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img- Winco Foods ApplicationWinCo Foods is being dubbed “Walmart’s Worst Nightmare by leading industry insiders. Yes, the small grocery chain that boosts approximately 100 stores in 8 states and 4 distribution centers has been able to undercut the prices of the world renowned retailer. There are many ways to get a WinCo Foods application. Below is a link on how to apply for WinCo Foods online.

By keeping overhead low, cutting out the middle man and not accepting credit cards, Winco Foods has managed to undercut Walmart’s prices not once but repeatedly which is why the chain’s full title is so appropriate. Winning Company better known as WinCo is more than a statement. Add in the company’s value of its employees centers on WinCo Foods careers.

Having been founded in 1967, Winco Foods started out as WareMart. In 1991, the company reported annual sales of 300 million with just 16 stores. When you apply online for one of WinCo’s careers, you appreciate quality. You can apply for jobs at WinCo Foods today. Download application form, explore the many job opportunities with WinCo Foods jobs online, and see which locations near you that are hiring.

Although the Winning Company was deemed as the official unofficial name of the company, the owners claim the 5 letters tend to stand for the first 5 states the company had stores in; Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon was just a coincidence. If you dream of working for a company that takes care of its employees and keeps costs low then start your career with a WinCo Foods Application.

WinCo Foods Careers

Retail jobs are pretty standard. Cashier’s, Stockers, Deli Clerk, Produce Clerk, Bakery Clerk, Meat Clerk, and Maintenance Clerk along with Managerial Careers just to name a few. Each employee after the brief requirements are met can enjoy the privileges of having ownership in the company. Go to WinCo Foods job application online and jumpstart yourself on one of the successful WinCo Foods jobs today.

The company’s corporate community offer WinCo Foods Careers for potential candidates. These individuals believe in the company, watch their investment grow in annual returns and find innovative ways to expand, while keeping prices low. Take a stroll through one of company’s current stores and envision yourself helping expand the company. Grab a printable application for WinCo Foods, fill it out and return it.

How old do you have to be to work at WinCo Foods? You must be 18 to work the majority of the WinCo Foods jobs although there are a few that allow you to be 16. Make sure you check with management prior to accepting an offer of employment. You must be 19 to qualify for the employee stock ownership program.

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One of the many benefits of working for Winco Foods is the Employee Stock Ownership Program. Once you meet the criteria this is a major benefit that can have lasting effects. There is the usual paid vacation days offered as well as a pension plan and life insurance and more. Get your free application the next time you go grocery shopping. Increase your chances of an interview with a resume.

Winco Foods hours of operation are 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with the exception of closing early on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Closed entirely on Christmas Day allows employees to be with their families during the holidays. Their other chain WareFoods in Independence, Oregon is open from 7am to 11pm, seven days a week. Get a direct application; write legibly on the printable application form.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

Produce Clerk – This position’s responsibilities include providing customer service while ensuring product quality and selection. Verifies orders on invoices; making sure shortages and claims are verified on billing. Produce Clerks are responsible for maintaining eye appeal and cleanliness of the produce floor. Applicant must be able to do simple math and compute weights and measures. The hourly minimum wage is roughly $10.31. Applications are accepted at your local store.

Loss Prevention Agent – Is responsible for loss prevention throughout the store from prevention methods to assisting in various investigations. Detects, apprehends and prosecutes shoplifters, participates in internal company investigations, testifies at legal proceedings on the company’s behalf, provides loss prevention training to staff.  Average hourly wage is $11.50. Fill out an application form today.

Cart Clerk – This position is responsible for gathering carts from the parking lot. Gathers carts both manually and with an electronic cart pusher, gathers stray carts left in the store to create an aesthetically pleasing environment, picks up litter from grounds, planters and cart room, empties recycle machine containers into proper bins, stacks bins for pick up. Fill out an online application today. Average wage is roughly $10.

Human Resource Regional Director – This position is responsible for the Human Resources within an entire state, both current and future stores and personnel. Perform and carry out human resources work and carries out service which reflects the organization’s business objective, operates as a liaison between operations, distribution and human resources to develop integrated solutions. Provides on-site coaching and mentoring, monitor morale, participate in Leadership Development Program. Average salary is $5,025/month.

WinCo Foods Interview Questions

The job description prepares you for jobs, answering possible questions, like these prepares you for an interview.

Tell me about a job you hated – Look back on your previous work experience, what was it that made you hate it? How did you resolve the situation? This is a telling question for employers.  The interviewer is looking for ways to see how you handled a position that took you out of your comfort level so they can find out how you respond to a difficult situation.

Where do you want to be in 5 years? – A valid question for a company which is looking to invest in training you. They want to insure that you plan on being with them to make the investment worthwhile. They want someone to invest in, to grow with the company.

What would you do if you saw a customer trying to stuff a box of donuts down their pants? This question seems a bit incredulous but is important when evaluating your integrity and honesty for a given position such as cashier. Theft results in higher prices. Always be honest. This type of question is common during interviews.

How would your friends describe you? – This is a hard question for some. Be honest and describe yourself as your friends would. Take a moment and refine your answer into a business based question that it really is. Are you the leader of your friends? Are you the one that gets them motivated to do stuff? All these qualities are sought after by employers.

Why do you want to work here? – This question is pretty straight forward. Almost every interviewer has it in their arsenal of questions. Be honest. What drew you to the company; is it, its reputation, the benefits, and the fact of being able to grow with a stable company? This is to see if you’re a fit for the company.

Advice For Application Process

Dress for your interview in business casual attire; slacks and a button down shirt works well for men, no short skirts for females, conservative dresses, and a classic or trendy style top. Leather belts and shoes should be worn, never tennis shoes. You’re trying to show good judgment in a business environment not the cutting edge look.

Also mind your appearance as you only get one chance to impress. If you’re going thru all the trouble of trying to look sharp in your dress don’t forget about grooming. Make sure your hair is freshly washed and brushed. Shoes should be polished, ladies – no heels. Make sure your clothes have no wrinkles, tags, missing buttons, etc… Clean fingernails, don’t smoke prior to the interview, and use cologne/perfume sparingly.

Answer every question; take your time to form your answers. You don’t need to give a novel’s worth of information per interview question. Be brief, to the point, and tell what the problem was and how you overcame the problem successfully. Knowing how to react to sensitive questions without emotion is key especially if you’re trying to improve in this area.

The interview should take roughly a half an hour. The style of the interview will most likely be casual and candid. The tone should be conversational and informative. This is used to help ease the typical nerves associated with any form of scrutiny. Applicants can vary differently in their approach to this scrutiny so being able to relax and appear comfortable is your best option.
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