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img- Scheels ApplicationScheels has a long history with its first store opening all the way back in 1902 as a hardware store.  It moved into sporting goods in the 1950s and since then has broadened and now also has stores selling hunting goods, clothing, household items and electronics.  To find out how to apply for Scheels online, find the Scheels application link below.

The original owner, Frank Scheels, was a German immigrant who began working on a potato farm, but he always had an entrepreneurial spirit and never intended to stay there for longer than he had to.  He used the $300 he earned from his first potato harvest to buy his first store in Sabin, Minnesota.

The company has remained in the family with his great-grandson now working as the CEO of a company that has 24 locations across 10 states in the USA.  Its headquarters have since moved to Fargo, North Dakota.  It is an employee owned firm that takes a strong interest in the community.  It has previously held a Tea Party rally at its main store in Fargo.

There are plenty of opportunities for dedicated individuals with Scheels careers.  If you are looking for a career with great possibilities for advancement and you have a passion for all types of sports and helping other people participate in sporting and hunting activities, then search for Scheels jobs and apply online today.

Scheels Careers

Scheels careers have numerous openings from various positions at their different locations.  Vacancies include Cashiers, Baristas, Fitting Room Attendants, Loss Prevention Agents, Sales Experts, Shop Managers and Store Leaders.  Even if you start on the ground floor they have targeted training programs to help you move up the ladder as far as you want to go.

You can also submit a Scheels application form for corporate roles including openings in Accounting, Payroll and Human Resources amongst others.  Many of these jobs will require a college degree and experience in the area you are applying for.  Be sure to check the job description for all the specifications.

How old do you have to be to work at Scheels?  You need to be at least 18 years old to submit applications to Scheels.

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The hours of operation of many stores are 9.30am to 9pm on weekdays, 9am-7pm on Saturdays and 12pm-6pm on Sundays.

As this is an employee owned company there is a stock ownership plan amongst other benefits.  As an employee you will get health insurance, paid holidays and a 401(k) retirement plan as well as other incentives and recognition programs.  There is also an employee discount on all of their merchandise.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Cashier – The position of Cashier is an entry-level role but with room for advancement.  Your responsibilities will involve greeting and serving customers and handling their transactions.  Cashiers will also need to be knowledgeable about the different types of products in the store.  This is a minimum wage job with hourly pay at around $8-9.

Sales Expert – Because there is such a range of products in the stores, there are job opportunities for candidates who want to become experts in a particular area.  There are dedicated training programs to give you all the information and help you need to become an expert in Fitness, Fashion, Fishing and many more.  The pay starts at around $9-10/hour.

Loss Prevention Agent – Loss Prevention positions are usually for evening and weekend work.  They are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure environment for both staff and customers by carrying out safety inspections.  You will also help to prevent losses by working in the store.  This is a fairly active role that may require heavy lifting.  It is paid hourly starting at a rate of $9-10. 

Specialty Shop Manager – In this job you will be expected to manage all aspects of the store from the customers, staff, merchandise and administrative work.  You’ll need to ensure that staff are working at the highest standards and keeping customers happy.  Managers need to have a lot of product knowledge to be able to assist with customer enquiries.  The salary is up to $30k a year.

Scheels Interview Questions

It is always helpful to practice a few potential interview questions when you apply for jobs at Scheels. 

What is your biggest weakness? This can be a tough question to answer as you want to talk yourself up to the hiring manager.  But you can identify something you think is a weakness as long as you go on to say what you are doing to overcome it, for example taking extra training.

How do you prioritize tasks? Scheels jobs will need you to be organized and have good time management and be able to multitask.  Demonstrate that you can stay calm under pressure.  Describe how you handle situations where you have a lot to accomplish, and if you can, add examples from your previous employment.

Do you have leadership experience?  Even if you’re applying for an entry-level job, you’ll want to show that have the potential to grow in your position and move upwards.  Leadership experience doesn’t have to be from your previous career, you can talk about any leadership roles you might have had at school or college.

How would you handle a difficult customer? Unfortunately this might be part of your job from time to time.  This is another chance to show that you can keep your cool in a stressful situation.  You can add examples from when you’ve had to deal with other difficult people and what you learnt from the experience.

What sports do you enjoy? This might not be the exact question they ask across all different stores but they will expect you to have an interest in the area covered by the store.  If it’s a sports supply store use this as an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of sports and the different equipment needed.

Advice For Application Process

You can make a Scheels job application online by searching Scheels jobs online or using the link provided below to make a free application.  You will need to fill in your employment and education history and upload your resume and a cover letter.  There isn’t an option to download a printable application form for Scheels but you can make a direct application by taking your resume to a local store.

Whether you make an online application or apply in person it is very important to double-check your forms, letters and resumes for spelling and grammar mistakes.  Remember this is the first impression that your potential employer will get of you.  Include specific examples in your cover letter to provide evidence of your skills.

The entire application process will usually take a couple of weeks.  Most applicants will be asked to complete a math and language test either before or after their interview.  You will also be asked to write a short business letter and answer some questions about yourself and the industry so make sure you brush up beforehand.

For your interview, make sure you are well presented and dress professionally.  A large part of most roles is customer interaction so it’s important to give off a good first impression and show that you have great communication skills.  You can take your time answering their questions so that you’re able to give well thought out answers.
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