Amtrak Application & Careers

Having 21,000 route miles in over 40 states of the United States of America and Canada, Amtrak is one of the leading companies in train travel. Although trains have been typically seen as a way of travel that can be most hazardous to the environment, this company works to create greener, faster, and comfortable ways to ride across the nation.

Starting in 1971, President Nixon founded the railroad company. A blend of “America” and “Track” the company was founded to start a nation-wide rail system. It is important to note that it is a United States government owned company with the current president and CEO being Charles Moorman IV.

Over 20,000 employees are working today to make America’s railroad more efficient. Each of these employees working at one of the 500 destinations that is provided. Since they are always hiring, finding a location that is close to home is not a problem.

Amtrak works hard to make the employees feel as if they are doing more than just a job. Along with all the basic benefits that are to be expected from a company, i.e. Medical, Dental, Vision benefits, there are a few perks. A 401K match of 7% along with education assistance can only make it a better company to work at.

Aside from the good pay, and great benefits Amtrak employees enjoy working there for many reasons. The opportunities for growth within the company, the flexible hours, and the traveling are only a few pros that employees talk about.

How old do you have to be to work at Amtrak?

Working at Amtrak is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is interested in becoming an engineer, mechanical or electric. Even though there is not an age limit to work with them the strong preference is that you at least have a Bachelor’s Degree in the position that you applied for. There are a few entry level positions that allow for only a High School Degree or GED with experience in place of a Bachelor’s Degree.

Amtrak Careers

There are many different job opportunities available. From the most entry level position to those that take years of experience and schooling the wide range of jobs means that there is a job opening that you can fit into.

HR-Compensation Intern: For this Intern, they are required to provide research, analytical support, and do varies administrative duties. They are to work with employees and managers to help update job descriptions, and help with the production of special projects. This position does require a Bachelor’s Degree, but less than a year of experience.

Computer Technician 1: A Computer Technician 1 is responsible for printing, binding, and finishing up projects for the employees in the building. This includes folding, collating, and counting packages, and pamphlets. Since they handle numerous packages at a time they are required to be fork lift certified and know how to process shipments using package tracking software. This position does not require any college education, but does need 10 years of experience to qualify.

R&I Clerk: The R&I Clerk is to keep track of rates, schedules, routings and much more to assist customers effectively. They must be able to use a computer to access this information to answer any questions that the customers might have. They must also have telecommunication skills to perform this job. No college experience is required, and less than a year of experience to qualify.

Carmen Journeymen: A Carmen Journeymen must maintain each of the cars that they are assigned.  They must have the ability to repair and diagnose malfunctions of the doors, windows, hand brakes and other mechanical pieces of the train. This job requires 1-3 years of experience and strongly prefers completion of technical school.

Benefits Analyst: The responsibility of a Benefits Analyst is to assist the benefit managers in administration and coordination of the Amtrak Benefits Program. They must be able to problem solve in regard to the benefits that are offered by the company. This job does not need a college degree, but 3-5 years of experience.

Auditor:  An Auditor works with the Inspector General to make sure that Amtrak is keeping in line with their own safety and employee guidelines. They must know the various laws, regulations and policies that are put in place to be able to effectively detect and prevent any issues within the company. This job requires a Bachelor’s Degree as well as 3-5 years of experience.

Billing Specialist:  The Billing Specialist’s job is to process, record, analyze the billing and reconciliation of the accounting transactions. They must be extremely organized and be able to work in a team as well as by themselves. This job requires a Bachelor’s Degree as well as 1-3 years of experience.

Coach Cleaner: A Coach Cleaner’s job is important to be able to keep up with the standards of Amtrak. They are required to clean not only the interior of the cars, but know how to clean and upkeep the exterior as well. This job does not require any college education, but 1-3 years of experience.

Police Officer: The Police Office is responsible for the safety and security of all passengers and employees. They need to be able to protect people and property in accordance with federal, state and local laws. This job does not require any experience and no college education, however they need to be at least 21 years old.

Trackman: A Trackman or Track Worker must be able to repair, replace, and inspect the tracks as needed. They must be able to clear debris and understand how to use any tools that are provided. This job does not require any college education, but does require 1-3 years of experience.

Amtrak Application

Just like many other large companies applying at Amtrak takes place online. All that is needed is to find the job that you are interested in, create an account and be sure to have an electronic copy of your resume.

To submit your resume, it must take place online. However, if you are interested in the company, but are unsure of where to start Amtrak provides a “Social Matcher” questionnaire to help find where you would fit best.

Once you fill out the online application it is important to keep track of its progress. The company provides a portal for all potential employees for them to do just this. It lets them know what step of employment they are in and what documents are needed, if any.

Having an electronic copy of your resume is helpful, but be sure it highlights the best of your work experience. Because Amtrak is so focused on either education or experience it is important to have those relevant points listed on your resume.

After you have filled out a resume and have started the interview process with Amtrak be sure to learn about the history of the company. Having a list of questions ready for the interviewer either about working at the company or even the company itself shows your attentiveness. Also, be sure to keep the talking points about your relevant work history and education.

Facts about Amtrak

The culture around Amtrak is one of the many perks of working there. The people are friendly, because there are so many benefits and flexibility in the company. Being able to work here is a terrific opportunity if you like to travel and see the nation.

Recently the company has been encouraging travel to the national parks and monuments by offering a 75 percent discount for fourth-graders with the purchase of one regular adult fare. This program is part of Every Kid in a Park initiative to help encourage and education children to explore our national parks.

Besides being the rail road company to go to, they are also known for the diversity within their company. Not only do they celebrate this diversity by hiring employees from all walks of life, but they also publicly recognize Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Women’s History Month.

Currently Amtrak is working on expanding their social efforts by evaluating the contributions that they make to their charities. However, they are actively having volunteers from their company work to keep the nation safe and education them with programs like Right Care Day 1, Operation Lifesaver Authorized Volunteer, and Station Host Volunteers.