How to Apply for Jobs at Family Dollar


How one can apply for jobs at Family Dollar?  Family Dollar is one of the largest dollar chain stores in United States. To complete the family dollar application online one must go to their website. Go to the careers section on the site and fill out out the information requested.

In order to be prepared for this it is advisable to gather all the required information before hand. You will need your resume. If you do not have one, prepare one. It will not only be useful for this application but for other opportunities as well.

It is best to have the places worked for before, their addresses and phone numbers so have information needed. After enter information, it is checked to see if accurate. If so, the manager calls one in for an interview.

When are at web site, one can find the list of jobs. One needs to see what position looking for. Entry level jobs are in customer service. Other store jobs are Assistant Manager, Manager, District Managers, Regional Vice President, President. In the distribution center is another place to work. This is shipping and receiving. There are also the store support center careers like finance, loss management, Public relations, real estate and financial.

What do these positions entail?

All one need do is click on the job and they will find a description about the job.

Customer Service:

One needs to be friendly and helpful. Job involves being a cashier as well as doing stock work.


Runs store and reports to District Managers. Over sees customer service team members. Makes sure customers are being taken care of, that store looks neat, clean as should be.

Assistant Manager:

Assists Manager. Also fills in for Manager when out.

District Managers:

Handle several stores. They keep in touch with managers at different locations to make sure all is ok. They may be responsible for reporting on 20 stores each.

Regional Vice President:

Oversees several Districts and their managers. An example of this is the west, east, southern, northern regions of the US.

Vice President:

Is responsible for the whole United States. He checks in with regional vice presidents .