American Eagle Outfitters Application & Careers

American Eagle Outfitters is a famous clothing retailer in the United States. They sell jeans, polo shirts, sweatpants, graphic T-shirts, Henley shirts, boxer briefs, vanity boxers, briefs, swimwear, and outerwear.

The company is a subsidiary of Retail Ventures, Inc. and was founded by brothers Mark and Jerry Silverman in 1977. However, the Silverman brothers sold their business to Jacob Price of Knoxville in 1991. AEO is Aerie’s parent company.

Though older adults patronize the brand, their products are mainly intended for young men and ladies. With an aim to serve millions of customers, the company opened more than 900 stores worldwide.

As for work benefits, American Eagle Outfitters offers perks like 401(k) retirement plans and programs for stock purchase and profit sharing. Qualified employees may receive sick leave, paid vacation and holidays. Other work benefits and discount privileges are also available.

American Eagle Outfitters shares its success with employees by giving them good career advancement opportunities. Aside from that, the company also offers other programs like profit sharing and stock acquisition plans to help employees secure their future.

How old do you have to be to work at American Eagle Outfitters?

Interested applicants for any positions must be 18 years old and above. Also, they should have college or high school diploma or equivalent to qualify for the jobs offered by the company.

American Eagle Outfitters Careers

The company offers great job opportunities with good base pay. Qualified candidates will be hired to fill the following positions:

Cashiers: Cashiers handle and record all cash transactions. When their shift ends, the last thing they need to do is to balance the accounts. They interact with customers at the counter section to accept payments via cash, check, or credit cards, and answer inquiries. Also, cashiers do price checks, accept discount coupons, and introduce special offers to customers.

Stock Lead: A stock lead acts as a mentor for sales associates to help them develop their merchandise management skills. Such skills are necessary for meeting the company’s productivity standards for stock refilling, shipment processing, merchandising, and markdowns. He/He/She also supports the store management group in generating a flawless enforcement of stock room’s SOP.

Sales Associates: Sales associates are friendly store employees who greet and help the shoppers coming in the store. They give complete product information and introduce the newest products to customers. Their main goal is to ensure customer satisfaction, so they do simple things that can make customers happy.

Lead Cashier: Lead cashiers keep an upbeat work atmosphere for the other cashiers. Their job involves resolving cash tills at the end of each shift and generating till reports for every register. Lead cashiers are also in charge of all daily check-out functions. They ensure customer satisfaction through having open communication with people.

Store Manager: A store manager supervises the stores in general. His main role is helping the company reach its goals as he manages the store’s operations, productivity, and safety. He/He/She helps in serving the customers, resolve customer complaints and other issues. He/He/She also trains, motivates, and disciplines his/his/her team members when necessary.

Overnight Merchandising Associate: He/He/She recreates the merchandise arrangements based on company’s directed advertising & merchandising floorset papers. He/He/She maximizes merchandise arrangements by applying the company’s visual standards when implementing merchandising adjustments and updates. Also, he maintains the store windows and lights to ensure good product presentation.

Associate Merchant: An associate merchant makes marketing techniques for different products. He/She ensures that the strategies created will help publicize the products effectively. Likewise, she designs different methods to market the products and increase sales. He/She deals with different people & takes up agreements on which the company works.

Merchandise Manager: He/He/She handles all tasks associated with obtaining the products from suppliers and shipping them to retail locations. He/He/She develops and maintains good relationships with suppliers, and creates and executes a visual merchandising technique involving creating planograms. He/He/She should be proficient in using spreadsheets and with good basic bookkeeping or accounting skills to effectively manage the inventory.

Part-Time Visual Lab Associate: He/She upholds all corporate operation and marketing standards. He/She executes all window and interior displays for the seasonal floorsets and offers creative and insightful solutions to issues. He/She may also help in dealing with interior and window display documentation. The job always requires his/her to accomplish the given tasks at a quick pace.

Payroll Specialist: He/She creates reports and queries as requested by the management, external/internal auditors, legal, and HR. A payroll specialist actively participates in the month-end close procedure which includes account reconciliations. Privacy is a key element in his/her job as she ensures that all sensitive details are kept confidential. Sometimes, she performs other duties and projects as assigned.

American Eagle Outfitters Application

There are two ways to apply for a job at American Eagle Outfitters. Interested applicants may apply in person or online by visiting the company website and its careers section.

After creating a user account, online applicants will see the extensive job portal that lists the vacancies and gives access to the hiring form. Walk-in applicants will get the application form when they visit any AEO stores.

Candidates are required to provide their personal details like their previous employment, birthdate, and educational background. They must make sure that all pieces of information they put on the hiring form are correct.

Likewise, job seekers should submit the latest copy of their resume when applying for a job at AEO. Resumes and hiring forms must have similar contents, so applicants are advised to double check their papers before submitting them.

The screening process for all submitted papers takes a week or two. Then, successful applicants will be invited for the interview sooner. They must wear business casual clothing, arrive on time, and be confident to pass the interview.

Facts About American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters has developed a distinctive international company culture. It was based on their core values: people, passion, integrity, teamwork, and innovation. American Eagle Outfitters say these core values shape their aspirational but open brand identities.

Last year, the company announced the opening of a redesigned store where people can “curate” their jeans and do the laundry. It is a store prototype called AE Studio that was launched on November 10, 2017, in New York.

AEO is known for its branded low rise jeans that are loved by most college students. Also, they currently have special offers on jeans and shorts for men and women whereas customers can get 50% discount for each item.

Furthermore, the company loves giving back to the community. They believe that every person desires to explore something new and wishes to make a change. So, AEO inspires the youth through different partnerships and programs offering growth and adventure.

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