask. You can ask about uniforms and/or the training you would need.

Although you may start out as a part-time employee, there are possible opportunities to move up within the company. If that is something you’re interested in, mention it while you’re there. Let them know before you’re hired how hard you’re willing to work. An interviewee should leaving feeling as if they need you there.

These are just a few Bojangles interview questions you will encounter, and the company typically has questions that vary per meeting. The best advice is to answer honestly.