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Sally Beauty Supply ApplicationSally Beauty Supply is an international beauty supply retailer specializing in professional beauty products. The company is estimated to operate out of over 4,000 international stores, with franchises found in the U.S., England, Belgium, Canada and many others. With such an expansive reach, opportunities are abound for those looking for employment. Local openings may be available nearby, so apply for jobs at Sally Beauty Supply today.

Headquartered in Texas, Sally Beauty boasts over 50 years of retail beauty business. This means they have grown in expertise, offering utmost quality to its customers. It is even publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the abbreviation SBH.

Sally Beauty’s first store opened in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1964. Five years later, the franchise had grown large enough to encompass 11 stores and merit a takeover. A consumer products company named Alberto-Culver purchased the franchise and by 1978 it had grown to 25 new stores. The new regime continued an aggressive approach, purchasing other beauty supply stores. By 1987, a 500th Sally Beauty Supply store was open for business.

Interested in becoming part of this ever expanding franchise? Fill out a free application online, or follow our provided links at the bottom of this article. Also included is a printable application form. From there, you can walk into any Sally Beauty store and submit a direct application.

Sally Beauty Supply Careers

How old do you have to be to work at Sally Beauty Supply? The minimum age requirement for any job, including those at Sally Beauty is 18 years old. If you are 16 years old or more, and find yourself interested in a position at a retail store, submit an online application.

Aside from that general requirement, desired qualifications vary based on job title. For managing jobs emphasizing experience with leading groups of individuals or stores, a minimum high school degree and sometimes a college diploma are required. For entry-level jobs, experience is of less importance.

This information is vastly important, so you should go into any interview with a general idea of what to expect. Though, once again, answers to this question will differ depending on positions being discussed. If you are applying for an entry-level job, you should expect an hourly wage hovering somewhere around minimum wage. This total will differ from state to state, so check with your own state requirements.

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Both Sales Associates and Fork Lift Operators are instances where minimum wage, or somewhere relatively close to it, should be expected. Though, with hard work and great attitude, managers will take notice. Put forth a great effort and you may be eligible for a raise.

Managers will be working on a yearly salary basis. Total figures for yearly salaries vary depending on total time a manager has dedicated to a company. A base figure to expect after first being hired, though, is around $53,000 a year. This inflated total is due to an increase of managing responsibility. Managers handle 9 – 12 stores year round. Eligible employees also qualify for benefits including: comprehensive health and dental insurance, education assistance, life insurance, a 401 (k) plan, as well as vacation benefits.

Interested in earning a solid income at a retail beauty supply company? Sally Beauty jobs offer you a chance to do just that. Begin working for dedicated beauty supply business; fill out your resume and apply online using provided links below. There you will also find a download application form for your own convenience. Sally Beauty holds typical store time hours from Monday through Saturday. In accordance with typical business standards, Sundays observe reduced hours of operations. Check nearby Sally Beauty locations for exact hours.

Typical hours:

Monday – Saturday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Sunday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Sally Beauty Supply Job Descriptions

This franchise believes employees are true reasons driving success. Because they provide customers with access to thousands of beauty products, employees are directors guiding clients towards exact products suiting customer needs.

As with any retail store, positions offered vary greatly, so much so that there is virtually a guaranteed fit for any potential applicant. If you need to find a job, this franchise may be worth a look. Take a chance and fill out a Sally Beauty application today. Some example employment opportunities include:

Fork Lift Operator

Retail stores often have distribution centers under their command as well. After all, an organizational process putting merchandise on store shelves is needed. This is where job opportunities like a Fork Lift Operator come into play. These people work behind the scenes, but are just as important in everyday functionality.

Job responsibilities of a Fork Lift Operator include shipping goods, stocking products and items, being well versed in safety etiquette, and maintaining work place safety. These operators are responsible for heavy machinery. As such, extra precaution must be taken constantly Safety is important, but it is amplified to another level in this working environment.

Those considering applying to this position, or any like it, should be comfortable taking orders and completing them in a timely manner. They should take safety seriously, abiding by any designated rules. Though customer interaction is not present, applicants should still expect to maintain relationships with coworkers, along with managers above them. People skills are still required.

Are you interested in this job, but don’t know how to apply for Sally Beauty Supply online? We have you covered! Following this article will be a list of helpful links gathered just for your convenience. Just click and browse through an expansive list of Sally Beauty careers.

District Managers

Store field managers are considered lynchpins of an entire operation. These individuals oversee a large grouping of stores, determining success of the franchise as a whole. With such a large expanse of stores under operation, it is the micromanaging of these individuals that holds everything together.

District Managers serve as liaisons between stores and the Sally Support Center. They are expected to foster relationships within each store they are deemed in charge. This includes both store managers and sales associates.

They are also expected to possess excellent time management skills, organizational skills, communication skills, along with math and budgeting skills. All of these attributes are bound to come into play at one point or another during a District Manager’s career. If you possess any or all of these skills find a printable application form below for immediate consideration.

Sales Associate

Every retail store offers entry-level jobs for those with little prior experience, or those simply looking to log some hours for a first time. Sales Associates are a Sally Beauty equivalent. These are the people on the frontlines assisting customers on a daily basis.

Sally and Beauty strongly believe that these individuals comprise the heart and soul of business. After all, when you head to a store, which employees are the ones that leave an impression?  As such, Sales Associates are expected to maintain customer satisfaction and answer any and all questions. They are expected to be cheerful while pointing customers to correct products best suited towards them.

Additionally, Sales Associates must possess money skills, and have no problem conducting transactions every day. They must also be good at following directions from managers. This may mean performing occasional store maintenance, such as restocking or cleaning aisles.

If you are newly on a job hunt and wondering about Sally Beauty jobs, continue reading for further information. Being informed is an important step to choosing a personal career path. Click the links below for a download application form.

Sally Beauty Supply Interview

Show up to an interview looking nice. Wear dress shirts and pants, unless a manager makes it clear their atmosphere will be casual. A tried and true philosophy is that it is better when you are overdressed than vice versa. If a manager wishes you not be overly dressed, though, be sure you follow directions.

During an interview, maintain eye contact at an appropriate level. Do not stare at your employers the entire time, though. Do what comes natural. Try your best to also avoid any nervous fidgeting, or playing with your hair. Nerves are normal, though if employers see it they may be turned away. Just relax and act confident.

Afterwards, have a few questions prepared. This is where you can drop some knowledge you have learned about their company. This will impress employers. Do not ask about your wages you will be earning, unless it has already been discussed. Ask when you may hear back from them. A few days later, send a follow up email thanking them for their time, as well as reiterating your interest in the company.

Advice For Application Process

The application process can be tedious or overwhelming for those who are unfamiliar. Never fear! What follows is an in-depth review along with several tips for success. Read through this section before filling out a Sally Beauty Supply job application online.

Applications are designed for highlighting your best attributes, so capitalize. Twist any and every life experience you have gathered into something that is relevant to a job. Sit down and make a list of your past accomplishments; practice turning those accomplishments into phrases that make them shine when an employer glances over them.

Also, attach a cover letter with your resume. Not only will this help you stand out, but it will also show your level of interest in a particular company. Describe your motivation for applying. Tell them what makes this the right opportunity for you. Essentially, you want to introduce yourself and explain why this is a chance they can’t pass up.

If all goes well, you will land an interview. This is simply another step in a hiring process, but it can be intimidating for those without experience. Relax. One first step is to practice any potential questions in front of a mirror. Think about what hiring managers from that particular company may ask you. Are they stressing a need for experience? Or are they looking for someone who meshes with their vibe?

Here are some example questions provided for a good head start:

  • Why are you interested in applying here?
  • How much do you know about beauty products?
  • How long are you planning on working for us?
  • Would you describe yourself as a people person?
  • Tell me about a challenging problem you faced, and what you did to overcome it.

Practice answering these with a confident attitude until you are comfortable. Remember, you want a naturally flowing answer, so don’t sound too robotic. If you are a particularly anxious person, practice relaxation techniques such as controlled breathing at this time as well.

Sally Beauty careers prove especially valuable for building a solid foundation of work skills. Whether you are looking for something to spice up your resume, or a long-lasting job, a Sally Beauty Supply application can be exactly what you are looking for with your life goals. You’ll find a variety of Sally Beauty Supply jobs online, any of which may fit your needs.

However, Sally Beauty Supply is not the only beauty retail store on the market. Those who are determined to work in this field may also be interested in researching Claire’s. This store is dedicated towards serving female customers, and offers an extensive section of beauty products. It also brings a bit more variety, offering products such as jewelry and accessories along with ear piercing services.

Another potential company is Bath & Body Works. This retail chain offers a large amount of lotions, candles, and other bath merchandise. With a wide spread reputation, this store may also be a perfect fit for those applying to beauty retail chains.
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