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Lane Bryant ApplicationLane Bryant is a fashion retail store located throughout the United States dedicated to carrying clothes for women of plus size fitting. This organization began in 1904, with designs created by Lena Himmelstein Bryant Malsin. The company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and currently consists of over 800 stores nationwide.

Lane Bryant created the first mail order catalog for maternity clothes in 1919, consisting of 72 pages. Customers preferred privacy in their purchases and the company expanded greatly from revenues generated by the mail order catalog.

As the business began to grow, the company was one of the first to offer profit sharing, pension, and various diverse benefit plans to employees. This is an organization that seeks to keep its employees central to the development of the business and has since its inception.

Lane Bryant is a great launching pad into the fashion retail industries. This business has a reputation that transcends most, due towards its consumer centric nature, high quality and clean, crisp nature! You can trust HR staff at Lane Bryant to pair you with a position that matches your skillset, interests, and qualifications. If you are ready to jump start your job with this business, please complete a Lane Bryant application today!

Lane Bryant is a fashion retail store. It began in 1904 and has grown to encompass over 800 stores nationwide. This business is a women’s fashion retailer that centers its core focus on plus size fitting. It began with designs from Lena Himmelstein Bryant Maslin, founded in 1901. Since its beginnings, the store has remained true to its mission: to provide comfortable and fashionable garments to women of all sizes at a reasonable cost.

Come join our team and become a part of a company that seeks to make Halloween a party an all year party! Please check our website for Lane Bryant career opportunities today.

Lane Bryant Careers

To apply for employment with this label, candidates must complete an application. Various free applications are available via our official website. Please complete either the printable application or the online application for consideration of any open position. Download application forms using our official website. Job descriptions can also be found on our official website. Please ensure you check local hiring locations as some jobs vary depending on location.

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Provided below is more essential details about this organization. Please read, familiarizing yourself with this brand and ensuring an accurate Lane Bryant application online.

How Old Do You have to be to Work at Lane Bryant? This business requires all applicants be at minimum employment age. Therefore, all applicants should at least be 18 years old.

– Please contact a local branch store directly for hours of operations details.

This business seeks at employing talented individuals who are dedicated towards hard working, creativity, customer service, plus professionalism in the retail service industries. To seek these candidates, this company adheres in all employment processes ensuring qualified candidates are noticed.

Please ensure your documents or direct applications are complete with accuracy. A printable application form can be located on our official website. Please read below for further advice or tips on securing your future employment with this organization. Following are helpful tips or advice bits ensuring your success at being hired.

Be sure and bring a printable application for any Lane Bryant position you will be applying for.  This will allow all hiring parties to refer to your qualifications/information more easily. In addition, apply for jobs at Lane Bryant via our official website. Check all information to confirm its accuracy.  Review all questions, documents and attachments before submitting.

Confirm your resume is accurate, containing your latest employer information, academic credentials and work experiences. Please list all relevant work experiences that may be helpful in regards with any position of which you are an applicant. This will communicate towards HR your applicability, knowledge and skills associated with applicable roles.

Attaching a cover letter will convey your passion for your desired position is also a great idea. A cover letter should convey why you desire this role, what credentials you have, and what other specializations you may be able to provide that other potential candidates may not. This a time you can set yourself a part. Speak confidently, explaining your cover letter with HR staffers why you deserve a position, and why you would like to serve as a member of the team.

When applying for a position, consider all factors of what employment at these types of organizations could entail. Can you provide customer service with integrity? Is work under these environmental situations well suited for you? Can you perform all duties assigned or work under the given conditions? Please consider such questions before potentially signing an offered contract.

This organization offers competitive and generous salary packages/benefits, profiting all employees. Those who qualify will be eligible for advancements within, as well as additional benefits for accompanying development. Lane Bryant invests through employees by providing tuition reimbursements, 401k, medical/dental insurance coverage, and more for all staff members. The company also provides associate discounts, paid time off and other benefits for hired employees.

Lane Bryant Job Descriptions

This organization has a wide variety of career opportunities for those interested. Please visit our website to find local job opportunities that may lead towards a lifetime of purposeful employment. Typically Lane Bryant jobs will either be found as seasonal or permanent.

It is also possible to find other employment opportunities if all current positions are filled; please check the website for more information.

Entry-Level Jobs

Entry-level jobs within this business offer a start towards a fulfilling career. A job with this automotive company ensures competitive salaries and employment benefits for candidates. There is an added convenience of several locations around America.

If interested in entry-level jobs, please browse through these following field career positions:

  • Sales Associate
  • Web Designer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Sales Leader
  • Assistant Designer Dresses

For detailed descriptions concerning these listed opportunities cited above, visit this company’s official website.

Management Jobs

This employer also offers several managerial roles. These positions typically require more years work experience, industry knowledge, or more diverse backgrounds.

If interested in applying for any management-level jobs, browse through these following field career positions.

  • Director Marketing/Acquisition
  • Sales Manager
  • State Sales Manager
  • Store Manager
  • VP Emerging Business

Lane Bryant Interview

Potential candidates must complete an application form then undergo different interviews. Those candidates who meet all hiring staff’s requirements will be contacted in the hopes of further discussions concerning hiring possibilities.

Resumes, cover letters, application forms and other important documents will be collected. Interviews will be conducted at local branch offices with interested individuals by HR staff. HR officers will screen applicants by asking a series of questions applicable towards desired position and area location.

One fool proof way of enhancing your chances at getting selected for an interview, is only apply for positions that match your skillset, experience level or education. There are various positions within Lane Bryant careers database. Please select one you will be qualified on, interested in, and able to perform basic job functions. If selected as a potential candidate, remember to maintain professionalism. Respond to all HR staff calls, emails, or questions promptly. Arrive at all scheduled interviews on time.

If you will be unable to attend an interview, contact a HR staff member immediately for rescheduling if possible. Additionally, here you will find tips helping you stand out from other candidates applying at similar positions with Lane Bryant.

Following up is an important step after any meeting or interview. Remember names of each HR staff you meet during your visits. Reach out either via email or phone during appropriate times and thank them on being selected thus far. It is also a good way of assessing how well you interviewed, plus how they interpret your qualifications.

Advice For Application Process

This organization is seeking talented job applicants interested in sharing this company’s passion for customer service and providing for the undead! The business will ignite interested candidates by exposing them in serval areas of the retail business. Candidates will gain hands on experience, providing quality service in each role while being tasked with new challenges. If you can see yourself having a Lane Bryant career, begin by filling out an application today!

Start this process today by applying at Lane Bryant jobs online. Search Lane Bryant job applications online via our website, then browse open positions listed. Please ensure you are applying for job(s) that match your level of experience, education, expertise or other valid qualifiers.

A job with this organization will propel you forward by acquainting you with an established retailer, providing you fulfilling job responsibilities. Direct competitors include LOFT or Ralph Lauren. However, working at Lane Bryant offers more exposure into merchandising industries which fashion retail companies simply cannot rival.
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