Auntie Anne’s Application & Careers

Auntie Anne’s is a food chain company of pretzel shops, which originated in America. The company sells pretzels, dips, beverage and their very own special homemade baking mix.

Anne Beiler and her husband, Jonas, started Auntie Anne’s in 1988 in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. In 1995, the company opened its first store outside Pennsylvania, which is in New York City. Also, in the same year, an Auntie Anne’s shop opened in Jakarta, Indonesia, the very first shop location outside the US. From there, the company has expanded.

Today, the pretzel company has expanded to more than 1,500 locations worldwide. Shops can be found in shopping malls, amusement parks, airports and many more. The company has over 500 employees around the world managing its shops.

Company benefits include performance bonus, and paid maternity, paternity and sick leaves. Employee discounts and free snacks and meals are also given to employees on duty.

People love working with the company because not only because of the free food but also for the great training they get from the management. Support programs like tuition assistance and career development are also offered.

How old do you have to be to work at Auntie Anne’s?

For entry level positions, an individual should be at least 16 years old to apply. If the employee aims for higher or managerial positions, he is required to be at least 18 years old.

Auntie Anne’s Careers

The pretzel company opens opportunities to the residents of where the shop’s location is. Usually, shops are in high-traffic areas, targeting large number of customers. With this, the company looks for individuals who are able to interact well with people.

Pretzel Maker: A Pretzel Maker makes the specialty pretzels that the company is known for. He prepares the dough, then rolls and twists for it to become pretzels. The pretzel maker also sets and monitors the baking of this product. From time to time, he may also be asked to perform other duties as directed by the Store Manager. 

Crew Member: A Crew Member is the first person that greets the customer upon entering the shop. They maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the store. Crew members help in rolling and baking pretzels and also in advertising the products to customers passing by the shops.

Cashier: A Cashier receives all payments via cash, credit card or vouchers received for any product purchase. He secures the cash register from the beginning of the shift to its end. Also, the cashier makes sure that before shift handover is done, he has verified that receipts match the amount of money in the cash register.

Dishwasher and Restaurant Cleaner: A Dishwasher and Restaurant Cleaner is responsible in cleaning used utensils and food wares. He makes sure that the store is clean and properly maintained. The cleaner is also responsible in sanitizing tables and cleaning the eating area after use.

Assistant Store Manager: An Assistant Manager leads and coordinates the workflow and scheduling of the crew members. He makes sure that all products sold are of high quality and that the company’s standard operating procedures are followed in the store. The assistant manager also makes the reports regarding the store’s cash handling process.

Store Manager: A Store Manager leads all store activities. He does the hiring process of the store and trains new employees. The Store Manager evaluates all staff performances and does the recommendation for staff salary increase. He also reviews store transactions with outside vendors and suppliers.

Shift Manager: A Shift Manager coordinates all staff schedules and breaks. In the event of absences in the staff, he contacts the Assistant Store Manager to report and ask approval for employee replacements. The shift manager also monitors the handover of store funds drawers during shift change.

Stock/Inventory Staff: A Stock/Inventory Staff verifies and organizes products received from suppliers in relation to the purchase order slip and invoice received. He also lifts products, which are usually more than 50 pounds and loads them to a cart with a total capacity of around 300-400 pounds. A stock/inventory staff also coordinates with the airport cargo office, if needed.

Food Runner: A Food Runner makes sure that stocks in the store and stockroom are adequate. He maintains the inventory of all items that comes in and comes out of the stockroom. In the event of shortage in the store, the food runner will be the one to obtain the items from the stockroom.

Lobby Attendant: A Lobby Attendant makes sure that the outside areas of the restaurant are clean. He also maintains the store restrooms. If there are events or activities scheduled in the store, the lobby attendant monitors the event and will have to report any suspicious activity that may entail the safety of the attendees and the staff.

Auntie Anne’s Application

Job seekers may check the available positions with the company’s official website. Alternatively, they may also check and try applying through different job search sites.

While an online application is available, applicants may approach stores and forward their application through the Store Manager. Requirements may also differ from every store so it is better for the job seeker to check the positions offered before forwarding an application.

To register with the company’s online job search site, the applicant must first create an account. He must make sure that all required information are filled out and are accurate.

Since walk-in applications are welcomed with the company, the applicant must make sure that the resume he forwards is complete, neat and easy to be read. Employers prefer a concise resume with only 1-2 pages.

Once the hiring manager is able to review the resume and the applicant is scheduled for an interview, the applicant must ensure that he is on time for the appointment. Also, the applicant should bring all the documents required to move on with the hiring process in the event that he passes the interview.

Things To Know About Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s is a company with a mission. The company is family and community-oriented. It is based on the culture of diversity and inclusion.

The company has partnered with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) to support researches in finding cure for childhood cancer. Around 3.6 million dollars have already been raised for ALSF to help with the research fund.

Last September 2017, the company has launched a campaign wherein customers can give a “gift of hope” to ALSF when they but a pretzel ribbon for 1 dollar. One hundred percent of amount of the pretzel ribbons sold will be donated to the ALSF.

Also, in 1995, the company employees started C.A.R.E.S or Community Action Required Employee Support. The organization’s mission is to help the community by financial and time support. The organization holds regular charity events and they also do community service. 

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