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Raley’s Family of Fine Stores, or more commonly known as simply “Raley’s”, was founded in 1935 by Tom Raley. It is a family owned chain of supermarkets that is operated under Raley’s, Bel Air Markets, Nob Hill Foods, and Food Source. The Raley’s job application link can be found below.

Headquartered out of West Sacramento, California, the Raley family still runs this business with Tom Raley’s grandson Michael as its President and CEO. They are proudly noted for their concern for the environment, as they have been given a gold-level certification by the EPA for environment friendly systems for their refrigeration. There are currently 128 stores, employing about 13,400 workers.

Charity and social awareness are important ideals to this company. They participate in “Food for Families”, which is a charity that provides healthy food for families in need. They also do a community outreach program called “Raley’s Reach”, which helps causes within locations of their store. Some causes include access to the arts, school, and helping families and children.

The supermarket provides a large amount of services for their customers. Raley’s has a bakery, deli, and a pharmacy. They also have general grocery items as well as a meat section. Some locations have a gas station on site, which provides a convenience for their customers. They also have seafood and produce section in their stores.

Raley’s Careers

There are so many opportunities for various types of employment here. In the store, there are opportunities for a person to work in such positions as: night baker, pharmacy staff, meat cutter, floral department, cashier, and food service clerk. There are also such positions like: bookkeepers, cake decorator, produce manager, and fuel station attendant.

Raley’s jobs are also found in the corporate and distribution type jobs as well. In the corporate office, a person can gain employment as an accounting manager, information security analyst, merchandising coordinator, and food service specialist. In the distribution sector, a person can find employment as a driver, warehouse worker, and transportation manager.

How old do you have to be to work at Raley’s? The minimum age of employment is 16 years of age. This can be dependent on the position that one is interested in working, as some require an employee to be 18 years old. There may also be educational or experience requirements for some positions, so it is suggested that one reads the job description clearly for this information.

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Raley’s boasts having the best benefits in the industry. These benefits include health and dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, and retiree health and medical. There is also a pension plan, 401(k), and a retirement plan. An employee can receive paid sick and vacation days, holiday pays, and have access to an employee discount.

The hours of operation for this store can be dependent on the location. Most stores are open daily from 5:00am to 11:00pm. The pharmacy and carwash that operate at some locations are generally open from 5:00am to 10:00pm. For holiday hours, one will have to check the individual store location for this information.

Raley’s Job Descriptions

Courtesy Clerk- In this position, you are the main point of customer contact within the store. They assist customers in finding products within the store. They will also handle customer grocery carry outs, if the customer needs assistance bringing groceries to their car. The clerk bags groceries. You must be at least 16 years old for this position. Pay is usually starting at the hourly minimum wage.

Pharmacist- A pharmacist must have excellent customer service skills. They will answer phones and answer questions on medication. They must often call doctor’s offices to receive authorizations for medications, look up refills, and ensure the shelves are stocked. The pharmacist must follow all laws and regulations of the state they are operating in regarding medication. A pharmacist can make up to $64 per hour.

Baker- A baker must have an eye for detail. They should be able to examine products to check the freshness and quality to ensure the products are still good to sell. They need to have excellent time management skills. A baker should be sure that their work area is clean and organized. The pay for this position can be around $10 per hour.

Pharmacy Technician- The pharmacy technician is there to assist the pharmacist. They often work the cash register at the pharmacy. They will service customers and answer incoming phone calls. They must maintain the general housekeeping of the area to ensure that it is neat and organized at all times. The technician will also help stock shelves. The pay for this position can be around $16 per hour.

Deli Clerk- This clerk will take orders from customers and cut the meats according to their specifications. They will handle deliveries and ensure the area is clean and sanitized. The pay for this position is around $12 an hour.

Raley’s Interview Questions

These are some questions that you might expect during your interview at Raley’s.

What about Raley’s makes you want to work here? It is important to have done some research about the company. You should give a short but concise answer here. The interviewer wants to know what is appealing to you about this company so they can judge if you are a good fit for them.

What makes customer service so important to a business? This question is asked to give the interviewer insight in how you view customer service. You should have knowledge about customer service skills when answering this question.

Why are you a good fit for this position? This is where you are supposed to sell yourself to your prospective employee. They want to know your strengths and to see how well you read the job description and responsibilities. This is your chance to prove yourself for this position.

When are you available to work? This is a question that helps determine your flexibility and availability to work. In a business like this, flexibility is important and they are looking for employees that can be available when needed. This does include willingness to work evenings and weekends.

Advice For Application Process

When you go in for your interview, it is important to dress in appropriate attire. This will be the first impression that the interviewer will get of you when you walk into the room, and you want to be sure that you give a good first impression. You should be confident and honest during your interview.

You might be wondering about how to apply at Raley’s online. If you follow the link to the career page, you can find positions that you are able to apply for a Raley’s job online. There are no printable applications, nor are there downloadable applications. If you are interested in a Raley’s career, you may get a Raley’s application form from the location nearest you.

You can find the job descriptions on the website so that you can find a position that best meets your strengths and talents. You can see which positions they are hiring for on the website or in store. When you apply for a Raley’s job, you should submit your update resume when you apply for jobs at Raley’s. After applying for a Raley’s, you should hear back about your application in a reasonable amount of time. If not, you can call the location you applied with to see if they are still hiring and check the status of your application.
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