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Michaels ApplicationMichaels is a chain of craft stores that can be found across America and Canada. There are currently around 1040 stores located in 49 states and Canada. This is the largest craft store chain in the United States. They have their own specialty lines that are sold exclusively within their stores.

Their quality products come at a good price, but that’s not the only reason that Michael’s is successful. They also provide their customers with workshops and classes to help them learn new crafts or skills or to improve on skills that they already possess. These offerings are for customers of all ages, and it can come at a discount or even free.

One exclusive brand one can find within these stores are a line crafts from Martha Stewart called “Martha Stewart Crafts”, which is a generalized crafts line. A line of baking needs from Chef Duff Goldman also originated at this store. This line includes everything one may or may not have thought they would need when they are baking cakes and cupcakes.

Michaels’ slogan is “Where Creativity Happens”, and with their wide reach they intend to spread creativity in all aspects of crafting to encourage people to be more creative and rely less on the technology around them for entertainment. It can take people back to their childhood, when they enjoyed doing crafts with their family or in school. They intend to keep this tradition alive.

A company with such a wide assortment of products like this has space for a diverse assortment of people to work with them, especially within their store locations. If a person has a passion for something craft related and can help associates and answer those questions or one wants to teach classes in that craft, that person can flourish with a career or job at Michaels.

Overall, this might be a great place to work if one has a love and knowledge of these products. A person could prove to be an asset to this company by being able to really help their customers and share your knowledge with them. The customers will appreciate that an associate took the time to help educate them, and your employer will love what you as an employee can offer their customers.

Michaels Careers

An individual can visit Michaels’ online website to find job applications and available positions. One can view Michaels’ applications online, or even apply for Michaels’ jobs online. A Michaels’ career can be fulfilling for those looking for long term careers with the ability to work up the ranks, or it can be a suitable job for people looking for a temporary position especially with seasonal employment.

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A Michael’s job is a fantastic job for people starting out. How old do you have to be to work at Michaels? It is generally preferred that the employee is at least 18 years of age. When one goes online to apply for a job at Michaels, a job seeker is able to read job descriptions so that they can find the right position for their skill set. Anyone can find applications for Michaels online at their website by following the links listed below.

Each position has their own responsibilities and skill sets, which mean that most people looking for jobs are able to find something in this industry. You are able to find jobs in distribution centers, corporate offices, or in local stores. One can find downloadable applications that are printable applications that you could bring to the Michaels location closest to you. Filling out your application and bringing a resume along with you can help land get that job interview. These are free applications found on the website.

There is room to grow within this company. A person can gain employment in one of the entry-level positions and gain more responsibilities by moving up the ranks within the store. People are even able to find positions elsewhere within the higher levels of the company if you can show the experience you gained here and how it has improved a person as an employee.

When visiting the website for Michael’s job applications, a person should find out if they need to bring your application directly to the location in which you are applying or if you can just apply to Michael’s online.

Employment Information

Michaels in an equal opportunity employer, which means that anyone can apply here without fear of discrimination. They value their employees and treat them well. Their employee’s satisfaction working within the company is just as important to them as their customer’s satisfaction. This, in combination with your love of crafts, can make Michaels a great place to work.

This company thrives on employees with many talents. In accordance with the job descriptions on the website, you can easily find something that is right for you. After you apply, if you are right for the position, you should hear back within a reasonable amount of time. If not, you can feel free to contact the location that you have applied at to ensure that they are still hiring and that they received your application.

Michaels Job Descriptions

In this section, we will take a closer look at positions in a company like this.


One good thing about companies like this is that there is room to grow from entry-level positions. As you gain experience within this industry, you can find job opportunities available to you that might not have been there before. You also get better benefits with better positions.

Let’s take a look at some of these entry-level positions a job seeker can find:

Sales Associate


Customer Service Agent

Production Operator

You are able to find more information and detailed job descriptions for these positions on the company website.

Management Positions

If you have gained valuable experience within this industry, there are positions that you can find in the management level of this company. You can work your way up into this positions and apply within the company or you could apply from the outside as a new employee.

Here are some of these management positions that you can apply for:

Assistant Store Manager

Store Manager

Operations Manager

Distribution Center Manager

Human Resources

For more information on these positions, you can visit the company’s website

Salary and Other Benefits

Salaries and benefits can vary based on experience and position that you have in this industry.  A cashier will only earn around $8.50 an hour, while a store manager could make around $67,000 a year. A sales associate can earn around $8.70 an hour. How much an employee will make at this store depends on how hard one is willing to work your way up the company ladder.

They do offer a decent benefits package, depending on your position and the hours you work in the store. A part-time employee might not be privy to the same benefits that a full-time one would be. One benefit that is across departments is a store discount for their employees, roughly the average 20% most other stores offer their employees.

Advice For Application Process

Tips for Getting the Job

Here are some helpful hints to help you get that job that you are looking for:

When applying for a job, think about your qualifications. Applying for a job that you are nowhere near qualified could reflect poorly upon you and you likely will not be considered.

Fill out the application in accordance with the instructions. By not properly filling out your application, you are showing a lack of an eye for details which can hurt your chances of gaining employment.

Keep an updated resume, and submit it with your application.

When you get an interview, prepare for the questions that you might be asked by your interviewer. This will help you sound confident and prepared when you are getting interviewed.

Dress appropriately for your interview. First impressions are very important, and you want to send the right message with your attire.

Other Helpful Tips

Here are some other tips that can help you get the job that you are applying for:

Be articulate and honest during your interview. The interviewer looks for this, and it shows confidence.

It is appropriate to keep in touch with the interviewer to check in on your application status. This shows potential employers that you are serious about the position

When checking it, it can help to say “thank you” for the opportunity or the interview. This shows them that the interviewee appreciates their time and reflects positively upon you. Studies have shown that this might increase your chances of getting the job

Company Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Michaels:

A Dallas Businessman named Michael J. Dupey opened the first Michaels in 1976. This store is no longer in existence.

By 2003, the store has made revenue of over 3 billion dollars.

Michaels had acquired Aaron’s Brothers Holdings Inc., which specialized in framing and art supply.

They have bi-monthly DIY craft nights for customers to use the specialized tools and space within their store to do their crafts.

Hours of Operation

The store is generally open on Monday – Saturday from 9:00am – 9:00pm and on Sunday from 10:00am – 7pm.


There are a couple very big heavy hitters that are in competition with Michaels. Along with Michaels, A.C. Moore and Hobby Lobby are popular craft stores in the United States. However, Michaels is the most popular but these others are close behind.

A.C. Moore and Hobby Lobby are both smaller locations than Michaels. They all sell a wide range of products that require the same type of specialty knowledge. Both stores also have classes that customers can take advantage of to learn and hone their skills in different fields.

There is a bit of a difference between the stores, more than just their size and popularity. Hobby Lobby has had its struggles with bad press and an enforcement of their own beliefs upon their employees and customers. They are also not open on Sunday, due to religious belief. A.C. Moore generally seems to be a lesser known company without too much publicity at all.
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