New York And Company Application & Careers

img- New York And Company ApplicationAs an industry leader in specialty manufacturing and retailing of women’s apparel and accessories, there are always jobs being advertised, and it is easy to make a New York & Company application online. New York & Company jobs are highly sought after.

New York & Company was incorporated in 1918 and became a public company in 2004, and their headquarters are in New York City. Their branded merchandise is sold exclusively through their network of more than 500 retail and outlet stores in locations nationwide, and through their E-commerce site, with many job opportunities.

As a proud champion of social causes, New York & Company is associated with various non-profit organizations, with two being their main benefactors. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been a partner since 2008, and to date they have helped raise $12.6 million for the hospital. The other main cause supported is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and this is by offering limited edition items each year and donating a portion of the profits from the sales of these items.

Based in the fashion capital of the world, New York & Company exists to make women feel good and look great. They achieve this by having employees who show initiative, intelligence and a drive for success. There are many opportunities to advance New York & Company careers and this is fully supported.

New York & Company Careers

As a retailer, a large proportion of New York & Company jobs involve sales, such as sales associates and store sales leaders. Some positions are entry-level jobs, but all staff must have a good understanding of the merchandise, and the seasonal lines. An interest in market trends is an advantage, and a general admiration for fashion. Staff are strongly encouraged to advance their careers, moving through to corporate level positions. You can apply for a position using the New York & Company job application online.

There are also many corporate level employment opportunities. These can include management positions, merchandise planners, merchandising project managers, administrative, marketing specialists and financial coordinators. There really is a position to suit everyone with this company. Browse the New York & Company jobs online to find you to suit you.

How old do you have to be to work at New York & Company? You must be at least 18 years old to work for this company. Some positions require qualifications, but there are also entry-level opportunities. You can apply online using the online application form.

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There are many benefits working for this company, which include medical insurance and prescription drug benefits, dental and vision insurance. Other benefits are flexible spending accounts health care FSA, and a 401(k) plan through fidelity investments. The company pays 100% company-paid life insurance, and 100% company-paid short-term and long-term disability. Paid time off is available to eligible employees including vacation time and bereavement leave.

Employees also receive a merchandise discount, can take advantage of on-site sample sales, tuition reimbursement, commute expense reimbursement, and discounts in shopping, travel and entertainment. They have an employee assistance program and can also help with adoption assistance. Generally their store hours are from 10:00am – 9:00pm Monday to Saturday, and from 11:00am – 6:00pm on Sundays.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Sales Associate – This position encompasses several responsibilities, including and can be part-time or full-time. A sales associate must have fashion insight, communication skills and the flexibility to work various schedules. Some mild physical labor is required, such as lifting, stooping and bending, and must be able to spend a large proportion of the day on their feet. The average wage is between minimum wage and $10.00 per hour.

Assistant Store Manager – There are many responsibilities and duties for an assistant store manager. Importantly they are to lead by example as a role model for other associates. They must implement and maintain training programs for sales associates. Ensuring the company’s policies are adhered to, as well as the company code of business conduct. The assistant store manager is required to ensure customer satisfaction and customer service is premium. The salary is around $30,846 per annum.

Associate Designer – The role of the associate designer is to assist design director and VP of design by supporting them in their duty of designing merchandise in line with the Brand. They may also be responsible for a design category of their own. The associate designer will need to attend seasonal trend and forecast presentations to keep up to date. Another duty is shopping in other retail stores for fabric and trend inspiration. The average salary is around $63,000 per annum.

Store Sales Leader – There are many duties required in this role. Recruiting, hiring and interviewing new sales staff and building a high performing team is a requirement. Scheduling of staff, and adjustment of schedules, planning, and the ability to meet urgent staffing requirements is necessary. Overseeing store sales goals and ensuring they meet the daily targets, and serving as a Brand Ambassador are essential. The average salary is around $53,520.

New York & Company Interview Questions

Attending an interview can be daunting, so researching the company and the possible questions you may be asked helps you to be more prepared with your answers.

Why do you want to work for New York & Company? Nearly every company asks this question. The best answer is to be honest and tell them what you admire about the company.

If you saw a co-worker doing something dishonest what would you do? The reason behind this question is to find out how loyal you would be to the company. You should say that you would report it to your manager.

Have you ever had to resolve conflict and how did you do this? Conflict can arise in any working situation, whether it’s between co-workers or customers. Draw from your own experience of a conflict situation, and explain the steps you took to resolve it.

What does customer service mean to you? The company prides itself on providing the best customer service. Explain what your understanding is, and how you would go about creating the best service to a customer possible. If you haven’t had a lot of experience, explain that you would like some training or guidance to be the best you can be.

Why did you leave your last job? This question is asked to try and gauge what type of employee you would be. Even if you left under bad circumstance, think of a positive way to explain. Don’t run down your previous employer or co-workers, try and say things such as you wanted to advance your career, or wanted to find a better fit in an industry you love.

Advice For Application Process

There are a few different ways you can apply for jobs at New York & Company. Their website has information of how to apply for New York & Company online. You can submit an application online, or you can download application form. The printable application form is the same as the online version. Once you have your printable application for New York & Company, you can submit it via direct application by visiting your local store. All are free applications.

Whether you are applying online or personally submitting your application, make sure that the information on the form is correct and honest. Also include a cover letter if you can, and a copy of your up to date resume. If you haven’t had any work experience, put on your resume personal references from people in your community, or write a bit about yourself and your career aspirations.

Interviews can be conducted by telephone, group or individual processes. Sometimes there may be a delay between submitting your application and getting a response whether you have an interview or not. If you haven’t heard anything for more than two weeks, you could contact human resources to find out how far along the process is. If you go into your local branch and make enquiries, choose your time wisely, not in peak time.

For an interview in person, make sure you are appropriately dressed for the occasion. They will be looking for fashion-conscious people who are up with the latest trends, so put some thought into how you plan to present yourself. Take a copy of your resume with you so you can refer to it if necessary, which is helpful if your mind goes blank. Sit up straight and make plenty of eye contact. Be friendly and enthusiastic, but don’t over do it.
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