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Established in 1988 and a member of the Star Alliance Network, Asiana Airlines strives to be the best worldwide air travel company operating 14 domestic and 90 international passenger routes to locations across Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. Offering a unique opportunity to see the world and pursue a career in one of the most rewarding industries in the world.

A global powerhouse, the company has established itself with the values: ‘maximum safety and customer satisfaction through service.’  Pursuing new growth and creative innovation Asiana Airlines is making intensive efforts towards sustainable growth whilst keeping safety its highest priority and surpassing its customer satisfaction service targets. The company also continues to reach its goals for an ethical, environmental coexistence.

Their headquarters are in Seoul, South Korea Expanding rapidly since its establishment in 1988, as of 2014, Asiana had over 10,000 staff with the majority based in Seoul. They are notable for their achievements in environmental awareness as well as winning the “Airline of the Year” award from Air Transport World in 2009. This was followed by being named “Best Airline in the World” by Skytrax at the 2010 World Airline Awards.  Asiana has also notable partnered with the Rainforest alliance and serves only ethically sourced beverages on board their flights.

Asiana Airlines Careers

Asiana Airlines offer a variety of job opportunities within the company to suit all levels of education and preference, starting with entry level jobs right through to advanced roles such as pilot. If you are seeking an entry level job and have no previous experience you can apply for roles including baggage handler or work within the Airlines Administrative Support team.

If you are looking for a job with the company but prefer management then a role such as Regional Sales Manager, Sales Representative or Operations Agent may be more suited for you.

Applicants seeking a more advanced role could apply for roles that may seek previous experience in the airline industry such as Air Traffic Controller or Pilot. Though these jobs may require education in certain areas.

How old do you have to be to work at Asiana Airlines? To work for the company you must be 18 years old. Other requirements are varied upon the job you are applying for but many of the jobs at the airline require no previous experience and just education up to a high school diploma.

Benefits of working at Asiana Airlines

Benefits of working at Asiana Airlines include first-hand experience in the travel industry, generous pay, with most Asiana Airlines jobs offering competitive salary above the minimum wage, with chance for salary increases with experience. Benefits also include paid holiday, retirement plans and in some cases discounted airfare and accommodation.

The airline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Asiana Airlines Jobs

Cabin Crew Member – As a member of the cabin crew you will be expected to provide excellent customer service and hospitality to Asiana’s customers on flights to a number of destinations. You will work with other crew members to ensure passengers have a safe and enjoyable flight. This job is suited to people with a passion for customer service, safety and able to work as part of a team. Cabin crew members can expect to earn around $12,900 dollars a year as a starting basic salary, but this will be supplemented with other benefits.

Customer Service Agent – As a customer service agent you will be expected to uphold the high standards and values of the airline, either in a face to face setting or through a local contact centre. This job role would be suited to someone who is a focussed individual with a passion for customer service and satisfaction. Customer service agents can expect to earn on average $11.21 an hour.

Pilot/Co-Pilot – A highly prestigious career in any airline. Holding the relevant license and experience along with an impeccable record will be required for this rile. This job and carries great responsibilities to provide a fantastic service and be able to lead a flight team. Intense knowledge of the theory and practical element of flying is essential and the ability to display an aptitude for the profession will be required.  International Pilots can expect to earn around $118,070 a year on average although this does differ on experience levels.

Baggage Handler – As a baggage handler you will be expected to ensure the safe carriage, delivery and return of cargo and baggage for many passenger and cargo flights across the world. This is a physically demanding role that will require ideal candidates to be physically fit and capable of lifting heavy baggage and cargo. A good knowledge of health and safety and safe lifting is important for this job.  Starting wages are typically around $16,000 a year but will increase on experience.

Asiana Airlines Interview Questions

Job interviews can be a daunting experience for any level of professional. We have selected some of the most likely questions you will be asked in an interview with Asiana Airlines and added our own advice.

Why would you like to work for this company? The interviewer wants to know why you want to work for Asiana Airlines. Talk about details of the company that you find particularly attractive. Try to be specific and research the company in detail. It pays to exhibit a passion for the company’s goals and values.

What do you want to achieve while working for Asiana Airlines? With this question they are expecting you to outline what you plan to achieve in your Asiana career. If you are applying to be a baggage handler, consider if this is a career you would be happy to stay in or if you want to progress up the ladder, make sure you know what other options could be open to you after some time at the company.

Can you tell me a little about yourself and your achievements?  The interviewer expects some information about your life, previous jobs and activities outside of work. This is a good time to refer to items on your resume. Consider how personal achievements could tie into your job role. For example, winning a sports championship would show that you are a team player, determined and hardworking, all traits which are desirable. Be sure not to lie about achievements as they can easily be fact checked.

How do you handle stressful situations and working under pressure? Working for a company like Asiana in any of its many job roles can at times be a pressure environment. The Interviewer wants to see examples of how you would deal with stress and pressure. Use examples from past jobs or times of your life when you have met deadlines under pressure. Check your job description for an idea of stress youmay face and use that to answer the question.

What do you know about our company? This question is to check that you have researched the role, and the company before the interview. A good answer will demonstrate knowledge of the company, its values and what service it provides. Try to show as much knowledge as possible as a serious candidate will have done their research.

Advice for Asiana Airlines Application Process

Candidates looking for employment with Asiana Airlines can either apply online, download an application form or send a direct application by submitting a CV and covering letter to the companies HR email address found on their website, or by searching for specific vacancies on their parent company website Star Alliance where you can send a free application for any available Asiana Airlines careers. Further information on how to apply for Asiana Airlines jobs online can be found on their website.

You will then be contacted if successful to arrange an interview usually comprising of group activities and individual interviews. If no current job openings are available then the Human Resources department will keep the applicants details on file in case of future openings.

Applicants looking to apply for jobs at Asiana Airlines should ensure that their CV is up to date and tailored to the application before applying, making sure it highlights achievements and experience that will be valuable to the job and make them stand out to the hiring staff. Make sure to clearly state relevant qualifications that can apply the job role you are interested in and particularly ones which are required for the job role.

Candidates should take care when filling out online application form or printable Asiana Airlines application forms. An eye for detail and in particular correct spelling, grammar and punctuation can make the difference between an interview and a rejection. This eye for details will show that you will work in a manner expected by the company and ensure you have the best chance at a successful Asiana Airlines Application.
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