Barnes And Noble Interview Questions

Barnes And Noble ApplicationEveryone has a quiet place they love to go to so they can relax. For many people, that’s a bookstore. Readers feel comfortable in bookstores; therefore the employees should contribute to that. There are a few top interview questions asked that help managers pick the right candidate. The top positions are Sales Associate, Book Seller (slightly different from sales associate), Café Server, Customer Service Representative, and Store Manager.

Barnes and Noble Interview Questions

These interview questions are going to be a bit different than most people, as the focus on books, of course.

What is your favorite book, and how would you recommend it? Describing your favorite book is just like describing yourself. It gives a glimpse into your personality. The way you recommend it demonstrates selling skills.

What does customer service mean to you? This question is asked to let the interviewer know how hard you will work with customers. If your feelings toward customer service match theirs, they’ll feel more comfortable hiring you.

What was the last book you read? This question not only shows your personality. It also can be a small demonstration of how you can sell a book.

Describe a time you made a mistake. We all make mistakes, but how do you fix them? This question is asked to show your problem solving skills.

How would you approach a disagreement with management? The interviewer asks this question to see if you’re capable of working within a team, and respecting everyone’s position. They want to know if you can approach a manager with respect, while giving your opinion.

How would you approach a customer looking for a recommendation? You mustn’t be afraid of approaching a customer, even if you’re a bit shy. You should have a plan as to how help them. This question is for you to give them an example of how you’d sell a book.

What’s your favorite coffee drink? People associate bookstores with coffee, and you should also be able to recommend that along with a book of choice.

(If applying for a barista position) Do you have any experience in a coffee shop? Barnes and Noble’s typically have a Starbucks inside, so you’re able to apply for those positions as well. You’ll be trained, but it is helpful if you’ve had coffee shop experience.

Interview Tips

Before the interview, try to think of your favorite book or book series, favorite genre, and how you would use that at work. Obviously, working at Barnes and Noble means you have acknowledge of books, and you need to express that. They are looking for people that come alive when discussing literature because those are the types of personalities that shop there.

They are also looking for candidates that have outgoing personalities. You’ll be working with different kinds of people every day, and you’ll need to make them want to work with you. You should show in your interview that you are a lively person. If you can pull the interviewer in, then they will believe you can pull in a customer.

If you have a vast knowledge of books, let them know. On some applications, it asks for types of books you have read. When describing genres, use specific examples and details you know, especially if you’re applying for the Customer Service Representative position.

Use these top interview questions to prepare for what may be a simple interview. The questions may be different and the job is in a different environment, but it is a customer service job. Sell yourself to them to show you can sell their product.