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TCBY ApplicationTCBY is the original soft-yogurt national company that was first introduced in 1981 in Little Rock, Arkansas. As most new endeavors are, there were some questions regarding the new chain’s possible success, however with the help of franchising and the compliment of competitors popping up into the market, TCBY, The Country’s Best Yogurt, has grown with over 1,000 stores both locally and internationally and is the largest US retailer of soft serve yogurt.

TCBY has moved with the times and stands out even more with a modern logo, colorful and bright interior décor, to go along with their constantly growing yogurt flavors and nutritional benefits. It’s no wonder they are the besting selling yogurt store, as they continue to innovate and meet the demands of ever changing customers and to provide new solutions to more health conscious consumers as the same time.

The dual branding as a result of their partnership with Mrs. Fields, has granted even more success for the company and their franchisers. With over 880 stores in over 16 countries, resulting in an impressive 90% brand recognition, it is clear that TCBY will continue to grow and expand.

TCBY also offers a unique blend of locations, traditional and non-traditional stores with locations at airports, supermarkets, stadiums, train & bus stations, retail, colleges, theme parks and even casinos. Whatever store you select, you’re assured a positive working environment that sells a quality product to repeat, friendly consumers.

TCBY Careers

Candidates seeking entry level positions at TCBY must have strong social and communication skills as they will be working hands on with our customers. These team members will work to serve our customers so they must feel comfortable handling food and keeping the sales area clean. The ideal candidate will also be comfortable handing cash and operating a cash register, requiring basic math skills. Candidates should have a positive attitude and ability to work in a fast past environment.

Job applicants seeking advanced level careers in management, must possess strong leadership skills, excellent customer service skills along with good communication skills with entry-level employees and other team members. These positions will require more previous work experience with a similar skill set including financial, sales, human resource hiring knowledge and more.

Since there are multiple different types of TCBY franchises and locations, wages, salaries and benefits store to store. It is recommended that you contact a location close to you for detailed specifics for that location. TCBY recently launched their new Greek Fro-Yo, a healthy and tasty new way to have a filling snack while also consuming protein.

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In 2011, TCBY presented consumers with Super Fro-Yo, a very healthy yogurt with extra nutritional components that provide you with daily vitamins and minerals creating an overall sense of well-being and good health. In 2000, TCBY partnered up with another popular tasty treat provider, Mrs. Fields Famous Brands. This partnership has helped to pave the way for additional TCBY stores and locations as now people are able to purchase their much loved cookies to go with their delicious and refreshing yogurt.

Most recently, Famous Brands (the parent company of TCBY and Mrs. Fields), just acquired Maxfield Candy Company which includes Maxfield Candy and Nutty Guys. The addition of these two long time experienced companies are expected to accelerate further growth and expansion of TCBY. Maxfield Candy is a confectioner whose experience dates bate 70 years and will be a great addition to the well known and loved, yogurt and cookie establishments.

There are more than 360 operating TCBY stores in the US that offer the most extensive variation of frozen treats. TCBY is heavily invested in franchising and training of franchise, which begun only a year after TCBY opened their first store. TCBY has provided $1.75 million dollars for the Boots to Business program developed by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) to help veterans to learn about starting a business. These funds provide support to qualified military veterans who would like to franchise with TCBY and become their own business entrepreneur.

The reviews of employees who work at TCBY are very positive! Many people describe their work as fun, laid back, with supportive and friendly team workers. Many employees also commented on the friendly and supportive management team at TCBY, which is a true testament to an outstanding company. Another special stand out of this company are the customers themselves. Many stores have frequent return customers that the staff also made several comments about. Imagine working in a fun and positive environment, actually getting to know your friendly and repeat customers. Overall, the reviews are clear! TCBY offers a great work environment with a warm clientele.

TCBY Job Descriptions

Whatever your current job experience, TCBY has a wide range of positions for you. Such store positions include Team Member, Cashier, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, and Maintenance Technician. If you have more office and executive experience, TCBY is also looking for talented candidates to fill positions such as Accounts Receivable Specialist, Customer Service Representative, Customer Experience Director, and General Manager. With Franchising and demand and the continued growth and expansion of TCBY stores, there is a good place for strong candidates who wish to work in an exciting environment with competitive pay and benefits. As TCBY continues to grow, employees may also have the opportunity to learn more and to possibly advance your career with TCBY.

TCBY Interview

It’s time for an interview… how should you prepare? Be on time! Be prepared to discuss your previous work history and to answer questions such as “why do you want to work at TCBY” and “what skills do you feel make you a great candidate to join the TCBY team?”. Be clear and confident in your answers and be sure to listen clearly to your interviewer’s questions and answers.

Advice For Application Process

Due to the wide range of franchise stores, it’s highly recommended that you call the store you’re interested in and ask the store manager the best way to apply to work there. Many stores have an online application process while some smaller stores may require to you submit the application in person or via fax. When applying in person, you should as to speak with the store manager and remember to dress professionally.

You should also update and submit or bring with you your current resume. Your resume will provide potential employers with a brief snap shot of your work history and skills. Be prepared to answer questions about relevant positions or skills to the job that you are applying for. Remember, you are selling yourself and why you would make a good fit on their team. Be confident and prepared.

As with most companies, TCBY does have competitors in the yogurt market. Such competitors include Cold Stone Creamery and Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt. Cold Stone Creamery is an ice cream parlor offering their customers ice cream, smoothies, shakes, ice cream cakes, pies, and cookies. Cold Stone Creamery offers in-house made ice cream with natural ingredients and the ability for patrons to customize their ice cream creations. Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt is retail chain located mainly on the west coast. To date, this chain has created over 80 flavors with large variety of toppings for customers to choose from.
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