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Walmart ApplicationSam Walton was a man with the radical idea to create affordable prices for his customers. This journey began with the opening of his first store, Walton’s 5&10, in 1950. This eventually led to Walton opening the first Walmart in 1962, helping to pave the way for an emerging philosophy in the world of retail. The philosophy was to give consumers the cheapest prices compared to any competitor for any item.

You can become part of that philosophy.  With plenty of benefits, opportunities to move up the business ladder, and bonuses, the company ensures that not only are the customers happy, but that their 2.2 million employees are satisfied too. The best part is that at any given time, you can find anywhere from 15,000 to 50,000 Walmart career opportunities available around the world, so there’s a high probability of getting hired.

Working for Sam Walton’s company gives workers the chance to help out the world by giving millions of people the option to buy products at affordable prices. To be part of this team is to show exactly how much of a difference can be made in people’s lives.  This applies not just to the customers, but to the workers too. Employees have the odds working in their favor, with an employer that offers countless benefits.

Speaking of helping out the world the company is currently reducing their carbon footprint as well.  They’re goal is to reach 100% efficiency in their energy usage without adding waste into the environment, all while still providing customers with affordable products.

The company donates to numerous foundations aimed at making the world a better place for all of humankind. Foundations to end global hunger, provide education to those who want it, and to create an equal, diverse, and fair work environment for everyone.

In this work environment, the company promotes similar policies followed by many other companies. They believe that customer service is number one. They maintain respect for the individual, for both employees and customers, by maintaining a safe, drug free, and sexual harassment free work environment. Walmart helps people strive to reach their potential; they work with their employees to better themselves.

Their local policies include practices like answering consumer questions as soon as possible, greeting customers with eye-to-eye contact, helping them by offering assistance, and reassuring workers to speak openly about ideas and worries. These policies continue to generate a highly professional and efficient work place.

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  Walmart  Careers

Entry-level positions that may be filled out on the Walmart application are as follows:

  • Front End
    • Cart Pushers
    • Cashiers
    • Customer Service Desk
  • Grocery
    • Bakery
    • Dry Grocery
    • Meat
    • Produce
    • Deli
  • Receiving
    • Unloading and Stocking
  • Membership
    • Fax N Pull
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Member Service
  • Health and Wellness
    • Pharmacy and Optometry Technicians
  • Sales Floor
    • Associates and Supervisors

A perk from applying for this company is the abundance of entry-level jobs. There’s even more positions available for people who have experience in areas of practice such as accounting, marketing, merchandising, and so on.

How old do you have to be to work at Walmart? There are entry-level positions available to people 16 years of age or older, although for the majority of positions offered, the applicant must be at least 18 years old. In order to be hired, the applicant must be drug free, and be able to provide a social security number. Applicants must also show proof that he/she is a legal resident in the United States of America. Depending on the job of interest, experience can increase chances of being hired.

Walmart Job Descriptions

Cashier and Service Desk– In this role, the responsibilities of an employee are to provide a speedy, helpful, and pleasant check out experience. This position requires customer service, observation, enthusiasm, and initiative.

Courtesy Associate: Cart Pusher- In this position an employee’s main task is to retrieve the dozens of carts that are left in the parking lot of the store. Cart pushers are in charge of keeping the store clean too. As with any employee of the company one of a cart pusher’s main task is to assist and welcome customers.

Stocker– Stockers put away merchandise over night; they make sure items are placed in their proper places and under the proper price tags. Stockers have to make sure the products are front facing as well, and still need to prioritize fulfilling the needs of all customers.

Now most people wonder how much they will get paid on the job. Walmart careers do not fall short of compensation for employees. For hourly positions like stockers or cashiers, pay ranges from $7-$18 per hour. For management positions the average salary ranges from $44,000-$120,00 per year, depending on if you are an assistant manager, store manager, department manager, or pharmacy manager. The company does offer an impressive array of benefits such as:

  • Competitive pay
  • Cash bonuses
  • Ten percent discount
  • Retirement plans
  • 401k that the company will match
  • Health care plans
  • Development and training opportunities
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Education assistance

 Advice For Application Process

If you are looking to be part of a massive family with goals aimed toward helping customers save money on reliable products, you may apply to Walmart jobs online or in person.

To apply for jobs at Walmart, walk into any one of their 11,000 locations and receive a direct application form to fill out; also, turning in a resume would only help your chances of employment. Making a good first impression by dressing professionally, arriving on time, and practicing good hygiene are all helpful tips while seeking a job. A more convenient way is to apply online.

To fill out a Walmart job application online, visit the Walmart website, scroll down to the bottom of the page and under “Get to Know Us,” is the “Careers,” button. On the page will be a “Search Jobs…” bar that will display available nearby positions. If there is a location you’d like to work at, or an area you’d prefer to stay near, you can choose to set those parameters during the application process.

The company does not offer an option to download application forms. If you are looking to make a lasting first impression this option would be convenient since you can acquire a printable application form at home, but still turn it in person. When you take an application to an employer it is proper etiquette to give it to a store manager if they are not to busy with their work, that way they can meet you.

If no available Walmart jobs nearby are shown, in order to continue to fill out an online application, you can hover over the top left bar that also says, “Search Jobs.” A menu will expand with the option to choose, “Hourly Retail Jobs,” “Driver Jobs,” “Optometry Jobs,” “Application Help,” and “Get Reffered.”

When you begin a Walmart free application online, the site will first ask that you agree to contact management if you are disabled. It will also ask if you are ok with background checks and a drug screening. Once these statements are agreed to, the next step is to create a log in. After some pre-application questions, an “Area of Interest,” page will appear and allow you to choose from Walmart careers, Sam’s Club careers, or Walmart Logistics career, to apply to.

Following the choice of where you are interested in applying to, the site will request for an address of residence to compile a list of nearby stores available for selection so that the application may be sent to the selected stores. It would be wise to send applications to stores that are easy to travel to so that employment is more likely.

Finally, choose which company job you may be interested in. Once this choice has been made, the personal part of the application process will begin.

It makes an employer’s job, and the applicants’ experience, a lot simpler and pleasant when applicants arrive ready with a completed application form (if it was done on paper) any other paperwork requested, flexible availabilities, and prepared for an interview.

Most employers look for open availability since it makes it easier to fill any position at any point of the day as needed. If open availability is not possible due to previous time commitments, staying flexible with scheduling helps with the entire process.

If the employer makes a callback and would like to interview you for the position, then you have made an impression on them thus far. It would be wise to continue making good impressions in order to become a member of Walmart’s team. As with all important appointments and meetings, make sure to arrive on time to the interview and to dress professionally to impress the interviewer.

Walmart Interview Questions

  • Have you worked in sales and merchandising?
  • What is customer service to you?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What is your schedule like?
  • Why do you want to work for us?

These are usually questions asked in many retail positions, therefore it is wise to practice these, as well as many other commonly asked questions, for interviews until replying becomes natural.  Practice in a mirror and watch your expressions to become better acquainted with how you may appear to others.

Finally, if everything goes well, the last step will be to provide the company with the proper papers so that they can identify you and to prove United States citizenship. When these papers are processed and filed, it is time to start your Walmart career.


Costco– Costco is very similar to Sam’s Club. Costco has a very similar work style and customer policy. They sell mostly in bulk just like Sam’s Club. Both Costco and Sam’s Club opened up warehouse clubs in 1983 when the industry was first being experimented with.

Kmart– Kmart has similar humble beginnings. They also started as a 5&10 store and are similarly customer orientated in making sure to provide the best products for the cheapest prices.
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