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O'Charley's ApplicationO’Charley’s Restaurant is a part of the food industry in the United States. It’s a restaurant and bar for casual dining. This restaurant does not only gives delicious food, but a great ambiance as well. The local people loved that idea. Their goal is to provide a place where everyone is friendly, hospitable, and family and at the same time, provides a delightful meal. That is what the business is all about.

The restaurant’s name was derived from the name of the founder, Charley Watkins. He founded O’Charley’s in the year 1971. The very first restaurant-bar is in Nashville, Tennessee near Vanderbilt University. With just that simple goal, it now serves in 200 locations in 17 states. With that achievement, it now aims to expand more to serve more.

Working with this company is one of the most fun and interesting careers you’ll ever have. This is because you’ll be able to work with professionals and consider them as your friends. So, you will definitely enjoy your profession. Being part of the family is truly a great honor since it has a very high reputation when it comes to employment.

As the company’s reputation grows and evolve to being more successful and stronger, it continues to invest on individuals who have the potential to be an asset and contribute to the growing company. You can utilize the O’Charley’s job application online if you want to be a part of the family. O’Charley’s Application is very easy and stress-free. Read through the O’Charley’s careers, the corresponding requirements, and the benefits that comes with it.

O’Charley’s Careers

People in search for jobs usually have the questions provided below. For your convenience, we have provided the answers.

How to apply for O’Charley’s online? At their website, all jobs openings are listed and you are just a click away from applying. Upon applying, you will be prompt to create a profile which will be your resume for the company. Fill that profile carefully.

Where is the printable application for O’Charley’s? Because it is an online application, there are neither a downloadable application form nor a printable application form. Is there a charge for the application? O’Charley’s has free application.

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How old do you have to be to work at O’Charley’s? Minimum age for work is at 18 years old. The restaurant at this age, but mostly for hourly jobs because that is where an 18 year old’s qualifications would fit.

For hourly jobs, there are no specified requirement for the positions. If you want to apply under the hourly category, just make sure that you are fit in for the skill required for the job and you have confident to do so. Job descriptions and responsibilities are provided in their webpage.

Corporate work requires more requirements compared to others. It requires a large area of expertise. The work is not limited to a certain task, but to many essential tasks that would affect the whole company. The following are some of these requirements:

  • Area of Specialization – As a corporate asset for the industry, many areas should be covered such as culture, policies, processes, systems, team development, and more.
  • Experience – More than 10 years of experience in related fields is a must. Also, extensive knowledge on tools and programs that are used in that field.
  • Educational Attainment – A bachelor’s or a higher degree in that field or closely related is a must to get the position.
  • Communication – Corporate job require speaking and presenting to other people. Communication skills required should be outstanding in both oral and written.

Compensation given is very competitive. Besides the generous salary, bonus plans are given for those with exceptional performance. Being part of family means that you have been given a great opportunity. With that and the restaurant’s legacy, they give rewards to those who give their best in their jobs.

As said before, job opportunities here are categorized. Based on the category your job falls under, there are slight differences regarding the benefits. For more advance jobs such as corporate and management jobs, more benefits are given.

Advance jobs has the following benefits:

  • Health Plans – It includes medical, dental, vision, disability, life, and accidental death and dismemberment. These plans are flexible. The members are given the chance to choose who the plan covers, either with their child or children, with their spouse, or with their families. Among these plans, only the vision plan (eye exams and glasses) requires charge.
  • Health Care Reimbursement Account and Dependent Care Reimbursement Account
  • Supplement Life Insurance – Besides the personal life insurance, you will have eligibility to get another life insurance for your family.
  • Employee Assistance Program – This allows you to have contact with a counselors and experts to discuss certain matters. This also extends to your family.

Other jobs that doesn’t fall under the previous one will have the following benefits:

Flexible Working Hours, Performance Evaluation, Meal Discounts, Promotion to Management Jobs

All employee of this company will be entitled with the following benefits:

  • Payroll – Salaries are deposited in your personal bank accounts.
  • Vacation – Paid vacations are given to members that have rendered about more than 4 years in the company. The vacations are scheduled only once a year and the duration of the vacation will depend on how long you have been working in the company.
  • Retirement Plan – This is also called the 401(k) plans. Although you are entitled to pay for this, the company will match what you give and add it to the retirement plan. Upon hiring, you will be eligible to this benefit.
  • O’Charley’s Outreach – This is optional. It’s a program in which you contribute a certain amount that will be allotted for certain disastrous events.

O’Charley’s Job Descriptions

O’Charley’s jobs are endless opportunities that are listed for you on their website. They are a growing family, so they are in need of talented people to be a part of their team. They offer numerous employments that are categorized into 3 which are Hourly, Management, and Corporate Jobs. For more detailed description on their career opportunities, refer to the link of company’s official website below. If you want to apply for jobs at O’Charley’s, then you must pick wisely among the offers.

These hourly jobs are very basic compare to the others offered and doesn’t need too much requirement and experience. If you want to apply for hourly jobs offered, here are your choices:

  • Line Cooks – To guarantee the best food to be served, these persons are essential.
  • Servers – These persons are in charge of greeting new guest with a happy and positive attitude. They will also be responsible for ensuring that the customers will have a wonderful time.
  • Host/Hostess – These persons are the first impression to the restaurant bar when guests arrives. They are responsible for knowing what you would want and they would assist the servers in supplying them with that.
  • Bartender – These persons are the one that serves alcoholic drinks and other beverages. Most of their responsibility are done by multi-tasking. They should have a positive and strong attitude.
  • Dishwasher – They are responsible for the cleanliness of all the material that will be used by the guests.

On the other hand, management jobs are more complicated than hourly job. It has more requirements and experience in related fields. There are instances that an hourly job member will be promoted to this job depending on the member’s performance.

  • General Manager – Restaurant operation is the focused responsibility of general managers.
  • Restaurant Manager – People skills are the focus of restaurant manager. They are tasked to help the general manager in this area. On the other hand,
  • Restaurant Assistant Manager – focuses on the management skills. They are also task to help the general manager in this area.
  • Kitchen Manager – Kitchen operations is all that matters to kitchen managers. Everything that happens at the kitchen is in their hands.

Corporate Headquarters jobs are different from the first 2 categories. Having that occupation means that the employee would work at Nashville where the home office is unlike hourly and management jobs which are can applied for in different locations. Jobs under this category has more responsibilities and requirements. Their website contains the complete job description.

Advice For Application Process

Application is very easy. For ensuring your O’Charley’s careers in the company, you should be able to keep in mind some of these tips to help you on your way to a successful application.

Apply online for faster O’Charley’s application process. Although some prefer direct application, applying online is more convenient. Application form are no longer need, unless instructed which is unlikely because applications are not encoded, so they prefer an online application.

Browse through the O’Charley’s jobs online and review each responsibilities, requirements, and skills required. Find a job that has requirements that matches you perfectly. It wouldn’t be much of a success application if you are not qualified for the job you are applying for. Although there is a possibility for your application to be noticed, but there is also a chance for it to be ignored.

Focus on the next step preparations. If you have followed the previous tip, you can have a big chance to get a call from the company and be invited for an interview. Interview is a very important step because this will be the chance to let the employer know you character and interest. It will also be helpful if you know the background, mission, and vision of the company.

In this kind of business, there are many competitors. Working in a restaurant bar environment like O’Charley’s, as appealing as it may look, is not the only place where we could have a competitive and fun career. These companies can provide alternative career if the O’Charley’s jobs are not for you.

Applebee’s Bar & Grill is another in the similar industry. There are also many job opportunities there. Although the ambiance of the place is not the same, Applebee’s working setting is similar in a way that work is competitive, yet you make real relationships within your co-workers.

Another company that is in the same industry is Ninety Nine Restaurant and Pub. They have a mission of serving with passion. This wouldn’t be possible without the workers whose goal are to provide the same place ambiance as O’Charley’s. Working in Ninety Nine is competitive as you start as an hourly job member because as you have great performance, you are promoted to the management job.
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