How to Apply for Jobs at Jack In The Box


Jack in the Box

In order to apply for Jack In The Box, go to and in the top right-hand corner of the browser, there will be a series of selections listed – Working Here, Career Areas, News, Events, Locations and Search Jobs. Select Search Jobs. In the left-hand side, there are a series of search options, under “Discover More”. You may select a particular type of job or enter your location to see a list of all the available jobs near by.

Applying for the Job

Select the job title you wish to apply for and thoroughly read the job tasks, expectations, and requirements. Some jobs require a minimum age of 16, while others are 18 and older depending on the tasks involved. Once you’ve decided on the desired position, you will see red buttons on the right-hand side of the job description. Select Apply.

Getting to the Application

Once you’ve selected the Apply button, a pop-up box will appear asking for your valid email address in order to consider you for the job and future jobs like the one you selected. Fill in the address bar and select continue. Another pop-up box will then ask for your basic information including full name, zip code, phone number, previous or current job information and level of education. Fill these out and click the red submit button. After this is completed it will thank you and show you another pop-up to click the red button that will take you to the official application.

Creating a TalentReef Account

At the bottom of the job description select the blue colored apply button. It will then ask you to either log in or create an account with TalentReef.

Filling Out Your Information

This online job application for Jack in the Box will ask you to fill out your information such as name, location, as well as a log in a phone number and password. Once you’ve completed filling this out, select the blue “next” button.
Step 2 will require information about your age, transportation, an area you are willing to work, expected pay and finally to tell them about yourself in a short description. Once you’ve completed this, select the blue “next” button.
Step 3 asks about your schedule and relevant work information. Fill this out and select the blue “next” button.
Step 4, which about your education, should be similarly completed and then continue.

Step 5 is about your prior work history.
Step 6 recommends you input references; you may select that you have none or up to 3 and fill it out appropriately.

Signed In

You will now have access to select which job you’d like to apply for and continue to the application process.

Choosing a Job

Scan through the available jobs and ensure you both qualify and have the correction location of where you intend to get a job. Once you have decided you want that job, click on it and if you’re able to proceed then based on your previous information you have met the minimum requirements to apply. If you do not meet these requirements it will not let you proceed and you can then attempt to apply for a different position that you are qualified for.

Jack in the Box Process

The application process once logged in, and your basic information is recorded, will take you through 3 separate sections.

Posi-Fit Interview

You will be asked a series of questions in the web browser through the Jack in the Box website. After each question is answered it will automatically continue to the next question. The questions take about 15 minutes to answer until you get to the confirm application page.

Confirm Application

To confirm the application, you must read through the verification and certify you provided accurate information. Then you are to input your Social Security Number. The entry will be date stamped and will list the job and position that you have selected. Now select the blue “Confirm Application” button and continue to the final step.

Background Check

Finally, you will complete the steps for a background check. This is your final step and once this is finished and submitted, you have officially applied for the position.