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img- United Supermarkets ApplicationFounded in 1916 under the name of United Cash Store, the Texas based, family owned retail grocery chain opened its doors. Today, under the name of United Supermarkets, this company has 4 other distinct formats which include – Market Street, Amigos, United Express, and Albertson’s Market.  To join this dynamic store’s legacy fill out a United Supermarkets’ application, click the applications link below.

Becoming a local favorite with their “guests” for their amazing service, United Supermarkets operates 66 stores in total, 37 of which are under the United Supermarkets brand name.  United Supermarkets serves 24 towns throughout North and West Texas and eastern New Mexico with 2 distribution centers in Lubbock and Roanoke. Go to the company website to learn how to apply for United Supermarkets online.

By self-distributing its goods the company can guarantee the freshest items for the best prices. With over 1 million “guests” a week, they won the National Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics by the Better Business Bureau, featured in the Top 100 places to work in DFW, listed winner 3 times over by Texas Monthly as Best Companies To Work For and was featured on Dallas Morning News.

In 2013, United Supermarkets, LLC was bought by Albertson’s, LLC, which now operates as a separate division of Albertsons, LLC. United Supermarkets’ overall commitment to the communities in which it resides is evident. With nearly $52,000 a week donated through various social service organizations which include area food banks. Through charity golf tournaments’ donating over 2.5 million to date and UCrew team members have donated 60,000 hours in 10 years.

United Supermarket Careers

Retail jobs through the company are plentiful and always a fulfilling career. Treating “guests” like family is a way of life in Texas. Get your United Supermarkets application today. Join the many cashiers, clerks, baggers, cart pushers and management who make up the “family”. Working in any of the United Supermarkets jobs gives you an employment experience like no other.

Corporate careers within the company which make up the store support center are diverse and essential to the grocery industry. To apply for United Supermarkets careers through direct application is accessible online or through the hiring kiosk online. Printable application forms are no longer accepted to help United Supermarkets be in compliance with their green policy.

How old do you have to be to work for United Supermarkets? Must be at least 16 years of age or older to comply with United Supermarkets’ age requirements. For a list of job opportunities, go to United Supermarkets jobs online for brief job descriptions, responsibilities, and locations. Unfortunately, printable application for United Supermarkets will not be accepted.

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Benefits include participation of Live Well Be United, a practice implemented by the company itself. Medical, dental, and vision coverage, disability insurance, Texas college savings plan, vacation/sick days and life insurance just to name a few. Apply for jobs at United Supermarkets today.  For an application form, apply online. Download application form for your own records if you wish but only online applications are accepted.

Hours of operation are from Monday – Sunday 7am to 11pm. Find your local neighborhood store. Check out the atmosphere and feel the caring energy that makes people feel at home. Then go online and fill out the free application for any of the United Supermarkets jobs and upload your resume for faster consideration of either the in-store or the store support center positions.

Job Description and Salaries

Night Stockers – This position performs stocking of shelves, and back room duties including housekeeping, cleaning up spills and other duties as assigned. Engage, greet, and acknowledge the customer. Perform stocking duties, if while store hours to aid and assist any customer that is in work area. There is no salary for this position however average wage is $ 12.84/hour.

Sacker – This position is first and foremost responsible for guest relations and satisfaction. Duties include bagging up groceries, carrying and loading them into the customer’s vehicle, sweeping and mopping front area along with any spills and other front end duties as assigned. Average wage is $7.75/hour.

Pharmacy Technician – This position is responsible first and foremost for guest satisfaction, responsible for the efficient, safe, and effective operation of the Pharmacy. By acknowledging, greeting, and engaging customers, build a reputation for amazing customer service, is responsible for counting, labeling, reconstituting medications, and handling prescriptions.  Average wage is $12.86/hour.

Cashier – This position is first and foremost responsible for guest relations and satisfaction. Perform all checking and all front end courtesy duties including spill clean-up and other duties as assigned. Follows a dress code, performs sacker duties when necessary, replace sack supply as needed. Average wage is $8.24/hour.

United Supermarkets Interview Questions

Once you’ve submitted your application for United Supermarkets jobs online, you can practice for your interview.

How flexible is your schedule? Are you rigid in the hours you need or are you available any hours of the day? Do you prefer to work weekends and have week days off? These are the type of answers they need to know so they can best see where they are in need of help at while matching you to the times and days you can work.

What is your best personal trait? Are you a natural born leader? Are you the caring soul who tries to help everyone? Are you a stickler for a schedule? Do you incite enthusiasm in your peers? Are you friendly and personable? These and many other qualities are what employers are looking for in their staff. They keep the morale going; create a warm, inviting environment for “guests” who shop regularly.

Are you detail oriented? This is a fairly simple yes or no question. Do you like to make sure things are right the first time or do you do it quickly not paying attention to the details and end up doing the project over repeatedly? Do you think remembering a regular customers name and greeting them is important? These are some of the details most don’t realize are there.

What do you know about our store? Here is where research pays off. By doing a little extra research into the history of the company or looking thru the annual sales reports can tell you a lot about a company and its needs and what they strive for. By knowing something about the store gives you a leg up over the competition who probably never thought that would be the hinged joint of the interview questions.

How would your references describe you? How others see you that have known you for a while is much different than you see yourself. Do you portray your strengths? These people know how you would react in an emergency or when stressed. They are a good resource to find out what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are? By learning to overcome your weaknesses you gain strength.

Advice For Application Process

Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early for an interview. 15 minutes appears too anxious, if you know you’re running late call and reschedule if possible. Never blow it off. Shake hands with the interviewer firmly. A handshake says a lot about you. Sweaty palms and dainty grip are not what you want to portray.

Make sure you look decent, have had a decent night’s sleep, freshly showered, make sure you don’t have bad breath, wear business casual clothing. No sneakers. No high heels.  Make sure you speak clearly and enunciate. This is not the time to mumble or use slang. You want to appear educated.

Research the company prior to arriving. Know more than the about us page. Get some depth into the company such as news spotlights and financial reports. This allows you to formulate some of your own questions during the interview which is always good to have some questions to fall back on when it is asked.

Make sure that at some point during the interview you collect the interviewer’s business card so when the interview is finished, post a thank you email to them 24 hours following the interview should an offer of employment not been made the previous day. It keeps your name at the front of the interviewers mind, it clarifies anything you may not have confirmed or forgotten about during the interview.
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