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Tropical Smoothie ApplicationTropical Smoothie is sometimes known as Tropical Smoothie Café. It is a franchise of restaurants that primarily is famous for their smoothies, but also has such offerings as wraps, salads, sandwiches, soups and flatbreads. There are currently more than 300 locations in America across 34 states.

Tropical Smoothie was originally created as a regular smoothie shop in 1993. In 1997, the Tropical Smoothie Franchise Development Corporation was founded. In that same year, the first franchised café was opened in Tallahassee, Florida. In 1999, they started to introduce food items like sandwiches and wraps into their menus. As more venues opened, the décor changed into colorful areas with bamboo décor and brightly painted artwork, to fit this tropical theme.

By 2007, they started opening stores at a 6 or 7 day pace, which came around their 10th anniversary. In 2013, they started to serve a vegan option called “Beyond the Meat”. This is now a permanent option on the menu. The ideals of this company are based on a few principles: solid relationships, playing to win, having a creative spirit, and living better. These ideals can be seen in not just their business model or their expectations of their employees, but also in how important giving back to the community is.

In 2007 as a way to celebrate their 10th anniversary as a franchise, Tropical Smoothie created a “National Flip Flop Day”. This day takes place on the third Friday in June every year. If a customer entered the store with flip flops on between the hours of 2pm-7pm, they would receive a free 240z. Jetty Punch Smoothie.

They would also donate $1 proceeds from selling paper flip flops to an organization called Camp Sunshine. Camp Sunshine is a camp in Maine that caters to families who have a family member that is suffering from a life-threatening illness. It helps address the health issues and how this affects all of the members of the family.

As of today, they have raised more than $1.5 million dollars in support of this cause. They hope to continue raising more and more money every year. If you feel as though that you embody these ideals that have made this a successful and caring business, then you should feel free to apply here.

Tropical Smoothie Careers

How old do you have to be to work at Tropical Smoothie? The minimum age of employment here is 16 year of age. This is for entry-level type positions. However, within this company you can turn your job into a Tropical Smoothie career if you show amazing work ethic and great customer service skills. Your job can grow with you.

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On the company website, you can find a simple explanation of the job description of some positions and responsibilities. They have the expectations for their employees clearly stated on their website. This can help you decide if this company is a good fit for your skills and strengths. One should only apply for positions that they are qualified for.

If you feel as though you can deliver a quality and healthy product with a smile and excellent customer service skills, Tropical Smoothie is looking for people like you to join their ranks. In return, they offer a fun environment for their workers to excel in their careers. This is a great place for a first time job seeker to find employment with. The average wage is based on a few different factors. Some factors include job title, education level, and time worked at the company. Wages can also vary depending on the location’s state minimum wage laws.

For instance, a cashier may only earn around $8 per hour. A sales associate may earn around $8.90 an hour. A shift leader could earn around $10 per hour. Someone in food prep could earn $9 per hour. A manager can earn $11 per hour, and a general manager could earn $30,000 a year. Benefits can vary based on some of the same factors as wages. They can also vary based on management level versus entry-level and based on hours worked weekly. A full-time employee will generally be eligible for more benefits than a part-time employee.

A person in management may get a free smoothie during their shift, while other crew members will get generous discounts during their shift. Employees may also be eligible for benefits like healthcare, which included medical, dental, and vision plans. Employees may receive paid vacation and paid sick leave, as well as potential paid holidays. They might also receive 401(k) plans.

The hours of operation may be as followed:  Monday – Saturday from 7:00am to 11:00pm and on Sunday from 7:00am – 6:00pm. These hours of operation can vary depending on location and holiday hours.

When you submit your application online, it will go to the location nearest to you. Within a reasonable amount of time, you should hear back about your application. If not, you can call up the location that you applied at to check the status of your application and to see if they are still hiring for that particular position.

While they do offer training and entry-level positions for those with little to no experience, they do expect their employees to have excellent customer service skills. These interpersonal skills are important to them, and they look for that within the potential employee. If you feel that this is a strength of yours, than this company can be a great place for you to work.

With their competitive benefits and fun work environment, their employees are happy enough to provide a fun work environment and healthy food and drink options that keep the customers coming back for more. High quality products with excellent customer service are a business model that has served them well in their relatively short existence to this point in time. This is what keeps this company flourishing.

Tropical Smoothie Job Descriptions

Here is a closer look at career opportunities offered here at Tropical Smoothie.


At Tropical Smoothie, there is room for advancement within the company. For first time job seekers, this company offers an opportunity for a person to gain valuable work experience to grow within the company for find higher level positions elsewhere.

Here are some entry-level positions one can find at this café:

Cashier, Food Prep, Sales Associate, Team Member, Server

For more information on these positions or others like it, please visit the company’s website.

Management Level or Other Higher Level Positions

If you have gained previous experience with this company, you can move up within the company to higher level positions upon proving your hard work ethic and dedication to the company. Likewise, if you have gained valuable work experience elsewhere and would like to join the ranks of this unique company, you can also find a spot with these higher level types of positions.

Here is some management or other higher level positions you can find:

Shift Leader, Smoothie King, District Manager, Assistant Manager, General Manager

For more information on these positions or other ones like it, please visit the company’s website.

Tropical Smoothie Interview

Here are some tips to help you through the application process to land that important job interview:

When applying, you should only apply for positions that you qualify for. By not doing this, your application may not be taken seriously. When you apply in store, be sure to dress in neat and appropriate manner. You never know who you are turning your application into and you want to make a good first impression.

When filling out your application, everything should be filled out in accordance with the instructions provided. By not doing thing, your application may not be considered or taken seriously.

When you submit your application, you should submit an updated resume. This can give a clearer picture of your talents and experience, as well as provide additional information that you did not get an opportunity to add on your application.

These are some tips to help you prepare for your interview and give you an edge over other applicants:

Prepare for your interview in front of a mirror. Ask yourself potential questions that you may be asked during your interview, and answer the questions aloud. You should watch your body language to identify potential weaknesses. This can help you come off as more confident and articulate, while being less nervous.

You must dress in appropriate attire if you want to be taken seriously during your interview. First impressions are important and you want to have a good one. Bring along two copies of your resume to your interview. One copy will be for your interviewer, in case they do not have the one that you submitted. The other copy will be for you to follow along with during your interview in case there are questions or clarification needed on the items on there.

You should be honest during your interview; they can tell if you are not. You should also keep the answers simple and do the point.

Advice For Application Process

How do you apply for a job at Tropical Smoothie? You must go to Tropical Smoothie jobs online to apply for a position. There are no spots on Tropical Smoothie online to find a downloadable application. There is also no place to find a Tropical Smoothie jobs printable application. You must apply for a Tropical Smoothie career on their website.

This particular industry is a recent niche that was created upon the emergence in the popularity of refreshing and cool drinks, especially for those looking for healthy alternatives. As a result, there are not too many companies that are in direct competition to Tropical Smoothie.

The two biggest competitors are Jamba Juice and Orange Julius. Both of these companies exist in the worldwide market, while Tropical Smoothie is only located in America. Jamba Juice is known as a celebrity favorite as a result of their very healthy juice options. These healthy juice options are similar to the healthy smoothie options at Tropical Smoothie.

Orange Julius is famous for their orange icy beverage for which the company is named after. It is a frothy and sweeter alternative to orange juice. However, the options here may not be as healthy as the ones found at the other companies. They also offer some food options, like the Julius burger, at certain locations.
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