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Safeway began a hundred years ago, in American Falls, Idaho, when M.B. Skaggs purchased a small grocery store from his father, although the first 428 Skaggs’ stores were merged with 322 stores in 1926 and became Safeway, Incorporated.  The great depression only brought about the quality of the produce  stores sold, introducing the first sell by dates, nutrition labeling, and parking lots. Get your Safeway application today.

The value, M.B. Skaggs envisioned providing for his customers still is the driving force behind his many stores that include over 1300 stores throughout the lower 48, 266 stores in Northern California and Hawaii, 273 Vons stores in Southern California and Nevada,  107 Randalls’ and Tom Thumbs in Texas, and 28 Carrs’ in Alaska. Get a printable application for Safeway today.

Staying true to the original promise to bring the best value to the customer the company offers healthy recipes, meal tips, and great options for healthy living, fresh produce and meats plus thousands of everyday low prices offered throughout every aisle. In major cities and certain suburbs they also offer a delivery option. Apply for jobs at Safeway. Find the perfect position for you at Safeway jobs.

With an estimated 37.1 billion in annual sales the merger between the company and Albertson’s has profited considerably. The merger between the 2 stores has created an estimated 2,230+ stores, 27 distribution centers, and 19 manufacturing plants which employs a quarter of a million workers  through the various 34 states including Washington, D.C.  Click the Applications link below to find out how to apply for Safeway online.

Safeway Careers

Retail jobs are the start of many job opportunities. Through jobs such as cashiers, stockers, baggers, and produce clerks to name a few, the potential for advancement thru Safeway’s outlets for development both personally and professionally.  Just download application form for any of the company jobs and drop it off at any of the local stores to begin working with one of grocery retail industries’ giants.

Corporate careers are the exclusive Safeway careers that pay a salary for more responsibilities and advancement potential.  Get started today, from buyers to financial officers; ad layout artists to executive officers and everything in between.  Acquire a Safeway application for any of the exciting experiences only a career can offer.

How old do you have to be to work at Safeway? Applicants must be at least 14 years old or older depending on individual state labor laws. Applicants must fill out a printable application form or apply online to apply for jobs at Safeway. The free application will be available at the customer service area of any hiring locations.

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Benefits include choice of medical plans, Rx drug coverage, vision and dental, employee assistance program, health care and dependent care flexible spending accounts, basic life insurance, paid vacation, sick leave and holidays, 100% company paid retirement, 401(k), stock purchase plan, professional and career education program, and Employee Association for leisure time activities at a discount. For an easy employment application form, submit an online application and resume for faster consideration.

Hours of Operation are from Monday – Sunday 6am to 11pm for some of the neighborhood stores. The newer stores are 24 hours.  Pick up a direct application to apply for jobs at Safeway. If applying for any of the Safeway jobs online, read the job description and benefits so you understand what you’re getting into.

Job Description and Salaries

Delivery Driver – This position is fast paced, independent and requires continual lifting, lowering and carrying groceries ranging from 15 to 50lbs per delivery. Drivers must have excellent customer service skills and driving skills. Must have a clean driving record, a valid license, and wear company approved uniformed shirts. Average wage is $14.25/hour.

PIC – This position provides superior customer service assisting both store manager and the assistant manager with supervising all personnel, is responsible for all store operations during managements absence. Applicant must be able to appropriately handle all situations and emergencies as well as customer complaints effectively. Performs cashier duties and other duties as assigned. Average wage is $16.25/hour.

Barista Starbucks Manager – This position oversees the implementation of Safeway and Starbucks merchandising and is responsible for the overall presentation and ensures the cleanliness and profitability of the store. Responsible for pricing, displaying, ordering and inventory control over the department all while providing superior customer service. Supervise department staff in day to day operations and perform scheduling and training of new team members. Average wage is $17.00/hour.

Courtesy Clerk– This position is the face of the company whether your bagging groceries or sweeping floors you have the potential to further your career by providing superior customer service for customers while keeping the front end of the checkouts clean, straightened, supplied with bags and or various last minute impulse buys whether its magazines or candy and gum. Helping customers select their purchases. Average wage is $9.00/hour.

Safeway Interview Questions

These interview questions are designed to give the applicant an idea of the questions they may be asked so they can practice to give their best possible answers.

What do you consider good customer service? This answer varies from person to person although there are numerous answers they should fall within these perimeters; greeting customers warmly and with a smile, assisting them in finding any product they need, showing them any alternative that may save them extra money and making sure their time in the store was comfortable and not dirty and unorganized.

How would you achieve your goals? This question although personal is a typical one with employers. How are you going to accomplish that? Baby steps of course by breaking goals into smaller pieces you can accomplish anything. Just break it down into realistic goals and what you need to accomplish today to affect the rest of your life.

How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience? A lot of people don’t have the required experience but learn quickly by hands on instruction and repetitively repeating what they learned. Some learn by watching and asking questions. The best learn by a combination of the two styles which is why the company usually provides training in all aspects.

Tell me about yourself… This question is as old as the first interview but still a question that tends to stop many people in their tracks when asked it. Practice this one till you can reply to this without hesitation; just make sure that your answers are within the realm of professionalism.

What are your goals in life? What drives you to work there, where do you want to be when ur 30, 40, 50, etc… this question is very personal and very hard for most people. But by voicing your goals like saying you want to own your own store one day can help management mold you in which you can grasp the concepts needed to run a successful business.

Advice For Application Process

Relax .Give yourself enough time to arrive at the job say 20 minutes before hand. Practice breathing in and out and meditating for a few minutes.  Play your favorite song prior to shutting the car off and walking in. This allows you to take 10 minutes to yourself to fix your make up and check your hair and allows you to relax.

Prior to being called in for the interview go use the restroom and check to make sure you look picture perfect. While in the bathroom use one of the stalls t practice the superhero pose. This pose should be practiced for at least 2 minutes prior to the interview gives the applicant confidence, compared to those who don’t.  By performing this pose, you’re reducing the level of cortisol inside you.

Research, this can’t be stressed enough of how important it is. By spending some time online looking over their site, and their blog or Facebook page you get a better understanding of who you’re working for and what their needs are. You want to show your commitment to the store itself. This will show in your knowledge and ability to put names with faces of other workers in the store.

When compiling your resume don’t leave out the fact that you were in athletics or the band. Make certain to include such things as team activities since it shows you can be punctual, play well with others and shows commitment.  This is especially true if your grades weren’t the greatest because you spent more time practicing to be the best than you did studying.
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