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Olive Garden ApplicationOlive Gardens industry aim to have new kinds of traditions, so the customer’s feel like they have stepped into a more modern-day Italy. Having more than 800 restaurants, and a few selected in the remodeling process, any of the Olive Garden careers may lead you to the right path in gaining more experience in the job in question.

Having different variety of foods that have reinvigorated dishes with the customer’s favorites in mind, and now with more choices that have better-for-you options, Olive Gardens flavor of fresh ingredients, makes the presented food a quality that in Italy, is uniquely.

Common Job Titles/Career Opportunities

Our goal and passion is to have our guests feel 100% happy and feel like they have walked into a second home. To let our guests feel this way, we want to make our employee’s feel the same, in a positive, welcoming environment that nurture’s the training and foster a phrase. “When you work at Olive Garden, your family.”

With being an equal employer opportunity, we want every one of our employee’s to succeed. We offer flexible schedules, extensive training so that you can do the best in your job duties, and competitive pay and benefits. You can apply online for an application form, or by getting a free application at any of the restaurant’s locations near your local area. Look at the job opportunities and their job description below and see which one would be a best fit for you for employment.


The host is the first person the guests will see when entering the restaurant. Welcome them with a warm, happy smile, and with genuine hospitality, so the guests have a happy, first positive impression of how the experience will be.

When taking them to their seats in a timely manner, you can engage them in some conversation about what is going on where you live, or how their day, evening, or night is going. When seated, the server will come, allowing you to introduce him/her to the guests, as he/she asks for their drinks. After they are done with their meal and finished paying, be sure to thank the guests sincerely for choosing the restaurant and invite them to come back.

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Other duties of being a host are to accurately manage the waiting list when the restaurant is really busy and packed with people, and to set everything to the guests expectations.


Servers provide a constant dining experience to the guests that come in every single day. After being introduced by the host, the server asks the guests for their drinks, inform them of the specials, answer any questions the guests may have, correctly writing down the food orders the guests want to have, and have the memory of who wanted which dish. Serving the correct food dishes to the right guests is very important, as well as handling payments properly after guests are finished with their meals.

Other duties are to keep the seating area nice, tidy, and presentable. During rush hour, most times at lunch and dinner times, servers may have to help out and seat some of the guests, and will sometimes have to hand out waiting times for tables.


Bartenders will want to be fast, be efficient in the service your providing, and to always have a friendly, positive attitude twords the guests and to your team members. Suggesting new items on the menu or the most popular items so that the Italian experience for the dining guests are to the top of expectations.

Working in a team, and in a fast-paced environment, the bartender will usually see lots of guests every night. Most of the high-volume times are normally during the weekends. With guests that can sometimes be guest-centric, it’s important that you show 100% of your passion though your work to make the guests happy, and feel like they can come back for more.

Bartenders show hospitality twords guests, and show exceptional delivery service. This would include mixing and serving non-alcoholic/alcoholic drinks, adding extra ingredients or decor in the drinks, such as umbrellas, or olives. Serving the drinks will need to go through the restaurant’s guidelines and company specifications for guests inside of the restaurant and in the bar.

Other bartender duties are to take care of guests that come to the bar, and help choose, or recommend menu items. While always providing attentive, friendly service, bartenders stock and keep the bar clean, as well as serving alcoholic drinks to the company’s serving standards.


With getting an Olive Garden application to work, there is the service manager job as a Olive Garden careers that you can choose from. Down below is the job description.

Service Manager

Service managers have their service team members be at their best hospitable way towards each and every guest that walks through the doors. When they come in, their dining experience should feel like they have stepped out of American traditions, and walked into an Italian-inspired ristorante. Creating energy, fun and a strong vitality that will get the ratings excellent in their service in a positive way through positive advertisements and word of mouth.

Some responsibilities that a service manager will want to have are to welcome guests to the restaurant and be welcomed by the staff, making the environment setting a comfortable, warm feeling of Italy. Also, to have the service staff deliver a superior and competitive dining experience in every shift so that you can build a loyal, trusting bond with the employees.

Hiring Requirements

When trying to apply for any Olive Garden jobs, you will want to have the hiring requirements for the job you want. Down below are the qualifications that you will need when trying to apply for jobs at Olive Garden.


A host will need to require a high school diploma or a GED when applying for any host Olive Garden jobs online. When working, having an upbeat, positive attitude will make the guests feel more comfortable and happy to have you as their host. Also, giving the same attitude to your co-workers may make the working experience more enjoyable.


To receive the consideration of being hired at Olive Garden, servers will want to have the ability to help out other employee’s when needed, stay calm in times when the restaurant is packed with people, and to also be courteous. From the kind, to a most disagreeable guest, always be nice and never argue with the guests.


Bartender’s will need to have the requirements of a high school diploma or a GED  work in a stressful, fast-paced environment. Needing multi-tasking skills, bartender’s will use that skill to collect orders, be responsible for the bar’s cash register, and mix drinks all at the same time. Another skill would be to have a strong memory. To remember the guests orders, what kinds of complex drinks the bar has, and how to make them to the bar’s terms.

Along with having a friendly and helpful manner, you will be involved with interacting with the guests, having the ability to stand for long periods of time, and because you will be handling with alcohol, there is a mandatory minimum age for a bartender job. Depending on where you live, or what state your in, the legal age to be working as a bartender is 18 through 21 years old.

Service Manager

With wanting to work as a service manager, you will make new schedules for the co-workers so that the workers can deliver a creative experience to the guests. Service managers will be picked on how service-oriented you can be, if you can be highly-skilled, and can be hospitality-focused with the guests and the workers. Service managers want the co-workers to build good connections with the guests and have good working relationships with other co-workers.

Making good suggestions, through writing and the performance of others, delivers the reviews in a nice and timely manner, and to provide a strong teamwork for others. The service manager will find a way to execute drinks when the products are new, checks on the inventory for the beverages every month, as well as the liquor, beer, and wine orders weekly.

Average wages/Salaries & Benefits

When working at any Olive Garden jobs, on average, host/hostess is $9.16-$9.45, servers will start out at $4.50, but do earn tips if service was preformed very well. Bartenders start out at $6.16, Cook is $12.32, and restaurant manager on annual can earn up to $47,483.

Depending on where you live is where your salary will start. Employee benefits include being able to make flexible scheduling, as well as having time off and discounts on meals. If eligible enough, you may be able to access some additional benefits, such as extra paid vacation, and 401(k). These kinds of benefits greatly depend on the amount of experience that the job title has, as well as the employees status, and the experience in the company.

Direct Competitors

With Olive Garden being a popular restaurant, they have their competitors that want to steal their guests and come visit theirs. Two of those are IHop and Outback Steakhouse. IHop is more of a breakfast restaurant, but also serves lunch and dinner. Outback Steakhouse is more of the Australian themed kind of restaurant, with good portion meals at a moderate price.

Advice On Application Process

When gaining a printable application for Olive Garden, and getting a call for an interview to find a working career or to know of how to apply for Olive Garden online, you can either do an online application through the link, gain a printable application form from the website, download the application form, or get a direct application from one of the many restaurants. When turning in your applications, be sure you have your resume with you to show and highlight any key experience’s you may have had in your past careers.

Hours Of Operations

The hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday from 11:00am-10:00pm, and Friday through Saturday from 11:00am-11:00pm

Age Restrictions/Minimum Employment Age

When getting an Olive Garden job application online, you will have to be 16 years or older to apply and work.
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