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img- Tilted Kilt ApplicationTilted kilt pub and eatery was first opened last 2003 in Las Vegas Rio Hotel and Casino by Mark DiMartino with business partners and co-founders Shannon Reilly and John Reynaud. It has a Celtic theme sports bar staffed with beautiful girls wearing mini-kilts and plaid bras, serving cold beer, Scottish, Irish and British food.

Tilted Kilt has now opened in 93 locations serving amazing food all-over US, their mixed traditional and contemporary pub food like Olde Dublin Irish Stew, TK Irish Nachos and more from their mouth-watering set of menus and wide spirit selection. You will enjoy their HD Televisions installed for sporting events in every bars and games for fun. You’ll also enjoy being served by beautiful and famous Tilted Kilt girls.

Tilted Kilt has sponsored Gemain Racing by Todd Bodine’s last March 7, 2009 in the Camping World Truck Series at American Commercial Lines 200 race. Tilted Kilt’s atmosphere is fun and exciting that it makes them the place you have to go to have fun. They are also open for franchising to those entrepreneur who wants to build more entertaining establishments.

If you also want to be in a fun working environment, Ron Lynch, the president didn’t just build an exciting place for people to have fun, the business is also offering a lot of careers that might suit you. Check out the link provided and see careers that will best fit you and get yourself in a perky workplace.

Tilted Kilt Careers

If you are looking for perky work environment, then you’ve come to the right place. Tilted kilt offers various job opportunities for you to apply to in different locations that are hiring and might give you convenience in working. If you love to serve customers wearing sexy outfits, server, host/hostess, busser and bartender positions are available for you.

And if you are one of a managing type and wants to handle a team in franchise, managerial positions are also available, just check the website, find the career menu where you could see all the Tilted kilt jobs available and the franchise location and submit an application if you are interested.

How old do you have to be to work at Tilted Kilt? Applicants who are interested in working at Tilted Kilt should be 18 years old and over. The business is open for those who are looking for a part-time and full time job. You can look for the Tilted Kilt careers today and have an online application.

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How to apply for the Tilted Kilt online? Submit a Tilted Kilt application, look for the Tilted Kilt careers and search for the position you want to apply to and also select the location near you. Printable application for Tilted Kilt is available so you could fill a printable application form and submit it immediately. It is a free application, so the application form won’t cost you any.

They are flexible when it comes to schedules, there are employees who are going to college and still manages to have an exciting work. Apply for jobs at Tilted Kilt and you won’t have to fuss over schedules. You could also see the job descriptions and responsibilities when you apply online. And as usual, salary and benefits may vary on the position you are applying for.

But employees will enjoy the fast paced and fun vibe of the industry, look for the Tilted Kilt jobs online and see for yourself how perky it is going to be when you became part of the team, applications made online will be honored and not neglected, but you could also make a direct application to a local franchise near you if you prefer to.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Bartenders – If you love to make drinks or serve drinks behind the bar then you are suitable for this job. Bartenders are assigned in a bar, since the business has wide spirit selection, you are in charge of making and serving drinks. You will keep the bar replenished and filled with beverage. You have an hourly rate of $10.97 per hour.

Server – You need to be able to work in a fast paced environment, since the firm you are going to work for will be bustled, patience and respect are your keys to be in this position. You’ll be in charge of serving food and drinks to the customers, make sure that their needs are given accurately and fast. It is a hyped business so you must always be active.

Line Cook – If cooking is your forte? Then this is the right job for you. You will deal with a lot of food making and cooking. You need to be able to make mouth-watering food as what the menus indicate. You’ll be in the kitchen so you won’t have to deal with customers, instead you’ll be dealing with them through your masterpiece. And that is food.

Manager – Leading a team is your forte. You are in charge of keeping records, achieving goals, coaching and motivating your team. You will be help your employee’s performance by giving feedback and coaching, you have to keep the business on track and has followed a standard operation. You will handle some complaints from the customers and you must be able to deal with them.

Hostess – You need to have a lot of confidence and patience. You are in charge of keeping the customers satisfied, you have to monitor the dining sections. You will accept bookings or reservations, answering the telephone and arranging tables to accommodate large parties. You will show the customers their table, assist them with their needs and comply with the standard operation. You have an hourly rate of $8 per hour.

Aside from the hourly compensations and/or salary, the company secures benefits and incentives for their employees, plus employees could have tips from their valued and satisfied customers. A member may enjoy insurance benefits the establishment has presented them, as well retirement benefits and vacation policies. However, some benefit coverage may vary on the position they will have.

Tilted Kilt Interview Questions

Getting ready for an employment? These are some few questions that you might encounter during an interview.

What is an excellent customer service? Since you’ll be working in a restaurant, this industry needs to deal with never ending customer service, so you must know what the meaning of this is. This is easy, you can answer this by putting yourself in the situation, pretend that you are a customer and think of the service you want to receive from them, explain and elaborate.

In your opinion, what are the qualities that a server must possess? You will just have to think of the qualities a server must have, again, you can imagine yourself in the situation, for example, a server must be patient with customers, why? Then elaborate your answer, and think of more standard qualities a server should possess.

Are you comfortable working in a fast paced and bustled environment? This is where the interviewer test you, because you have to keep up with all activities going on in their firm. The business you are applying to will be filled with activities and action, so if you must say that you are willing and that you are able to keep up.

What made you want to work at Tilted Kilt? Your genuine interest will be test here, tell the business’s background, agenda, and the environment. Make sure you have read their profile or their website to have an idea. You will be working in their company so you must know something about them, like their culture and what kind of establishment they are.

How would you deal with demanding and irate customers? After enumerating and explaining what quality service is and the qualities of an employee is, you must be able to deal with demanding and irate customers. If you’ve indicated that a server must be patient, explain how patience will deal with these customers. Remember that your goal is give satisfaction to the customers, then you should know how to deal with them.

Where do you see yourself after several years? They will see if you are committed with the career and establishment you are getting into. They want to see people who have been hired grow with them, and grow professionally, improved and see that the talent they had have grown. So be honest, tell the hiring manager your goals and your will.

Advice for Application Process

If you have done your Tilted Kilt application, then you must prepare some of your valuable credentials, such as resumes and supporting documents. Make sure that you have filled every important information in your form. You can download application form available online, answer it accurately and submit it. Then prepare, you have indicated your contact information, so expect that anytime a hiring agent will invite you for an interview.

Anticipate the questions. If you are invited to an interview, you can prepare at home before the big day. Conceptualize the questions that they might ask you and provide an answer, you can add up your experience in some questions and what you have learned from it and from your previous work, and that will show them that you are giving value with your work experience.

Display genuine interest and positive attitude during the interview. During an interview, the hiring agent will analyze your gestures, your answers and the way you answer the questions, it is important to show them how interested you are in the position and industry you want to be in, always smile and be polite. It will give them an impression that you are a good workmate or an employee.

Show them that you are grateful for being invited for an interview and being considered. It is important to show them that you really want to be at the place you want to be in, and being considered is a great opportunity in one’s life, so if you’re invited for an interview, express your gratitude. And also be confident, you will need lots of that, especially when you’re already employed.

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