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Some of the best things happen out of need, that statement had never been so true over the fourth of July weekend in 1985, when Tom Stemburg ended up breaking the ribbon on his typewriter while writing a business proposal. Having tried to find a store that was open without any luck he formulated a plan using his grocery industry background and created Staples. Get a Staples application today.

Stemburg teamed up with his rival Leo Kahn as they hashed out the specifics on how to bring a supermarket for office supplies to life. Ten months later the first store opened its doors in a Boston neighborhood. Find out how to apply for Staples online with the applications link below.

Due to needing financial backing the founders turned to private equity firms such as Bain Capital. Mitt Romney, Bain Capital’s co-founder, helped shape the company’s business model and sat on its board of directors for 15 years. In 1991 the company expanded into international sales through its Canadian subsidiary, The Business Depot, which would later be renamed to Staples just a decade later. Apply for jobs at Staples today.

On the tenth anniversary sales surpassed 3 billion, the company gained membership as a Fortune 500 company. With the announced merge of Office Max, the Federal Trade Commission denied the merger because of low competition to keep the prices reasonable.   The company has since varied its brand to everything from telecommunications to e-commerce website and a store within a store concept with Ahold, a grocery conglomerate.

Staples Careers

Retail jobs are the most common of the company’s employees. These are the sales associate, cashiers, and copy/print associates as well as managers which help you make more happen.  Make sure to fill out the employment application for Staples jobs online since printable application forms are not accepted.  For locations near you which are hiring go to the website and view several Staples jobs today.

Corporate careers require a resume highlighting your experiences, responsibilities and educational goals. These careers are the backbone of many companies worldwide providing assistance in all aspects of running an office. They can efficiently arrange for office support of both successful corporations to small businesses which struggle through their Staples Advantage program.

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How old do you have to be to work at Staples? Most applicants who work for this company are 18 although it is dependent on the hiring manager of each store so be sure to check for any exceptions. Make sure to fill out the application form completely when you apply online.

Benefits include medical and dental plans, vision plans, 401(K), Employee Stock Purchase programs, vacation, holiday, and sick leave, employee assistance programs, scholarship programs, associate rewards, and adoption referrals, flexible spending accounts, and many others. Get a Staples application and discover how working at Staples jobs can benefit your career. Download application forms, free applications and printable application for Staples are not accepted due to the efficiency of online applications.

Hours of operation are from Monday to Friday 8am – 9pm, Saturday from 9am -9pm, and Sunday from 10am – 6pm.  Applicants may come in and check out their local store talk to an associate and get the store number to indicate the available job opportunities or by entering the zip code of all area stores. To assure your info is kept confidential the company doesn’t allow for direct application.

Job Description and Salaries

Sales Associate – This position is the most common of the company’s job descriptions. They are the ones who approach you offering help and asking specific questions to find you the best deal for your business needs. Responsible for superior customer service and store operational tasks as needed. Candidates for this position are resourceful and able to multi task. Average wage is $9.00/hour.

Copy/Print Associate – This position is responsible for creating relations with Small Business customers and handing all their copying and printing needs.  The associate must be well versed in multi-tasking many tasks that compete for authority, while consulting, handling a variety of tasks including building future business and producing top quality products. Average wage is $9/hour.

Business to Business Sales Consultant – This position is responsible for providing and consulting mid-sized to large businesses on how Staples can help them achieve all their office needs.  Effectively utilize the company’s sales strategy and ensure the company meets revenue and profitability objectives, be adept at building a new customer base, work with a defined sales quota. Average salary is $42,000/year.

Inventory Specialist – This position maintains accurate inventory controls through strict adherence to company policy and guidelines. Provide excellent customer service and focuses on a customer based environment. Will coach to ensure proper inventory procedure and back room operations, juggles multiple priorities and multi task with limited to no supervision, exhibits sound judgement. Average wage is $11.25/hour.

Staples Interview Questions

Have you ever worked in retail before? This question is often asked to people who have various jobs other than the common retail industry. This question is asked to get a feel of how well the employee will do in a new environment prior to them being on the floor.

What did you do at each of your previous jobs? This question is valid if your resume lacked any specifics to see how you comprehend what skills you developed in your own words and how you succeeded in contributing to that job specifically. This question also allows the employer to get to see how the candidate does with impromptu questions and how they think on their feet.

Are you interested in new technologies? This question pertains to the majority of computers tablets printers etcetera that are coming out every day. Knowing there is a strong interest in such areas helps the applicant sell products they have an interest in. Having someone who is familiar with using these new technologies can help customers benefit by showing them how to use the product.

Are you better at big teams or little teams? This question is as diverse as each person. Some work better in big teams others in small tight knit teams. Whatever your preference make it clear now. It’s easier to figure out where to put you if you’re open about what works well for you.

I want you to sell me this pen. How would you go about this? This question is a typical one to see how well you do with thinking on your feet.  What is your approach? friendly or intense, do you give great customer service without appearing too intent on the sale itself. Do you go out of your way to sell the customer on the benefits of the product?

Advice For Application Process

Staples careers are more than just a basic job description and a handful of interview questions; its values, integrity and standards that make their employees stand out from the crowd.

Make sure you answer every question on the application regardless if it pertains to you or not. By simply writing N/A or Not Applicable you are showing that you took the time to read through the entire application and gave it the correct amount of courtesy as is shown when offered an interview.

Make sure you smile. Have clean, non wrinkled business casual clothing and sensible leather shoes. Wear a belt. Keep your appearance as if you just stepped off the runway in Milan, or just shot a GQ photo shoot for the men. Make sure you have no embarrassing body odor and that you brush your teeth prior.

Sit up straight as this one simple move tells the employer a lot about you. If you slouch you appear bored and that you don’t want to be there. Make sure when they call your name that you respond and offer out a handshake. It’s a friendly, welcoming gesture which makes a considerable impression upon the interviewer.

Prior to the interview arrive a few extra minutes early to the mandated 10 most places suggest. Listen to your favorite song alone in the car, give yourself a few seconds to go into the bathroom and check makeup and hair. Also take time to practice the superman pose in a stall, by putting your hands on your hips and standing straight with legs about shoulder length apart.
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