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img- Larosa's ApplicationLaRosa’s pizzeria began with one location in Cincinnati, Ohio and has since grown to serve the surrounding area with over 60 franchises extending into Indiana and Kentucky.  It serves some of the most popular pizza in the area, even overtaking its bigger competitors.  To make a LaRosa’s application see how to apply for LaRosa’s online at the bottom of the page.

Not content with its humble beginnings, this pizzeria chain has worked to become the exclusive pizza served at attractions such as Coney Island and Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.  It is also the official pizza of the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium and the Cincinnati Reds at home in the Great American Ballpark.

Started by Buddy LaRosa when he had only $400 in his pocket, LaRosa’s has been bringing authentic Italian food to the hungry people of Greater Cincinnati for over 60 years now and is still going strong.  The company has stayed in the family, Buddy himself is still overseeing business, now with both Michael and Mark LaRosa helping to steer.

Its latest franchise opened in Central Ohio in April last year, and though always looking for new franchise opportunities it’s important to make sure that every new restaurant maintains the family values that helped make that first pizzeria develop into something bigger and better.  All employees are part of that great tradition and help to deliver it to customers every day.

LaRosa’s Careers

You can always find exciting job opportunities at your local restaurant.  Most of LaRosa’s careers are found in the restaurants, from the front of house staff including Cashiers, Bussers, Servers and Hosts who are always active and focused on keeping the customers happy.  Other roles behind the scenes include Dishwashers and Cooks.  All these roles are part-time.

There are also full-time employment opportunities for those wishing to join the management teams.  Whilst entry-level roles will not always require experience, management vacancies will be more demanding and therefore need a proven track record.  A high school education is necessary and any further math and language skills will always be a bonus.

There are also vacancies at the Guest Service Center where employees take calls and submit orders on the digital system.  For this role candidates will be required to take a computer skills assessment test.  From time to time there may also be applications accepted for corporate roles at their head office in Cincinnati.

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How old do you have to be to work at LaRosa’s? The minimum age is 16, but these opportunities may not be available at all locations so be sure to check the state restrictions before you apply for jobs at LaRosa’s.  Also be aware when making a LaRosa’s application that you will be expected to work evenings from 11am up until between 10pm-12.30am.

Working at LaRosa’s you will have the opportunity to develop many transferable skills that will be helpful to you in your future career.  There are many great benefits available to full-time employees such as health insurance, retirement plans and paid holidays.  Full-time or part-time though, everyone gets a discount on the food.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Server – Servers, Hosts and Cashiers are really the face of the company as these are the people the customer remembers.  It’s important to be skilled at interacting with different people and maintaining a positive attitude at all times for your coworkers and the diners.  Servers generally make minimum wage plus tips.

Driver – Drivers will primarily deliver food for take out orders but may also be expected to help put orders together.  Time management and organization are essential skills to ensure you arrange your route efficiently. A high standard of professionalism and a friendly nature can ensure that you get good tips.  Typically drivers make $9-10/hour.

Cook – LaRosa’s has a tried and tested menu, so Cooks will be expected to learn these recipes and prepare all food to the accepted standards.  There are opportunities for entry-level positions providing opportunities for those with little experience to learn the trade and advance.  Cooks generally start at minimum wage increasing with experience.

Manager – Managers are expected to have an eye on all aspects of service.  It is important to lead by example when training staff and ensure that everyone works well together and delivers great service to customers.  You will be expected to make sure that the company’s reputation is upheld.  Assistant Managers are generally on an hourly wage from $11-14/hour, the salary for Managers is upwards of $30k a year.

LaRosa’s Interview Questions

Hiring managers ask questions to ensure that you’re a good fit for the company, spend some time practicing your answers.

Why do you want to work in food service? You can develop many useful skills working in food service including people skills, efficiency and multi-tasking.  Pick an ability and say why you’re particularly looking forward to developing it.  Be sure to mention some of the great things about LaRosa’s that attracted you in the first place. 

How flexible are your working hours?  It may help your application if you can be adaptable with your schedule, especially until you have more experience.  Make sure you’re not applying for a role you won’t be able to take on.  Take some time to figure out what hours you would be able to give.

Have you had experience preparing food before?  Restaurants are expected to keep strict health and sanitation standards, even if you’re not the one preparing the food.  If you haven’t had these kinds of responsibilities before, demonstrate some knowledge of safe food handling procedures and mention why you know it’s important.

How do you deal with difficult customers? Give an example of when you dealt with either a problematic customer, or a person in a different situation that you had to handle.  Let the interviewer know how you managed the situation, what you learned from the experience and what you would do if it happened again.

What is the most important part of this job? Any job in this industry is all about customer satisfaction so take a look through the job description and talk about which duties are going to ensure that everyone who eats there is going to leave happy, and how you intend to do them to the best of your abilities.

Advice For Application Process

The best way to apply is to use the provided link and make a LaRosa’s job application online.  By looking for LaRosa’s jobs online you can find all the current vacancies and make a direct application for one of these positions.  You are still able to download a printable application for LaRosa’s but it is preferable to apply online as then your application can be matched to future openings.

Once submitted, all applications for LaRosa’s jobs will remain active for 90 days and you will be considered for vacancies corresponding to the experience on your application form.  In this time you are also able to update the information on your online application.  This applies for both restaurant and corporate jobs.

For a career at the Guest Service Center, it works a bit differently.  You will need to make a free application in person.  This is done only by taking it to the office in Cincinnati, but be aware that the only times when you can do this are between 2.30-6pm on Mondays.

As the majority of LaRosa’s jobs are customer-orientated you will want to show the interviewer right from the beginning that you are going to be a great fit for a customer facing role.  Especially for entry-level jobs, an enthusiastic attitude and a willingness to learn will always be more important than having the right experience.
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