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img- Petland ApplicationIn 1967, an Ohio based pet store was a tristate chain. By 1970, they had begun franchising their stores and entered wholesale distribution of pet merchandise. Currently the chain operates 146 stores nationwide and 63 stores overseas.  In 2008, Petland had made 50 million and expanded to 236 stores. Due to a downturn in the economy, the company was in dire straits. For a Petland application, just click the applications link below.

The company currently operates only 84 of its 236 stores due to public relations issues and the fallen economy. Currently the company sells birds, fish, puppies, kittens, and other small animals. The founder of Petland and one of its franchisers began developing a concept of “aquatics only” for a metro based clientele which were not endorsed or owned by the parent company. Apply for jobs at Petland.

Petland has been trying to quell the negative response. The company has gone through stringent efforts with veterinarian care and supervision of all puppies they acquire. Slowly they are rebuilding the image that was maliciously tarnished by a private group. Currently back at 200+ locations they are striving to set the bar of higher standards in which pet shop animals are taken care of. To inquire about South Orlando jobs online see the link below.

Each store is individually managed thru the franchising agreement. All job opportunities are at the sole discretion of the franchisee.  So locate your closest shop and the corresponding website as to how to apply for Petland online. Get started on your future with careers. For locations near you go to the Petland website or get a direct application at your local store.

Petland Careers

Retail Associates are the ones who approach the customers warmly upon entering and allow them to look at the many animal choices. They’re responsibilities include upkeep of the store, feeding, watering, cleaning out the animal kennels and cages, giving appropriate medicines as needed to sick animals. They also help fit the right customer with the right pet for them.

Corporate are the ones who set up the financing for the franchises. They do the ad promotion and other marketing stuff. Financial officers and analysts are among this group of elite. Corporate is based out of Chillicothe, Ohio where it first originated. The many jobs are available via a printable application form. To jumpstart your career, fill out an application form with your experience and responsibilities of former jobs.

How old do you have to be to work at Petland? You must be 18 years or older to apply. This helps the franchise save money by employing adults in case of an accident or bite.  Find Petland jobs online. Fill out the online application or download application form and submit it with your resume.

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Benefits are but not limited to discounts off merchandise and animals, base pay + commission although every franchisee has a choice to offer more benefits to full time employees. Get a free application from a store or apply online. They always accept applications for employment. For more job opportunities go to Petland careers.

Hours of operation are Monday – Saturday 10 am to 9pm; Sunday 11 am to 7pm. This gives the applicant a chance to view the facilities and decide if they want to join a growing business. Fill out a printable application for Petland and drop it off at one of the local shops. Get started in one of the most exciting Petland jobs today.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

Pet Counselor – This position is the most important one at Petland. This is where the applicant matches up the perfect pet with the perfect human. They make sure that the pet meets the family’s needs as much as taking in consideration the animal’s needs. This is one of the more rewarding careers. Average wage is $16/hour

Kennel Technician – This position is the one who takes the care of the kennels, is responsible for cleanliness and daily exercise of the animals while making sure the animals’ food and water is replenished and that the animals who are sick receive their correct medication. This person works with the veterinarian on a regular weekly basis. Average wage is $8.14/hour

Manager – This position is the one responsible for the animals’ welfare and the training and managing staff. Ensures sanitation, safety and upkeep of kennels is to specifications. They are responsible for the financial success of the store.  They are responsible for ordering product from headquarters in a timely manner. Average wage is $25,958/ year.

Sales – This position is where being able to size up your customer and their needs quickly will result in commissions faster than your coworkers. The expected rate is a puppy sale per shift which is a bit hard to do less you are strongly committed to the bottom line and are cut throat. Average wage is $9 base + 0.08%.

Petland Interview Questions

These are typical questions that interviewers tend to ask at an interview.

What kind of dog is this? They do expect you to know some things like be proficient in basic breeds. During the group interview they will give you a breed quiz to find out what you know about basic breeds. If you’ve ever been around animals it should be fairly simple.

Are you squeamish? This is a valid question while working in a pet store. Some small animals make people squeamish in general, spiders, snakes, rats, etc… then you also got to deal with sick animals so aside from toilet training you have to learn how to deal with vomit, pee, and diarrhea when dealing with animals.

How do you feel about rejection? This is kind of a weird question to be asked during an interview but it evaluates your overall reaction to something bad. If you can quickly get over the idea of rejection you are liable to get back in the proverbial saddle and try again.

What do you do if you see a customer harming an animal? This is a hard question to answer. A personal answer is following. Remove animal from situation. Grab cell take pic of assailant and call security to file a report of abuse along with the vet and let them know of the situation.

Do you have reliable transportation? This question is a typical one. Be honest you either do or don’t. Don’t say reliable if you walk or bike to work from any distance as the weather elements will not always be in your favor.  Make sure you can always get a ride in bad weather. The employer is depending on you to be able to get to work daily for your shift.

Advice For Application Process

Dress for success. Smile, it makes your face glow and exudes confidence. Make sure your teeth are brushed, use mouth wash, and make sure you took a shower. Nothing looks worse than bad breath and unwashed appearance. Wear business casual attire.  Petland applications lead to hiring and job descriptions with a salary.

Petland jobs require its employees to know a bit of fair knowledge about its pets already. So by researching their website and touring one of their stores you can get a better idea of what you will be working with. You will find the careers in this industry stressful but rewarding. Knowing you had a hand in giving a pet a good home.

Having a can do attitude will help you sell yourself as a great employee. Unfortunately the bottom line is to make sales. The more comfortable you are with chatting with people who are strangers the easier it will be to target the customer, pin down exactly what is needed, and interest them in something aside from what they didn’t expect to buy. This is called upselling.

Knowing the different types of animals is going to be beneficial to you when you try to do an interview with a breed quiz. Some animals can’t be near each other, others may be high energy, and some aren’t suited for long walks. These differences need pairing with similar individuals. You wouldn’t want to put a high energy dog in a small apartment it would be a recipe for disaster.
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