Bebe Application & Careers

For over 40 years, bebe has been recognized globally as one of the world’s top brands for chic and contemporary fashion.  It has launched various products catering to the needs of the modern woman, from women’s apparel, accessories, and fragrances.

The company was founded in 1976 by Manny Mashouf, who opened its first store in San Francisco, California.  This rather unique brand name was inspired from Hamlet’s famous line, “To be or not to be…”

For many years, bebe has operated more than 300 stores worldwide with more than 4000 employees, providing an extraordinary shopping experience.  Recently, however, it has closed several of its stores and focused its efforts into selling products online instead.

Working at bebe has a lot of perks, aside from representing a globally known brand.  Its employees are provided with job benefits including rewards programs, discounts, dental, medical, health insurances, 401(k) retirement plans, and disability plans, to name a few.

Most people who worked at this company enjoyed the experience where they learned a lot in a fast-paced, competitive, and collaborative work environment.  It was also a plus working with different clients and be up-to-date on the latest fashion trends.

How old do you have to be to work at bebe?

One can find work at this company as long as an applicant is able to reach the minimum age requirement which is 18 years old.

bebe Careers

There are many career opportunities to work in this company, with jobs both in its retail and corporate locations.  There are various positions starting from entry level positions and for those with experience.  Here are some of the job positions in this company with their descriptions:

Receptionist:  A Receptionist is responsible for greeting clients and visitors upon arrival to the office and offering any assistance to them in a professional and friendly manner.  This also involves answering telephone calls and placing calls in a quick and efficient manner.

Sales Associate:  A Sales Associate is responsible for accommodating and tending to the customer’s needs and for ensuring that the customer is provided with an exceptional service.  This would also mean providing prompt assistance, relaying product information, and actively engaging with the customers.

Stylist:  A Stylist works mainly in the retail stores by providing excellent service to the clients, which means that one has to be knowledgeable about the product at all times.  This requires a keen eye by matching an outfit in a particular size to a particular customer.

Co-manager:  A Co-manager has a similar job description with a Stylist, but Co-managers are presented with a higher level of responsibility.  Co-managers are responsible for making sure that client expectations are met and they are also involved in the recruitment and training of new personnel.

Sales Manager:  Being a Sales Manager means ensuring that the store achieves it goals for productivity and sales.  They are mainly responsible for managing the team, making decisions and plans to improve the sales, as well as overseeing the overall sales and performance of the store.

Merchandise Planner:  A Merchandise Planner is responsible mostly for the preparation and distribution of different types of merchandise to the stores.  This requires creating strategies for the distribution of goods to its stores, forecasting to keep up with the trends, and analyzing sales performance by store or district.

Sales Developer:  A Sales Developer is responsible for counting stock, merchandising, and implementing promotional activity for the brand.  It involves identifying opportunities for display improvements to maximize the exposure of principal brands, as well as to ensure that effective brand merchandising is achieved.

Factory Buyer:  The Factory Buyer creates a competitive merchandise assortment plan and monitors the plan by staying ahead of the latest trends and competition.  This also includes making sure that the product is aligned with the company’s vision and goals and evaluates each store’s seasonal performance.

Technical Design Assistant:  A Technical Design Assistant is responsible for sending out technical packages such as detailed garments, construction sketches and garment proposed specifications to the vendors.  This also involves assisting in the fitting sessions and communications regarding garment reviews to the vendors and staff.

Marketing Associate:  Being a Marketing Associate involves interacting with various levels of the marketing staff and maintaining contact with external companies which includes research firms, advertising agencies, and promotional houses.  This also includes the execution and implementation of promotional plans and the product, packaging, and point of sale of materials.

bebe Application

Any interested applicant can view the list of job openings in their website.  An updated resume and cover letter must be prepared for the application.

Online application is available through their website, email, or fax.  One can also apply in person in any of their stores or locations for Stylist or Sales positions.

For online application, potential hires need to register by creating login names and passwords.  A profile will then be created before one is allowed to browse through the open positions and apply.

The resume must be straight-forward but detailed.  Focus more on the job experiences, achievements, and qualifications.  All details must also be true since companies usually do background checks on their applicants.

For the interview, a candidate must review the job description with a list of questions about the position being applied for.  It would also help to learn about the company’s culture, history, and products and to dress professionally and fashionably.

Things to Know About bebe

The culture revolves around exemplifying the company’s core values of personal and corporate integrity, excellent customer service, passion, and quality at all times.  It embodies those traits while creating a cutting-edge and high fashion environment for its people and clients.

For the past year, bebe has been closing some of its retail stores, causing a great decline in sales, to make way for strategic alternatives for its business and transition to focus on catering to their customers through online.

Recently, it was known as the company who almost went down, but since then, the company has pushed its efforts for e-commerce.  It now aims to provide convenience for its visitors through its website, making the experience a seamless one.

bebe has also opened a new concept store which aims to bring a new and personalized experience in an elegant and modern space to meet the needs of its loyal community and shoppers.

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