Benefits and Advantages Of Working At Bath And Body Works

bath and body works

Bath & Body Works is an American Company started in the year 1990. Has its headquarter situated in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. It opened its first store in Cambridge, Massachusetts in September the same year. It has more than 1,600 stores in Canada and the USA. Also, it operates in the UK which makes a total of 3000 outsourcing stores.

Bath and Body Works has more than hundreds varieties of products in the market which are of high quality. It is known to produce products ranging from body and bath products, beauty products, and accessories. The company has employed over 10,000 workers across its outsourcing stores.

The company offers both bath and body products; these includes the waterless sanitizers, hand lotions and creams, bar soaps, creams, foot creams, soap and lotion caddy and many others. Also, the company produces beauty products, including the skin care, treatments make-up, hair care kits, shampoos, hair brushes, conditioners and many others. Some of the accessories include bath and shower, fashion bags and totes, eye masks, and many others.

Advantages and Benefits that Bath and body work offers to workers.

Bath and Body works offer a broad range of job benefits and advantages to employees, no wonder staff member at Bath And Body Works are always eager to serve you. However, some of the major benefits offered are; health insurance cover, financial benefits and also the retirement plan. These the most essential to any worker in the state.

Health & Insurance

Bath and body work offer good health & Insurance plan to their employees. As a full-time employee or part-time, you are guaranteed to benefit under this category. Some of the health benefits include the dental coverage, disability coverage, fitness reimbursement program, health saving account, accidental death insurance, medical coverage and prescription drug coverage.

Retirement plan

Their retirement program will help you to achieve great financial security for your retirement. So, working with Bath and Body works to be sure of future is catered. It includes the retiree health reimbursement plan and sharing plan. These includes 401k, fidelity plan and catch up contributions.

Financial benefits

Bath and body work offers a competitive salary to their employees. Also, employees can access advance pay for just in case. Some of the financial benefits are equity incentive plan, charitable gift, the employee plan on the stock purchase and many more others.

Work programs and life programs

Employees at this company get better work applications that fulfill their career dream. Some of the programs include; backup care, commuter program, concierge services, employee assistance program, dependent care flexible spending account, maternity/parental leave, tuition reimbursement program and wellness centers.

Training and development at Bath and body work

The company has created an award-winning program that motivates their employees. So, if you’re that kind of a person who likes to be stimulated, then try the company. Some of the training and development programs are; leadership management to those with great opportunities of leading and best technology that employees use to learn more about their career.

Paid vacations

As a worker to this company, you are exposed to paid holidays. At most as a full-time employee be sure to get two or more weeks off in a year. Remember you’re paid on that off. For you to get one paid vacation, just request in advance. Also, workers are impressed about the company as they offer funeral leave for close relatives in a period of two or more days.