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Mellow Mushroom ApplicationThere are quite a number of places where one can sit down for delectable slices of pizza alongside a cold glass of beer. However, there is none quite as interesting or humble as this meek pizza diner. Established in 1974 within city limits of Atlanta, Georgia, this pizzeria successfully encompasses an eccentric freedom of the 70s with its original Classic Southern Pizza surrounded by a one-of-a-kind crust.

This private unincorporated pizza bakery became reality through ideas of 3 college friends. Their unconventional, laid-back beliefs were an inspiration for their iridescent tie-dye mushroomed theme each franchise is decorated with. Additionally, each store is owned and run by locals which attracts regulars into a comfortable, mellow environment where they may relax, unwind, or simply mellow out.

Initially, this restaurant was only erected near colleges since it’s no secret that college-aged individuals order lots of pizza because of a lack of cooking equipment in dorms, as well as the innumerable parties which take place on a very consistent basis. This high-demand segued into a snowball effect which required more stores be opened so the needs of the target market are successfully met.

Currently, there exist well above 150 franchises around the country offering standard pizza-place menu items aside from their pizza. Their practice of decorating each store similarly, yet differently, promises that patrons will hardly ever have identical experiences within two different locations.

Mellow Mushroom jobs are as fun as a job can get! With their laid-back, fun, hippy-inspired atmosphere alongside great coworkers and easygoing regulars there is never a dull moment. Employees are encouraged into being themselves while expressing their passion toward serving great food to great people. Mellow Mushroom careers or job opportunities can easily be found using links below.

Mellow Mushroom Careers

Decisions for hiring applicants is generally a decision which rests solely with the hiring manager after they successfully review submitted applications. While this humble pizzeria is an equal opportunity employer, their preference for workers within their establishments is quite clear. If you desire an opportunity to work with this diverse pizzeria, it should be noted that there are a few qualifications they seek.

If you’re asking how old do you have to be to work at Mellow Mushroom? it is highlighted that the minimum age required is 18. However, in some locations, entry-level employees (those without much experience who are seeking to get a start in this industry) are encouraged to apply if you are at least 16 years old.

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Entry-level candidates without experience can expect to apply for positions such as host/hostess, servers, waiters, or kitchen staff such as dishwashers, bussers, or cooks. Prospects possessing more experience or experience would be better suited for a management role. Experience, or lack thereof, as well as level of education, will always be considered for any applicant seeking work with this pizza bakery.

When you are ready to submit your Mellow Mushroom application online or in person, it is always a good rule of thumb to dress professionally in addition to bringing a resume along with you which details your work experience, education, salary requirements, etc. Creating a list of questions for the manager is another way of standing out from the crowd, which will, essentially, impress your interviewer.

Wages will vary depending upon store location. Experience and education also play a vital role in employee wages. Although wages or salaries differ from location to location, there is a basis or range of what one could expect to earn within specific roles.

Bartenders can earn anywhere between $19K and $60K per year which is contingent on job title along with level of education and experience.

Kitchen staff (including cooks, bussers, etc.) can earn between $12K and 20K per year.

Managers throughout the store can earn between 22K and $60K per year.

Individuals working in the bartender, server, busser, line cook, and most front-of-house positions will earn an hourly pay while managers are typically paid an annual salary. You can discuss salary or hourly wage options with the hiring manager during an interview.

Why People Like Working Here

Fast-paced environment, Great Staff, Excellent Food, Competitive Wages, Expansive Menu Item Choices, Clean Work/Dining Areas, Freedom for Individuality, Advancement Opportunities, Development/Training, Fun Working Environment, Welcoming Atmosphere, Growth Opportunities, Laid-Back/Relaxed Atmosphere, Schedule Flexibility

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable environment, competitive pay, flexible schedules, understanding managers, or advancement/promotions, this restaurant is an excellent place for entry-level employees to get their feet wet. Begin by applying online today!

Mellow Mushroom Job Descriptions

Job titles or careers may differ by location while, likewise, the job description will differ. Though these titles are quite common throughout restaurants within this industry, there are some basic roles in each restaurant for which you may submit an application.

  • Server – This is an hourly position which, generally, requires that individuals take customer orders along with providing an exceptional customer service experience.
  • Bartender – Individuals working within this position’s responsibilities would include making and serving beverages (both alcoholic as well as virgin) for customers on top of maintaining a clean workspace.
  • Cook – Workers within this role prepare meals for customers as they order them. Their duties also include maintaining0 a clean workspace.
  • Host/Hostess – A host or hostess is the face of the establishment. Individuals hired within this position have a passion for greeting guests in a friendly but professionally courteous manner along with seating them. Duties also include escorting customers out once their dining experience has concluded, ensuring that each customer receives a unique yet pleasurable time.
  • Management – Included in the management roles are kitchen manager, general manager, and (on occasion) assistant manager. Individuals within this role’s requirements oversee store operations, staff, and enforce rules, regulation, policies, etc. for the franchise they are employed with.

Bear in mind that Mellow Mushroom jobs and Mellow Mushroom careers may differ, as far as roles or titles, from store to store. Performing a web search or submitting an online application is an excellent way of finding out which stores, local to you, are hiring within a specific position. Links below can be utilized for this purpose as well.

Mellow Mushroom Interview

Once your application for employment has been submitted, you may feel free to give the store a call and speak to a manger in an attempt to schedule an interview. It is wise to wait at least three days after submitting your online application before calling and only if you have not heard from a manager by then.

If you are called in for an interview, be sure to dress yourself with business professional attire so you demonstrate that you are serious about yourself and the position you are applying for. Bring your resume along with you alongside a list of questions for the manager you have compiled. This shows your curiosity about the company, position, working environment, etc. as well as how you fit in with those things which will impress the manager and may up your chances of being hired.

Advice For Application Process

When applying for any type of job there are always a few good tips one should keep in mind. When inquiring about how to apply for Mellow Mushroom online, the process is as simple as performing a web search or visiting the company website. On the website not only will you see a convenient printable application for Mellow Mushroom but you will also be able to view Mellow Mushroom jobs online, a download application form, printable application form, as well as an online form where you may apply for jobs at Mellow Mushroom locations near you.

If you are incapable of accessing a computer so you may apply online you may feel free to visit a restaurant where you may retrieve a free application you can complete and submit for consideration. By submitting your direct application in person, you may be offered an opportunity to return for an interview at that time rather than waiting for a phone call to schedule one.

This franchise may have a large amount of competition. However, does it then follow that they are unable to hold their own in this ever-evolving industry? Papa John’s and Pizza Hut may be popular household names, and their pizza may be mouthwateringly delectable, but just how well do they fair against this unique bakery?

It’s no secret that Papa John’s is well-known for their sauce. Their pizza is tasty and they offer other menu items such as chicken strips, chicken wings, desserts, breadsticks, etc. Nevertheless, there is truly no uniqueness to their restaurant layout or décor, there is no place for guests to sit and enjoy their pizza, and they definitely do not serve beer or alcoholic beverages nor do they have televisions for guests to sit and enjoy the game while they dine.

Pizza Hut is yet another easily recognizable pizza joint that has great pizza but they lack the friendly staff, laid-back environment, and menu selections such as calzones, hoagies, etc. that the staff at Mellow Mushroom serve.

While these two competitors are very successful pizza chains it goes without saying that, in comparison to Mellow Mushroom, they pale. The Mellow staff offers much more than pizza, sides, and desserts. When you visit their restaurant you are greeted by local friendly staff, served high quality and freshly prepared food, and are encouraged in having a cold brew while they relax.

Individuals who are comfortable being themselves in a fun, laid-back environment where they are able to mingle with customers, provide excellent customer service, and serve unparalleled food and beverage, submit your Mellow Mushroom job application online today!
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