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img- Vitamin Shoppe ApplicationVitamin World has its headquarters in Bohemia, New York, where it was founded by Arthur Rudolph back in 1960.  Since then it has been dedicated to providing high quality nutritional supplements to customers across the globe.  You can find out how to apply for Vitamin World online by following the Vitamin World application link at the bottom of the page.

Vitamin World is a subsidiary of NBTY, Inc., formerly known as Nature’s Bounty Inc.  As part of this group it joins Holland and Barrett in the UK and Puritan’s Pride online in bringing vitamins and supplements to a worldwide market.  All these companies are committed to scouring the globe for the finest and healthiest ingredients to include in their products.

With Vitamin World careers you can have the chance to get in on the ground floor with job opportunities that will let you personally and professionally develop.  They have excellent training programs from Sales Associate level right up to District and Regional Manager status so that there are constant possibilities for advancement.

With its online base, Vitamin World can now deliver nutritional supplements to over 22,000 customers worldwide.  Not only that, it aims to give back to the community by supporting the Helping Hands and Vitamin Angels non-profit organizations that work to end poverty and child hunger.  If you want to be part of this, grab an application form and apply for jobs at Vitamin World.

Vitamin World Careers

The majority of Vitamin World jobs currently available are for Sales Associates.  This role requires little to no experience, but they are looking for candidates with personality and a spark that shows they have the potential to be knowledgeable about the products and great salespeople with a knack for delivering customer satisfaction.

Vitamin World likes to promote from within, but if you already have management experience on your resume then you can skip some steps and make a direct application to the various managerial positions available.  There is still ongoing development training for the right candidates so a career here provides great opportunities for driven individuals looking to advance.

How old do you have to be to work at Vitamin World? For entry-level Vitamin World jobs the minimum age requirement is 16. Check out the job description when you search for Vitamin World jobs online to see what the specific requirements are for each job at the various locations nationwide.

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The opening hours of the stores are normally 10am-9pm, with shorter hours of 12pm-6pm on Sundays.

Vitamin World is an equal opportunities employer and based on the number of working hours, employees can access a great many benefits.  These include, medical, dental, 401(k), auto, home and pet insurance and wellness programs including gym memberships.  It is always investing in its employees’ future and if you choose to take a related course or degree you could get help with your tuition.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Sales Associate – As a Sales Associate you’ll be put through the rigorous New Associate Training Program, which covers sales techniques and everything you need to know about the products, perfectly setting you up for your career with Vitamin World.  As an entry-level job the pay typically starts at around $9/hour.

Assistant Manager – If you show promise as an Associate you can be chosen for the Manager Development Program which will get you well on your way to climbing up to District and Regional Manager level.  You will help the managers in driving sales while learning the administrative side to the role.  The pay is usually $9-10/hour.

Store Manager – As a manager you will have responsibility for training staff and ensuring they deliver the best possible customer service.  You will make decisions on hiring and meeting sales targets.  Other duties will include running payroll, inventory, enforcing company policy and liaising with the District Manager.  The salary is up to $30k a year.

District Manager – The responsibilities of the District Manager are on a much bigger scale.  You will need to ensure the smooth running of all aspects of the stores in your area and oversee staff management, store administration and customer satisfaction.  The generous salary for this position can be up to $75k a year.

Vitamin World Interview Questions

Always be prepared for interviews by practicing the answers to some likely questions.

Why do you want to work for Vitamin World? Maybe you’re just looking for any job right now, but always find something about each company that draws you to it.  It might be the product, the atmosphere or the promotion structure, but make sure its specific to the company and not to you. 

What supplements do you take? When answering this question be sure to describe what the supplements you take are for to demonstrate your knowledge of the products.  If you don’t take any extra vitamins, do some research before about a couple that you might take to show that you are interested in the industry.

Can you sell me this vitamin? You may not have any sales experience but don’t let that put you off.  Take a minute to read the packaging if you have to before you launch into your pitch.  Make sure you are always positive and relate the product to the person you are selling it to.  Pick a need that they have and show how the product will fill it.

What are your career goals? Sales is all about setting targets and meeting or exceeding them, so they’ll want to see that this is something you aspire to in your employment as well.  Set ambitious but realistic goals of how you see yourself developing in this role and what you can bring to the company.

How have you overcome stressful situations in the past? It’s best to cite a professional experience that was difficult to overcome but you could also take a situation from school or college.  Talk the hiring manager through the scenario and what you think worked when handling it or what you could have done differently.

Advice For Application Process

It’s best to submit a Vitamin World job application online as there isn’t an option to download a printable application for Vitamin World.  Alternatively, you can go down to one of the 400 local stores and request a free application form.  For management applications though it is advisable to apply online for specific vacancies.

After submitting a Vitamin World application, those applying for Sales Associate positions will normally find that the entire hiring process will only take a few days.  For managerial openings the online application and interview process can take up to a month.  You will be invited for a 15-20 minute initial interview, and if you pass that may be invited back for a second one with a District Manager.

Make sure you are dressed professionally for your interview, it is important to give off the right first impression, so smile and be confident throughout.  If you need more time to think of an answer to a question then rephrase the question back to the interviewer to confirm that you understand what is expected of you.

For entry-level positions, don’t be nervous if you don’t have much experience.  They provide all the necessary training so it’s important to show them that you are the right person to take it on.  Working in sales it is vital to be charismatic and persuasive but also sensitive to the needs of the customer, so show that you are a good listener and communicator.
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