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Amazon is an American e-commerce platform. The company is also involved in cloud computing, streaming, and produces several of its own products. They are one of the biggest and most well-known companies worldwide, and run several other popular e-commerce sites.

Jeff Bezos founded the company in 1994. He cites his reason for starting the company as his attempt to take a shot in the booming internet industry and therefore have no future regrets for not getting in while he could. The company’s original name was “Cadabra” but was changed to its current name before launching in 1995.

The e-retailer initially offered only books but later expanded to include everything from electronics to apparel to personal care products and more. The company’s logo features an arrow starting at the “A” in “Amazon” and pointed at the “Z”. This is show that they offering everything from A to Z.

The company’s membership deal, called “Amazon Prime”, offers members free 2-day shipping. It also includes access to the company’s streaming services, which offer on-demand movies and television shows. This service was launched to battle for a chunk of the streaming-on-demand industry overrun by Netflix.

The Kindle is a successful original product launched by the company in 2007. The Kindle was one of the first e-readers on the market. It is a small electronic tablet with touchscreen and internet capabilities, intended for the downloading and reading of books and magazines. Book retailer Barnes & Noble launched the Nook to compete. Since 2007 several more editions of the Kindle, with more options and increased technology, were launched.

Amazon Interview Questions

What sort of independent suggestion have you made in past work? Be prepared with a suggested that worked out and saw it’s way through to a well-received success. If you have one that’s directly related to the type of work in the position, consider using it for an added potency in your answer.

In the future, how might you indicate your level of success with our company? Peer or superior review, consistently meeting personal standards, and clearly successful end results to your efforts are all strongly representative of success in your job. Consider if there are any means particular to yourself that help you identify successful work. Perhaps you feel successful when you’re a part of a “well-oiled machine” with few errors or hiccups at work.

Tell me about your work ethic. Be clear about how this fundamental trait assists the company. Determination and self-motivation are strong examples of universally beneficial work ethic. The company should be able to gather that you can perform consistently on the basis of this skill. That is to say, you are not easily distracted or “thrown off” by changing circumstances and can be trusted to complete a required task in a variety of environments.

Would you retire straight away if you had the money? You can be sincere here. The truth of the matter is you need to work and so you prefer this work. If you think you would like to continue working beyond sustaining your finances, the answer is no.

Have you ever done anything like this before? Be specific and detailed about what is required of the position you’re looking into. Try to connect dots as best you can to the work involved and skill set required. What your potential employer wants to know, is how they can know you’re qualified.

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