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Aerie is a lingerie and loungewear brand owned by American Eagle Outfitters. The brand is a sub-brand of American Eagle and was launched in 2006. The line is sold in both stand-alone stores and in American Eagle retail locations, as well as online. There are over 140 standalone stores located around North America.

American girls between the ages of 15 and 25 are the brand’s target demographic. Products include a variety of underwear and bras, pajamas and loungewear, sportswear, active wear and swimsuits. In 2011 the brand obtained a 2% share of the American lingerie market, compared to market leader Victoria’s Secret, who held over 35% that year.

In 2014 the brand launched the “#aerie Real” campaign. This ad campaign featured unretouched photos of models sporting Aerie lingerie. The models depicted were a wider range of sizes than is typical to lingerie advertisements. The brand’s CMO was quoted saying, “we want to help empower young women to be confident in themselves and their bodies.” The campaign utilizes the tagline “the real you is sexy.” In 2015 the actress Emma Roberts hopped on board as a spokesperson and model for the brand and the “Real” campaign.

The company made a public commitment to body-positivity when it began the campaign, promising to never retouch photos of their models in the future. They have also become an official sponsor of the National Eating Disorders Association. This makes the company the first national retailer to support the institution. Many in the industry think this move could be a game-changing move for clothing retail, as public support has rallied behind the decision to market with “real” bodies.

Aerie Interview Questions

If you were in my position, what qualities would you look for in a candidate? This is time where you can describe the perfect candidate in your eyes. It might help you to center that perfect candidate around you and your characteristics. You have to remember that you want the employer to hire you for the position so you can sneak in a few compliments about yourself but not too many.

Tell me why you want to work for us? This is the time to give accolades to the company itself. Talk about the great work this company does and how you can see yourself learning and growing from this company. You can also say that you feel like you can bring great energy and be a great asset to the company, without going overboard.

Explain a situation where you had an issue with your supervisor? Give a good example with this statement. Do not list the situation where you almost got into an altercation. Use the example where there was an issue that you worked it out calmly with your supervisor. You do not want to give off the impression that you are a confrontational employee.

Do you like to have fun at work? What is your best memory of a fun time at work? Everyone enjoys having a good time at work because going to a dull place every day can be depressing. So express that having fun at work is good thing and give an example of where you had good clean fun at work where everyone got along and had a good time. Do not give an extreme example of a fun time at work because you do not want to startle the employer.

Do you know what we do here at XYZ Company? This is the “Guide into Getting a New Job” Rule #1. If you get an interview with a company, the first thing you need to do is research the company and learn everything about them. Know their Vision and Mission Statement and the history of the company. This is the portion of the interview where you can show off a little, but not too much. This shows the employer that you are really interested in obtaining a job for that company.

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