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Universal Studios is a cutting-edge set of theme parks saturated with thrilling rides, themed restaurants, and rewarding careers which consistently raise the bar for its competitors. When you enter this magical environment, you are immediately “on-set”, witnessing some popular Universal movies up close by way of rides, attractions, shows, plus much more.

Creators of this theme park currently have 4 locations across the world including Florida, California, Japan, and Singapore. There are two parks which generally are situated side-by-side, as well as a CityWalk area consisting of clubs, shops, dining, plus more, which make up this exciting vacation getaway along with a multitude of on-site as well as partner hotels which accommodate visiting guests from neighboring areas or abroad. These parks, while similar, offer various attractions along with experiences geared toward all guest types within their specific locations.

These theme parks operate under NBCUniversal, which is a subsidiary of Comcast, which are maintained regularly by this entity – keeping them in supreme operational condition year round. New rides, attractions, or even restaurants are always being added or upgraded within these already groundbreaking amusement parks, which ranks them as “third-largest amusement park operator in the world”¹!

Popular rides include Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™, Transformers: The Ride-3D, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, The Incredible Hulk Coaster®, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man®, Men In Black™ Alien Attack™, The Rip Ride Rocket, plus many more. There are rides for every age group from babies to adults alike; for every thrill level from calm or relaxing to gut-wrenchingly fast. Possibilities for extensive bouts of fun and excitement are truly endless!

CityWalk comes alive at night. There are nigh clubs centered around those who enjoy dancing, great music, drinks, or their beautiful sights. Those who love shopping can frequent plentiful stores carrying name-brand clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, plus more at unbeatable prices. Hungry? Visit one of their many dining areas including Moe’s, Burger King, Panda Express, plus much more. Families also enjoy taking photos while standing by the Universal globe or Islands of Adventure tower. One can also watch popular movies at their AMC® Universal Cineplex 20 with IMAX® Movie Theater.

As entertaining as this fun-filled place is for guests, it is equally as fun and rewarding for employees. Imagine seeing crowd after crowd of excited, thrilled, happy families, friends, or strangers enter as well as exit this park on a daily basis. Imagine being one of many employees who is operating a ride, concession stand, or other attraction within their park which puts a smile on everyone’s faces, from very young to very old. There is, literally, something for everyone at each park. Becoming a part of this exciting world is simpler than you may think. Just a few clicks could get you started today on a journey toward an exhilarating Universal Studios job or Universal Studios career.

Universal Studios Careers

Each company, regardless of its industry, has requirements regarding experience or education for those who seek employment. How old do you have to be to work at Universal Studios? Candidly speaking, applicants must be at least 16-years old in some roles and at least 18-years old in others. Inquire within to learn more information on age requirements. There are many different opportunities which fit most individuals, from entry-level to those who are experienced. Resort jobs, corporate opportunities, acting roles, ride technicians, and much more are available at this electrifying establishment. View a complete list of these jobs or more using any links below to submit your Universal Studios application.

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Requirements differ based on type, category, location, plus more. For more information on requirements on a specific role, visit their official website, click on their “Jobs” link (bottom of homepage), then search job(s) which you desire to submit applications. Applicants may apply for more than one job at a time if they desire as there are many openings year round. Conditions vary by position so be sure you read over their entire description for any job before applying, ensuring you possess all necessary skills, education or experience for each position which you desire.

Average wage, salary, and benefits eligibility will vary greatly depending on applied position. Wages or salaries differ from location to location. It is wise if candidates discuss these salaries with a hiring manager when called in for an interview. Be sure you know what salary you expect (which should be commensurate with your experience and education) and prepare yourself to possibly negotiate this information with their hiring manager. More information on payroll stipulations can be found in the “Jobs” section on their website or by using links below.

Universal Studios Job Descriptions

Because of the vastness with this establishment, job opportunities are absolutely endless. If individuals are seeking employment or looking into Universal Studios jobs or Universal Studios careers, you are in good company. Individuals who apply for working opportunities within this amusement park will find they have more than enough options available to them. Whether applicants are applying in Florida, California, Japan, or Singapore, there is a position which will suit just about anyone. Simply use any links below and view local Universal Studios careers or search job opportunities.

Advice For Application Process

There are a few simple steps one may take for information on how to apply for Universal Studios online. Those seeking jobs should visit the official website where one may submit a Universal Studios application. Upon arriving at their official website, simply scroll toward the bottom of this page and click on the “Jobs” link located on the right side underneath the subheading “Support”. Once on their career opportunities page, candidates will be able to view Universal Studios jobs online as well as NBCUniversal opportunities. Questions may also be submitted via the appropriate online application form.

When you click through to the next page for your preference, you can search for and complete a Universal Studios job application online. After selecting a suitable position which you are interested in, clicking on it will redirect you so that you may view the job description, responsibilities, requirements, duties, etc. By clicking the “Apply Now” button, you will arrive on a page where you will view a page similar to the previous one. Click “Apply Now” again after reviewing the information contained within this page. Select the location for which you desire to apply, after which, you will be required to sign in or create a new account. Complete instructions on the pages which follow to proceed with the applications process.

While there is no printable application for Universal Studios nor is there a direct application as a result of the sheer size of these locations, utilizing their official website is the easiest and quickest method to apply for jobs at Universal Studios. Aspiring applicants will not be able to obtain a download application form, direct application, or printable application form but all applicants are encouraged to apply via the online application form, using a link below, which will ensure your free application is received by their management team. If your skillset corresponds with an opening, a manger will contact you to schedule an interview, in which case, you should dress professionally, have a positive attitude, and bring your resume to heighten your chances of landing the job. Apply online today!

When we think of this theme parks industry, only a few names come to mind depending on your location. Top competitors are quite obviously Walt Disney World Resort and Sea World. These two parks are among top competitors for Universal, and with very good reason.

Walt Disney World Resort is a household name across our globe. There is hardly one person who does not know or recognize this name when they hear it. However, if you’ve ever visited this gigantic magical world, one will quickly realize they didn’t bring enough water, snacks, or sunblock. This resort is enormous, and that’s an understatement. Some lines on rides are over 60-minutes of wait-time. While there is an option where one may receive a ticket and return when it is your turn in line, what else will you do while you wait? Eat? Get another ticket for another ride with an extensive wait-time? Disney has 6-parks (four amusement and two water).

Traveling between parks is quite simple if families take their free shuttle. Although, if you do not have more than 3-days of vacation time, chances are you will not be able to experience their entire park, which can be a bummer for kids. If guests choose lodging at an onsite hotel, be prepared to spend an exorbitant amount of capital per night. Most people save up over at least a year before taking a 3-7 night vacation with their family and still are not able to experience every facet of these parks. While there is plenty to do for everyone in your family, splitting up is probably a good idea if everyone is to do what they desire, which most families do not care to do.  All-in-all, popular or not, this park may not be for everyone, especially those who tire easily or are not wearing proper footwear suitable for any extensive standing and walking.

Sea World, with locations in Florida and California, is another popular park, especially during summer time, when people think of cooling off. Sea World is rather small in comparison to the other two but has some great water rides and attractions for all ages. However, if guests are looking into more than a few thrill rides or if you’re interested in shows, you’re out of luck. Most everything at Sea World is water-based and they have only two rollercoasters which are not very thrilling. There are many water slides/rides, a viewing area filled with underwater life, snack bars, and much more. However, it lacks the thrill department and vastness of shows, which can be a letdown for those adrenaline junkies. While it is great during hot summers, and very affordable, for a few dollars more, families can visit Universal (which is only a few miles away) and encompass thrill rides of varying degrees, water rides, plus more.
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