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World Market ApplicationA recent subsidiary of Bed Bath & Beyond, Cost Plus World Market is a chain of specialized furniture retail stores originating in San Francisco, California. The name came about from a concept that their stores would charge “cost plus 10%” for individual merchandise. This concept has since been abandoned, but their store maintains an affordable selection.

Beginning in 1958, the founder was named William Amthor. He discovered that people in his city had a passion for imported retail merchandise at discount prices after he rented out a warehouse to sell his displayed rattan furniture. Their success blossomed, and currently there are 263 stores all across 30 states.

Their reach has become so expansive that, like chains such as Hardees/Carl’s Jr., there are separate brandings depending on which region a store resides in. For instance, Cost Plus is simply named World Market in areas with less exposure to this franchise, namely southern regions of the United States. For those looking at joining an expanding retail furniture franchise, submit a Cost Plus World Market application using provided links towards the bottom.

Cost Plus World Market’s motto is “unique, authentic and always affordable”, and it is a motto they take pride in. Though they sell items for discount prices, they still reported an annual revenue of $367 million in 2006, which prompted Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase all of their holdings. Now, Cost Plus World Market continues operating under its name, but is a subsidiary to the successful Bed Bath and Beyond. This merely makes it a more attractive market for work, as employment leads toward possible continued careers at either company.

Are you familiar with the retail furniture market? Pondering whether or not to submit a resume, or simply not sure how to apply to Cost Plus World Market online? This article contains all the help you’ll need to break into a new career. Towards the bottom, a printable application form is included for your convenience, meaning you can find nearby hiring locations and submit a direct application. Also included are helpful videos and links to their company website. Continue on reading for further information on landing Cost Plus World Market jobs.

World Market Careers

Many people wonder: How old do you have to be to work at Cost Plus World Market? In order for employment, one must be at least 16 years or older. Those who are 16 or older, and meet general requirements, should consider submitting a Cost Plus World Market application.

Other requirements may differ depending on each position. For entry-level positions requirements are rather lax. Some previous retail experience is always preferred; it will certainly make an applicant stand out, but experience is not required. Applicants should consider listing any accolades or community involvement to earn an upper edge.

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Mid-range or upper tier jobs are obviously stricter on their requirements. For instance, store supervisors are all expected to come with a minimum of two years of experience in retail. Other requirements may come into play during an application process. A high school diploma is highly necessary, and in certain cases so are college degrees in related fields of study.

Wages will naturally also differ in concordance with each position being discussed. Entry-level positions should all expect an hourly wage near minimum wage. Of course, minimum wage also varies depending on a state. Look up your state’s minimum wage requirement online for a general idea.

Higher up positions may be paid hourly or on a yearly salary. General Managers typically make around $64,000 a year. A Department Head is usually paid at a total hovering around $11.15 per hour. Of course, employers are not blind to hard work and dedication. Raises are not out of the question for employees who’ve earned their stripes. Benefits offered align with typical ones similar stores offer. Included are medical, dental, and vision coverage, life insurance, a 401(k) plan, as well as paid vacation and sick days.

Typical hours will look like:

Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Saturday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Sunday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

World Market Job Descriptions

This franchise prides itself in offering unique, yet diverse job opportunities. Applications have destinations ranging from their home office, retail stores and even their distribution centers. With such a wide variety of positions in furniture retail, it’s clear this store could be a perfect find for anyone on a job hunt.

This section will explore some possible job availabilities, as well as their corresponding job description. Search through the list and determine if any of the responsibilities fit your profile. If you find one that does, perhaps you should submit a free application!

Systems Administrator

With a home office located in Oakland, California, many of the technical jobs emphasizing computer skills will be found here. For this example, a currently available mid-level job was chosen.

Systems Administrators are held responsible for everything involved with systems hardware and software. These responsibilities include installation, operation and maintenance. These employees also conduct technical research in an effort for continued innovation with computer infrastructure. Security also plays a big role in this job, and any Systems Administrator is expected to ensure company data is safe from any outside access.

These are individuals who run the technical nuts and bolts of company operations. They maintain servers that uphold important company data. As such, any applicant must be extremely computer savvy. This means a previous experience in a Computer Science related field. Cost Plus World Market also desires applicants possess strong analytic skills coupled with interpersonal, communication skills.

Anyone who is qualified should continue reading. Towards the bottom of this article a download application form will be available, along with helpful links leading towards an online application. For added information on benefits and salary, continue with following article sections.

Sales Associate

These positions are offered at every retail store. Sales Associates are the face of a company, with their expertise firmly entrenched in customer relations. Along with that, they are people who maintain store merchandise on shelves, or in Cost Plus World Market’s case the warehouse environment.

Sales Associates are responsible for a wide variety of tasks. Generally, they must maintain store quality and answer customer questions. This means they must be familiar with all merchandise a store has to offer. Sales Associates must also be comfortable with cashiering, merchandising and stocking.

Those applying for Sales Associates position should be comfortable dealing with people. They must also convey excellent time management skills. As this would be a furniture retail store, some physical ability may be require. Cost Plus World Market’s website suggests Sales Associates be able to life about 40 lbs.

If you desire an entry-level job in retail, this position may be right for you! Begin working at Cost Plus World Marketing by applying online. Or if you’d rather print out an application, you’ll find a printable application for Cost Plus World Market down below.

Furniture Department Head

This is a mid-level position currently available at local Cost Plus World Market stores near you! Department Heads are semi-managers, meaning they are responsible for employees in their department. Those who are comfortable, or have previous experience, managing a team of others should consider this position.

A Furniture Department Head will also be responsible for increasing sales in furniture departments. This entails a level of creativity paired with drive. Department heads should also boast superior customer relations skills, as they are the ones who customers turn towards when problems arise. Department Heads are also expected to contribute to general maintenance of a department, including stocking and cashiering.

If you have an ability to initiate a conversation, thrive when managing a team and boast organizational skills, you may be a perfect fit for this position. Cost Plus World Market careers are vastly rewarding, granting a plethora of valuable experience. Get ahead of the curve and apply for Cost Plus World Market jobs online today.

World Market Interview Questions

Once your application is filled, hopefully you will be contacted about an interview. Interviews are perhaps the most stressful step, but do not panic. If you come prepared you should do fine. First and foremost, dress appropriately. Wear nice a nice looking collared shirt and some dress pants. The only time you will not want to dress nice is if a hiring manager emphasizes a casual interview atmosphere, in which case it is in your best interest to dress more casual to show you can follow directions.

Also, practice answering a variety of questions beforehand. Cover your bases, and be sure you practice questions you believe they may ask. Some example questions are as follows:

  • Why are you interested in working here?
  • What experience do you bring to the table?
  • Are you able to work weekends or holidays?
  • How are you in dealing with customers?
  • How long do you plan on working here?

Practice until you can say your answers confidently. During your actual interview, make eye contact and appear assertive. Be sure to make your voice sound natural, as if you are simply sitting down and having a conversation.

After your interview has concluded, ask some questions of your own! This is your chance to prove your interest in their store. Drop some facts about the company you find especially interesting. One question you should avoid asking, though, is how much they will pay you. Instead, ask them about their work atmosphere or management style.

Let a few days pass, then send a follow up email. Thank them for their consideration, and then take the opportunity to highlight your interest in their company once more. Doing so will help you stick in their minds.

Advice For Application Process

Applying for a job can seem a daunting task to someone completely unfamiliar. An application process is actually a rather simple matter, especially if you are prepared for what it entails. What follows is a section of general advice designed to make you more comfortable, confident, and ready for your interview.

Filling out a Cost Plus World Market application should be your primary step. Applications should highlight your attributes, so be sure to capitalize on the opportunity. You want to word every sentence in order to highlight your strengths for whatever job you’re applying to. Be sure to write concisely; avoid over-wordiness or unnecessary sentences.

World Market presents employees with exciting possibilities for experience. Those looking to build upon customer relations, retail experience, or management skills will all find a happy home with this unique franchise. Those interested in Cost Plus World Market careers should find a World Market job application online using our provided links.

Of course, while we recommend you apply for jobs at Cost Plus World Market, there are other stores out there offering similar positions. Two direct competitors with similar store experiences include Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn. These two franchise are excellent options for those comfortable with jobs in furniture retail, offering similar store layouts, policies, and atmosphere.
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