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In 1892, the Rabinowitz family bought what would become a model of the first self-service modernized grocery store in Boston’s North End. By 1946 Stop and Shop had grown to 86 stores and gave the chain a solid start into three southern New England states expanding down through downstate NY and northern New Jersey.  For a Stop and Shop application see the link below.

After buying out the now outdated, Bradlees grocery chain, Stop and Shop began to diversify its offerings including pharmacies they eventually sold to Walgreens and dipped its hands into Perkins Tobacco Stores before the U.S. Surgeon General declared smoking to be harmful. Find out how to apply for Stop and Shop online today.

With over 380 stores in 1980 the Stop and Shop Supermarket was acquisitioned in a leverage buyout by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts which explored a possible merger with another supermarket but was sold at a public offering. Just 2 years later Stop and Shop began selling off their New York and Philadelphia metro stores and eventually Northern New Jersey to convert them for other businesses. Get a Stop and Shop application today.

The remaining stores would become superstores one by one claiming a strong foothold in the communities in which they serve. By 1995 the American based Dutch Food giant Ahold overtook the New England supermarket chains to gain the ruling majority for the international conglomerate. Stop and Shop jobs online are the preferred method to finding job opportunities within the industry giant. Printable application forms accepted if online application is unavailable.

Stop and Shop Careers

Retail jobs such as front end cashiers, baggers, produce clerks and several other jobs are the mainstay face of Stop and Shop which most people recognize when they think of grocery store employees. Stop and Shop jobs are always accepting applications for several locations. If you apply online and incur problems please talk to management about filling out a printable application for Stop and Shop.

Corporate careers in the Stop and Shop family are dependent on a decent resume, prior experience, a substantial job description and responsibilities which run the gamut needed to run a financially successful and growing business. These positions work on a salary and require the committed individual to relocate to the corporate office. Stop and Shop careers are hiring only the most talented personnel to gain employment with them.

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How old do you have to be to work at Stop and Shop? Due to minimum age requirements being varied between states, Rhode Island and Massachusetts the minimum age is 15, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey the minimum age is 16.   Most Stop and Shop jobs are accessed through the internet. If online isn’t working please see management at your local store about direct application instead.

Benefits at Stop and Shop depend on whether or not you join the grocery workers union or not. If your union they will provide you with whatever benefits they cover; non-union workers qualify for medical, dental and vision services, 401(k) life and disability services, tuition reimbursement, computer courses, and scholarship programs, employee assistance programs.

Hours of operation are Monday –Saturday 6am – 11pm Sundays 7am – 10 pm in most locations. Some Stop and Shop locations are 24 hours. This allows for applicants to check out the facilities prior to putting in an application form. The easiest way to apply for jobs at Stop and Shop is online although if submission isn’t possible download application form, fill it out and bring to hiring manager.

Job Description and Salaries

Deli Clerk – This position is responsible for providing excellent customer service along with providing customers with sliced deli meats and cheeses, preparing hot foods and cold salad bar entrees and side condiments for purchase.  This position is responsible for following all food and safety procedures in accordance with both store and state processes. Average wage is $9.50/hour.

Front End Cashier – This position is responsible for scanning all items and bagging products if baggers are busy. They are to ensure proper payment via POS terminal and give correct cash back as requested. Must be able to have simple math skills, keeps area fully stocked with plastic bags and requests ID when age verification is warranted. Average wage is $9/hour.

Floral Clerk – This position is responsible for smiles, must have creative personality to design floral arrangements, and must be able to handle fragrant flowers and plants. This position is responsible for the care and upkeep of various plants and flowers as well as selling baskets and decorative pots. Having a background in botany is encouraged but not necessary. Average wage is $9.25/hour.

Night Stock – This position usually works overnights to replenish and face various grocery items throughout the store. This position is usually after hours unless a 24 hour location. If applicable the stocker will perform customer service and greet customers as they approach the stocker’s area. They are responsible for keeping back room and stock area clean. Average wage is $9.50/hour.

Stop and Shop Interview Questions

Where in Stop and Shop do you see yourself at in 5 years? This question is asked regularly especially when most people keep a job for at least 5 years before changing a career. Most people will also change positions a few times within that 5 year space. Where do you see yourself are you currently a bagger with aspirations of being Asset Protection Assistant.

What exactly do you know about produce? How can you tell if something is good or bad? That it spoils quickly and gives clues as to its freshness such as color, bruising, wilting, smell and dryness. These all give clues as the produce is fresh or going bad. The object is to ensure the freshness by trying to sell the product before it goes bad.

Do you have transportation? This question is important to guarantee that you are able to make the required attendance mandated by the position if you’re trying for an overnight position but rely on public transportation you have to consider the final run of the bus in relation of your start time. You don’t want to have to sit around work for 2 hours prior to beginning work.

When can you start? This is the question that any prospective applicant hopes to hear at the end of the interview. Those 4 little words make you feel elated and you’re ready to jump in immediately but stop to think about this. Do you have the clothes needed to begin to work there? Is it better to learn the store early to mid-week compared to the weekend when it’s busiest?

How did you find out about this position? Did you find out about this through a banner or sign, the internet, a job fair ad, a radio or TV ad, through another worker? This question is a valid one to see which mode of traffic is generating quality applicants so they may increase potential employee pools by targeting these forms to put more efforts in this area.

Advice For Application Process

After you fill out the free application, you may have some questions as to how to win the job, just take the time to look over the 4 pieces of advice and you will be well on your way.

Depending on your career choice of retail or corporate will determine your dress code for the resulting interview.  Retail jobs with this company require you to dress appropriately in business casual dress. Make sure your pants are pulled up and that you wear a belt. Do not wear revealing clothes and keep skirts to a conservative length.

Make sure you complete the applications as thoroughly as possible. Do not fabricate experience or employment, some employers do check and it may result in your dismissal. Should you come to an area that does not pertain to your situation please do not leave it blank. Writing Not Applicable or N/A allows the employer to know that you have at least taken the time to read thru the entire application.

Make sure you have a resume in place should you have a corporate agenda. Do not print on colored paper or add sparkles and have different fonts all over the minimalistic paper that should be kept to no more than 2 pages long. You want the interviewer to take you seriously not view you as a child.

During the interview some employers ask you to describe yourself, please whatever you do, do not use certain words like Likeable, Intelligent, Humble, Obsessive or Successful. These words are redundant. By saying you’re a big picture thinker or fast learner, team player, outgoing and caring, Say how your good at what you do by providing brief anecdotes of such behavior, state the facts, be focused and detail oriented instead.
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