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Smart & Final is a chain of warehouse grocery and supply stores. The stores are currently based out of Commerce, California. They serve the areas of the western part of America, including Nevada, Idaho, California and Oregon as well as a few others. They even have stores in Northern Mexico. For more information about your Smart & Final application, read below.

Smart & Final was founded in 1871 as Hellman-Haas Grocery Co. by Herman W. Hellman, Jacob Haas, and Bernard Cohn. It was then purchased by Abraham Haas and Jacob Baruch and renamed it Haas, Baruch & Co. in 1889. In 1912, J.S. Smart and H.D. Final bought the Santa Ana Grocery company and named it “Smart & Final Wholesale Grocers”. In 1953, Smart & Final purchased Hass, Baruch & Co.

They currently have 250 stores across the Western America and Northern Mexico. This company employs around 7,000 employees. They have been named previously as the “West Retailer of the Year”. Unlike most warehouse stores of its kind, they are among the only in the industry to not have membership fees.

What also makes them unique is that you don’t necessarily need to buy everything in bulk. They have sections that sell lesser quantity packages of certain items in their Smart & Final Extra. They can also cater to local businesses and food service companies. Their quality products and stand-out customer service makes this a great experience for employees and customers.

Smart & Final Careers

Smart & Final offer many types of positions between their corporate office and retail stores. At the retail level, you are able to grow your job into a career when you gain valuable work experience and show your value to the company. Some positions at the retail level are cashier, keyholder, produce, and store associate.

The corporate level also offers opportunities for their employees to move up the ranks into higher level positions. A current store employee can often also move up into the corporate office when they work hard at their positions and earn promotions. Some positions at the corporate level are interns, associate marketing manager, and staff accountant. Different positions in this company require a different level of experience and education.

How old do you have to be to work at Smart & Final? The minimum age of employment is 18 years of age. It is preferred that employees have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, though some positions may require some college to gain employment.

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They offer the basic amount of benefits for their industry, which are for full-time employees. This includes health insurance, dental insurance, and a health savings account. Employees may receive retirement and a 401(k) plan. They can get employee discounts, as well as paid leave and holiday pay. They may also be eligible for maternity leave.

The hours of operation for these stores can vary depending on the location and for the holidays. For details on holiday hours, you should check the location nearest you as they often are either closed or open for reduced hours. Otherwise, stores are generally open daily from 7:00am to 9:00pm.

Smart & Final Job Descriptions

Cashier- The cashier will handle the registers and cashing out the customers after they have finished shopping. They are also there to handle any customer service needs that the customer may have. They should have excellent interpersonal skills and must know the company policies on payments, as well as returns if needed. The average pay for a cashier is the state’s minimum hourly wage.

Supervisor- The supervisor generally will be responsible for most managerial duties and customer service complaints during their shift. They will help train new employees and may often do employee reviews for the manager. The supervisor should be able to fill in the various positions within the store as needed if they are short-staffed. The supervisor can earn around $16 per hour.

Produce Clerk- The produce clerk is responsible for maintaining the produce section of the store. They will stock shelves as necessary. The clerk should know about the products they are selling, in order to answer any customer questions about an item. They should also be familiar where to find the product the customer is looking for. A produce clerk may earn around $10 per hour.

Load Crew- This part of the staff is responsible for the back area of the store, where the inventory is located. They are responsible for the inventory within the store. They will accept deliveries into the store and place them where they belong in the back room. They often will recommend for more inventory that is needed. A load crew member may earn around $12 per hour.

Smart & Final Interview Questions

There are some questions that one may be asked during their interview.

What about Smart & Final makes you want to work here? This question is to see if how much you know about the company when you applied. You should do your research about the company before your interview and answer by telling which ideals of the company match yours.

Why should we pick you over another potential applicant? The interviewer is looking for you to sell yourself to them. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your strengths and talents. Share your abilities with the interviewer and how the company would benefit from them.

What previous experience do you have that can help you as an employee here? The interviewer is looking for you to not only discuss previous work experience, but any type of experience you have gained through volunteer work or otherwise. This is a great way to express skills you have learned outside of the classroom or workplace.

Can you stand for long periods of time? Some positions require an employee to be on their feet the entire shift. This question is to see if you are physically able to meet this requirement. Answer honestly, knowing your physical limitations that you may or may not have.

Do you view team work as beneficial to the workplace? As with most places, this industry requires workers to work well with one another. The interviewer wants to know how well you work with other people. Answer honestly, with specific circumstances that working as a team would be more helpful than by working solo.

Advice for the Application Process

There are no places to apply for a Smart & Final job online. You are also not able to find a downloadable application, nor can you find a printable application online. If you are interested in a Smart & Final career, you can go to your local store to fill out an application form. You may also send your resume to the human resources via the address on the site.

Be sure to fill out your application correctly in accordance to the instructions provided. When you submit your application, you should also submit an updated resume to give a clearer picture of your skills and experience. You should hear back about your application within a reasonable amount of time. If not, you can call and check the status of your application and see if they are still hiring.

Before your interview, you should practice potential questions in front of the mirror. This gives you a chance to get rid of any nerves before the interview, while showing the interviewer that you are articulate and confident. You should check your body language to notice any weaknesses and allow you to exhibit more confidence.

When you get the opportunity to interview, you should be sure to dress in professional attire for your interview. First impressions are important, and you want to be sure that you are taken seriously for the position. You should also be sure to thank the interviewer for their time. This shows that you are serious about the position.
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